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      Found 3 results

      1. Just a very quick report. We had tried to catch some eels on Tuesday. I think i messed up. I went with some prawns for bait but they might be a bit soft and while we kept loosing baits we didn't feel any bites and caught nothing. Could have been turtles or yabbies or tillys but i think eels. We just do this with heavy hand lines as it is really tricky to get into the water through the reeds and you have to pull them out of heavy lilies. I will try a cube of venison next time. So any way, I had to drive down to Bait Tackle Store at Underwood and bought 3 eels. Yesterday the wind was only about 10 knots but being mostly northerly it made the out going tide a bit lumpy. But not to worry we coasted out to the first coffee pot Port marker out of the mouth of the river. Saw a few clowns in a tiny inflatable. I don't think these little blow ups stay afloat if they pop... I would not go out in this but I think they got home ok. We loaded the eel onto some large hooks and sent them down on 2 over head rods and flicked some lures while we waited. 8yo Nephew Drop Bear had not caught a shark before so was very excited. Soon the TLD zipped off. I pulled in the other lines and Daughter Drop Bear helped him. After a short fight we had a nice 1m ish shark at the boat. Tail off and into the eski to bleed. Daughter Drop Bear had brought Boyfriend Drop Bear along. I good fellow... which is just as well for him as we were shark fishing and it would be the perfect place to dispose of a body... I'm Joking... or am I? Yes Joking... or am I? Yes or.... Boyfriend Drop Bear also had never caught a shark so he was on strike next. We sat around for a while with nothing happening so I went out to the last coffee pots for nothing then headed to a patch of reef closer to Mud Island. The line took off and I grabbed it out of the rod holder, pushed the drag up and handed it to Boyfriend Drop Bear. It took off. Heading for the horizon. The way it pulled line I thought this was a really big shark. After ages of cat and mouse we saw it really wasn't a big shark but fought like a demon. We towed it over to Mud where the tide was out so had to be careful not to hurt the shark on the coral. I did a rough measure at about 1.6m, got the hooks out, took some photos and pushed it out. It was quite docile but as soon as we pushed it into enough water to cover its back it swam away very strongly. So a great little trip. We kept the smaller shark and are having it for dinner tonight. Ill let you know how it goes
      2. I feel like most of my reports start with “after many hours on the water for nothing, I finally hooked into some action” Does anyone else seem to have numerous bad sessions before stringing a few catches together? Maybe its just me.. Anyway, this trip could have easily ended in disaster (ill explain later) but it turned out to be a good morning out. Motored to our spot, rigged up and threw some freshwater eel baits out. I hadn’t even sat down for 60 seconds before both rods go off. My initial thought was that one has gone off and tangled/ taken the other line with it. So I grabbed one rod and set the hook while my wifre grabbed the other so we could untangle them…as she wound the drag up, she hooked into one as well! DOUBLE HOOK UP! A few minutes of chaos followed by two bull sharks in the boat, fun times. Hooks out, quick snap and both released. We both ended up with another shark each totalling 4 for the morning. We had another 4 runs but no hook ups. Super fun fishing on light gear. On another note, we broke one rod in the process but continued to fish with it. Ended up boating the biggest for the morning at 1 meter. Must say, hooking and catching a 1m shark on 10lb line with a broken rod is a challenge haha On the way to the ramp, I noticed the trailer started to tow strangely, one side was bumpy. Being so close to the ramp, I just soldiered on. Launched the boat, came back from a few hours of fishing to see this…. Completely flat tyre that was absolutely shredded! Must have hit something on the highway. Scary stuff, could have ended a lot worse. Luckily, I had my spare ready to go. But it has put the wind up me, so im not boating again until I get new tyres. So lesson learnt…always have a spare ready to go! also made a short video montage of the day. Enjoy!
      3. In the space of 45 minutes of a 2 hour afternoon session produced one of the more productive afternoons I’ve had chasing little bullies. I had 5 runs in 45 minutes and landed 3 all around the 70-85cm mark. first run of the day went dead after a few gentle runs, deciding to check it anyway I felt a good weight and set the 7/0 circle hook. 5 minutes later in comes my first for the arvo. Few happy snaps then back in the water she goes. Another 15 mins past and I get a solid run this time. Set the hook and tried my best to keep it out of the snags...but despite my best efforts she got nice and tangled. Climbing down the bank to pick the bully up from the shallows I hear my other rod start screaming. Luckily I had pliers in my pocket so I was able to de hook the first bull, send it back on its way and race back to the other rod.....missed the hook up. The line went slack, so I checked the bait which was torn to bits. I threw it back out, cracked open a drink and had a rest, re baited you other rod and threw it out too. I hadn’t even got comfy in my camp chair again before the rod started screaming again. Half way during the fight it became tangled with my second line...which eventually ended in heartbreak. I fought it into the shallows, sighted the fiery little bull and bang! The line snapped and off it swam! Angry to say the least, and only one bait left...I prayed for another run...which didn’t take too long at all. The last bull for the arvo was much easy to land. All in all it was a fun and frustrating session. Made all the more difficult by using 8lb main line. Bait go choice today was the old freshwater eel.