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Found 10 results

  1. Who’s excited for snapper! 4 more sleeps (I’m assuming we can’t Fish until the 29th) gonna fish as much as I can and land a monster Post your excitement!
  2. Scored 4 of these nice looking specimens with crazy sharp fangs off Scarborough in the yak today. Species?
  3. Seeing we have a whole month of no snapper fishing I was thinking of hitting up the winter whiting to use as baits when the snaps are back on! What do you think Of the plan? Surely snaps can’t resist after a good mating session. They need to get there energy back up and running Any tips on good whiting spots legends?
  4. I have been crabbing every day in Scarborough. Off the jetty you can go out to the mangroves. I don't know what the area is called but you go under the main bridge connecting Scarborugh to Brissie. Anyway, we've dropped 6 pots 3 days in a row and literally caught nothing. We caught an eel, some toadies, two crabs that we had to throw back and we use to pull a few decent size crabs per pot. Our pots haven't changed, our bait is the same, but we are getting nothing. Is crabbing seasonal? Are areas suddenly been totally fished out? It's only a difference of a few months though since we last went out. Any tips?
  5. Hi - was wondering if anyone can confirm the fish in the attached photo is in fact a Spotted Bigeye? Been fishing around Redcliffe for 30 years or so and have never caught, read or even heard about this species, let alone caught one (two in the space of 5 minutes actually) last week only maybe 500-700m off the Scarborough foreshore. It definitely looks likes like the Spotted Bigeye I found via Google here - Can anyone confirm this species, and have you ever caught one in Moreton Bay? I can't hardly find any info on them online, especially in Qld waters and am very curious. I released both fish I caught - they were both about 33cm.
  6. Hey guys just wondering if anybody knows how deep it is off the beach around queens beach. Looking at going fishing around there sometime soon thanks
  7. Getting nervous with excitement...getting the boat back tomorrow and n-e-e-d-t-o-f-i-s-h this weekend. Forecast is not looking great with NW around 10-15kts in the northern bay. Thinking of staying in close ... either Woody Point or trying some drifts close to the peninsula down to Redcliffe. What's everyone else thinking?
  8. Hit the water from Scarborough around 6am on my own. Plan was to head to the measured mile beacons for a couple of hours to see if any mackerel were still around before heading back for a quick whiting session. Must admit the SW was way stronger than forecast and so it was bit of bumpy ride out to the northern beacon. Only one boat already there so was thinking this could be good or bad. Did some fart arising around trying to find the best spot to anchor due to the wind and current. Finally anchored up current and dropped ganged pilys down while I did some live bait casting on squid strips. Plenty of live bait just no yakkas ... No take on the pillys so put on a couple of livies in the hope of a cobia or something else... Ended up with a Mr Carpet scoffing the pinky which was a bit of fun....happily released for another day. Wind and swell continued to build, and after seeing another boat snap his anchor rope, decided it was time to head back. Was going to check Scarborough reef but it was still bumpy to so head back to the flats for some whiting which are in plague proportions at the moment. I love this kind of fishing on ultra light tackle with bait runners...usual paternoster with long shanks on a about 1 metre of leader to swivel and running ball sinker. The excitement is the same as when a king takes a live bait as the rod buckles and the bait runner spins away and then you slam (over exaggeration ) the strike lever! Love it Back home by 11am ... not the best catch but enough to keep the family happy with fish... oeswiOS1Q96vS6jJbzfqZQ.MOV
  9. Hey guys having abit of trouble choosing a surf set up to target snapper,jews and tailor
  10. Hi new to this I was hoping to get some advice about fishing landbased at scarborough boat harbour on the boat ramp side ive fished here quite abit but am getting sick of the bream and after something bigger ive recently set up two rods a bigger outfit of 10 ft surf rod paired with a baitrunner normally use whole pillies gang hooked for something bigger and then a 7ft estuary set up for smaller species i switched from prawns to mullet for bait as it last abit longe. Any advice on what/how to target species would be much appreciated