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  1. Headed out with @Old Scaley today to try to make the most of the opportunity the weather gave us to snare a snapper or two. Steve always out-fishes me, but not today. First up we gathered some bait then headed to the mark where Steve was quickly onto a large Wobbygong first drop. It won its freedom boatside as we mucked around trying to get it in the net like a couple of old fools. haha Not long after Steve deployed again, he was on to a good fish that was not keen on playing the game. It took off for the hills, then Steve got some back then off it went again. This pattern continued for awhile but unluckily for Steve it was lost before it could show itself. Definitely a good snapper. Then it was my turn and a good fight turned into this one - It went 74cm on the lie detector. Some time passed and then I was on again. This time a 64cm one. It fought harder than the 74 to start with but calmed down a bit by the time it was in the net. I pointed out to Steve I was winning the numbers game for a change. He retorted that he was ahead on the weight game...it was a big wobby, so I had to concede. Steve also sent this pic of my fish to impress Mrs Scaley. haha A good day out with Steve until we made the decision to leave at the turn of the tide, which was also the turning of the weather. It was a tad wet and cold on the way home, but well worth the effort. PS Thanks again to @Allnighter.
  2. Thought I’d stock the freezer with a few snapper fillets before the month long closure commencing on the 15th July. Went out approx 200m from the ramp at Wellington Point this morning with my brother and found some good shows of fish , got our 8 snapper in 2 hours and headed in . Tagged and released approx 20 undersized fish we had to sieve through to get our Quota.All caught on soft plastics. regards Neil
  3. Not sure if this is going to work or not but with these rather boring rainy cold days, i thought this video might be entertaining. I might try using my phone to record more fishing trips from now on. (If this works) i usually fish with both of my sons but unfortunately only one could make it on this trip.
  4. Headed out with @Kat this morning. On the water before first light and rounded up some bait in quick time. Off to a mark I've played at before and got owned a couple of times at. We anchored, but by the time we'd settled we were off the mark a bit. Boy that electric will make things that much easier when I get it installed. Deployed the baits and waited for a couple of hours without much happening except some pickers on the play rods. About 5 minutes after the tide changed I had a good run and pulled up this tacker, going 53 on the lie detector. It didn't look like it would release well, so into the esky it went. I was happy. Kat was unimpressed. Deployed the next bait and 5 minutes later it was off again. This time it was a beast rivaling, if not bettering, the big one @Allnighter put me onto a couple of weeks back. It went on a long impressive run. Eventually I was gaining line back after about 5 minutes when all of a sudden - nothing ! It spat the hook. I was a little disappointed but I'm sure Kat was happy somewhere down deep. I need to work on it, thinking maybe I went a wee bit too hard maybe. We were patient all day, but had no more joy. We wrapped up the day's proceedings with a couple of wobbygongs disappointing us. Next time it will be Kat's turn.
  5. With me cutting back work hours and no longer working fridays, (woohoo) , headed out friday midday for a quick session on the snapper with son in the bay, and to avoid the weekend madness! Beautiful conditions greeted us as we cruised out near Green Island across a flat bay. To my surprise no other boats close to where we wanted to fish, spotlocked and unfolded my deckchair , cracked my first beer and sat back and relaxed up on front deck of tinny while son baited up and deployed two rods down the back. Well it wasnt long before rod tips started to quiver.... then screaming reels!. I stayed up the front with my beer and proceeded to piss myself laughing while watching son trying to handle two hookups at once. The least i could do was help him net them i guess hahaaaaa. Three snapper between 67 and 82cm came aboard to say hello, all released hopefully for us to meet again next year a little larger and who knows maybe finally even a 90 by then ? Had a great afternoon with son, recorded some better video on my phone this time, ( given up on gopro) some more great memories for us to look back at.
  6. Two old codgas, three bay snappers. Rang Brian with no notice at 7am to meet me at the ramp at 9am for the Snapper Quest part 2. I didnt really know myself if i was going to have a crack today, but woke up, checked wind reports and decided to give it a go. Was fantastic to see Brian bring in the big ones, the smile on his face made me feel all warmnfuzzy, one of the best feelings ive had for awhile with my pants on, and the adrenalin was pumping for both of us with his first hookup. Well done mate The last one may have been the 90cm pb, why didnt we unspotlock and chase? Duh, i didnt think of that at the time.... Will leave it to Brian to fill in his glorious details
  7. ellicat


    From the album: The Isles & Bay

  8. ellicat


    From the album: The Isles & Bay

  9. ellicat


    From the album: The Isles & Bay

  10. ellicat


    From the album: The Isles & Bay

  11. So @Allnighter and @Old Scaleyand I hooked up for a session on the snapper this morning. Expectation and excitement levels were high. Temperatures on the other hand were quite the opposite. The idea was to catch some livies then head to a surefire spot. Bait wasn't really playing the game so Steve and I tried our luck with some live mullet around the 4-5 inch mark that we caught the day before and Darren with a whole whiting frame. This wasn't working too well and eventually a couple of pike turned up on the bait jig from Darren's boat. He kindly shared one with us and they were deployed with anticipation. First light. Then it happened. I got the fright of my life when an 80cm snapper snavelled my bait. I played it like a champ and Steve scooped the net under it while Darren cheered on. The Quest is over. This post may or may not be true in all detail, however we all got 1 wobbygong each.
  12. Flat morning on the bay with a gentle nw and not too cold, water temp 18 degrees First snapper 80cm and released after jizzing all over me
  13. Over the long weekend i shot down south to the Central Coast NSW to see my mate i havent seen in a few years. I was delivering a couple of beach rods i'd built for his kids who are mad keen fishos and he promised to "fish my brains out". Well that was the case as we fished off the rocks, a couple of sessions in his tinny and an arvo at the beach sandwiched between 2 days of driving! Off the rocks we were targeting black drummer. I havent fished for them before and he warned me to hang on tight and dont give them an inch. When he was showing me where to cast and how to fish this spot he hooked a great fish and was well and truly smoked under a ledge. Fearing for the life of my hook and 4 ft leader i dropped the bait and prepared to be smoked. Nothing happened for a few casts until my rod started bouncing around like Dolly Parton's ample bosom - i was on! This was true hand to hand combat with the light mono at risk of busting at any moment, i managed to get the drummer (pigs they also call them) to the surface and looked for a place to bring him up with the wash. After a few tense moments i found a wave that cooperated and i had my first pig off the rocks - a respectable 40cm model at that! Stoked with that effort i worked through the old boots, kelpies and a cute little wrasse for my second legal drummer at 43cm. This was heart in mouth moment and i had to rely on my experience from 15 mins before to dampen the head nods and coax him up the rocks to see his friend. Shortly after i hooked another possibly bigger model whose head down power would rival that of Shane Webcke in his prime. Like Webcke he burst through my line just as i thought i had him under control and was looking for a spot to land him. The fight is never over with these things! The next morning we waited for a change in weather before heading offshore with a westerly behind us. We filled the live well with bait - big yakkas and a single slimy mackerel which were deployed around some gnarly ground where we jigged the bait. Everything looked good with some big arches on the sounder but all we could manage was getting the head of the slimy crushed in front of the hook. As the weather worsened we decided to go a bit deeper and try for a snapper. Back in my comfort zone it wasnt long before we had a couple of legal target species (30cm in NSW) in the boat and off to swim another day. Finally i hooked a fish that took line and landed a nice 47cm model then a 40cm in quick succession. After the red rock cod and gurnards moved in we headed for home in the rain, swell and wind. It was bloody cold! My boardies and Qld spray jacket didnt cut it down there thats for sure! The following morning the weather was supposed to improve so we headed out before dawn for another session on the snapper. Well the wind had dropped but the swell had turned 90 degrees and increased making it very joggly out on the reef. The good news was that the bait and shows were much better than the previous evening and we watched tuna harrassing bait up into the safety of the boat. We caught a couple of small snapper and silver trevally which were returned as well as some tuna and bonito for bait but hadnt got a keeper snapper yet. Well my mate soon changed that as the sun got higher we actually went shallower and found a fish willing to eat. The screaming runs of this fish made us think it was a bigger tuna which we had seen jumping towards us but the runs didnt continue then the head nods started. The fish continued with short runs as it approached the boat and when we saw the first signs of colour it made 2 more powerful runs to try to escape capture. Well luckily the hooks stayed in long enough for it to meet the net then the esky. At 75cm and a solid 5kg+ it was my mates best local snapper, and he was stoked. Not as stoked as me cos the fight was incredible to witness and i was glad to net the fish first go as the hook came out. With a nice feed sorted we took the boys for a beach fish with some king beach worms and only managed 1 small dart before packing up as the sun went down. We had a great dinner of fresh fish and homecut chips that topped off a great weekend of fishing and fun with my mate and his family. I slept well that night and prepared for my drive home the next day. Stopping at Coffs Harbour i couldnt avoid making the pilgrimage to Fishing Mecca - MoTackle - a must as you drive straight past it on the highway. A couple of pics attached.
  14. Just watched this clip. Huge school of snapper in NZ. Interesting to see their reaction when the lure lands amongst them.
  15. With work getting a bit quieter now i have been keeping an eye on the weather and today looked the goods to go out to Green Island for a sniff to see if the bay snapper had come again there yet this season to play. Well the bad news was the east/ n easterly was a bit stronger than i thought and the eastern side of green was fairly lumpy It wasnt dangerous at all but very uncomfortable. The good news is the snapper have arrived there and i managed to catch my limit of 4 within a couple of hours, the first 3 were quite small, 2 at about 45cm and 1 at 55cm. Then big papa came along at 71cm. I reckon there were bigger specimens to be caught but i left them for next time and called it early.... was sick of keeping my balance the whole time... gettin old
  16. Headed out with @Old Scaley this morning to test our luck at a spot we got sharked about 7 times at two weeks ago. Conditions were forecast to be around 5 knots so we were expecting a stinker on calm waters. Well it was blowing about 10 to start the day and gradually worsened to about 15 as the day went on. Plenty of wind against tide saw plenty of whitecaps amongst the chop. We tried with artificials for the first hour with no interest received, so we settled at Spot E* and brought in a couple of 30cm snaps, then I got a just legal 38 that was released to the esky. We soldiered on with a few more unders then I hooked up and said this is a better one. Steve slipped the net under a 48cm snap, which we immediately took a picture of and sent to @benno573 who was unfortunately at work and we knew he'd be keen to see what we were up to. I'm glad to have boated a decent keeper so early in the year... Lookout 70 ! I said to Steve that the next one must be going to be 58cm to keep the number pattern going. It seemed I was wrong again as the next one was about 28. Ho hum. Managed a little estuary cod that didn't release well but eventually scurried away to the bottom. Steve hooked a shark about 80cm that left with a new piercing. The tide changed and the pickers were having a great old time stealing our baits, so we punched our way south to some shelter. Steve was off to a good start with a solid hit and run and with a bit of weight. We thought it may have been a ray, before a big dirty cattie surfaced. He wasn't coming aboard, let alone sliming up my net, so Steve dispatched it cleanly over the side. A couple of stray hits here and there but no real love so we decided to call it and head back to the ramp. A fish each for dinner, so a good result all 'round. *Spot E = a Spot X that Everyone knows about.
  17. Hi all Last night I was lucky enough to be invited aboard Ellicatch with Brian ( @ellicat ) for an afternoon and night mission chasing Nerang River whiting. I met Brian at about 1:30PM at his, and we drove to the ramp of choice. On the way there we picked up some live sand worms, as well as a few snacks for the trip. We launched the boat a tiny bit after 3:00PM and were on our way to the first spot. We slowly motored through the somewhat dirty waters of the Nerang River into a crowded Broadwater, to suss out a spot that had been recommended to us. The boat glided over the sandy bottom, and it seemed that it was imperative to keep an eye out for the everlasting trails of wake from larger boats. Bright white dots littered the sides of the river - though it was speculated that there wouldn't be too many crabs in them! After cutting over a sand bar through some shallow water, and piloting the boat to avoid becoming beached, Brian had gotten us to our first spot. We anchored up in a couple meters of water and deployed the baits, in hope of some sand whiting. Soon after casting in, there was some action. After a short fight, Brian brought up a rather uncommon fish to be caught in the Broadwater. The only problem was, we needed it to be 15x bigger! Snapper...no... Squire...no... Pinky? After that capture, the decision was made to head off to a new spot. It was good to scout out a new location, but this spot seemed like a high tide only spot. The sun was ever so slowly creeping down, and we were happy to set anchor after the rather long boat trip back from the new spot. There were some people fishing landbased nearby who were using lures, but they didn't appear to catch any until they left. I cast my lines towards the bank, and Brian cast his out towards the middle of the river. Our hopes were high, but after 15 minutes here it was looking a bit quiet. I noticed a bit of commotion on the tip of my rod and it turned out to be a small tarwhine, which was good (because it meant we were both off the donut). We gave it a little while longer at this spot, but as the sun sunk beneath the horizon, the decision was made to pull the anchor and try a spot further upstream. Off the donut Once we got to the spot, there was a plentiful amount of bait busting up around the boat. I assumed it was herring, and I imagine that something would've been chasing it I also saw a couple of larger mullet leaping out. Maybe a bull shark was in the area. At this spot, it was quiet for around the first fifteen minutes, and then the boat slowly began to turn with the tide. Brian was telling me that the run out is prime time for Nerang River whiting at night time, so it was only fitting for him to hook the first keeper of the night, which came in at around 27CM. It put up a decent fight, and we were both happy to see some silver in the esky. After that one, Brian landed another keeper of similar size! I was getting flogged! 3-1! Elbow Slapper After we were both pickered one or two times, I checked a rod I had casted directly upstream. Surprisingly, this line had a whiting of about 30CM sitting on the end, not doing anything! It wasn't until he got right under the boat he pulled a little bit of drag, and even then the fight was lousy! With three fish in the esky, hopes were high for a couple more good ones to come along! It was getting a little later now, and the whiting had become extra finicky. They were often nibbling the baits straight off the hooks, and I dropped a decent one which spat the hook beneath the boat. Around this time, Brian hooked up to something which was pulling a bit harder, but unfortunately, only a small stingray was revealed. He got away on the gunnel of the boat, which was lucky for him as I was going to keep him for bait. Around this time Brian also caught an undersize whiting. My first whiting of the night After that, we cut up another sand worm or two, and got them back out on our lines. Brian hooked another alright whiting, which was quickly released into the esky, but also another small ray, which was dispatched quickly for some shark bait. At this point, it was a little past 9:00PM, and the esky had a healthy population of whiting. I chose to fish with two rods, and just after Brian had finished giving a speech on how you end up having bites on both then loosing both fish, it happened! But of course, Brian set the hooks into a fish, whereas I missed mine. Lol. The fight was on, and the 8 foot Ugly Stik was getting a workout. Brian was generous enough to let me fight the fish for the final moments, and we were all happy when a respectable 36CM whiting was swung in and out and in to the boat! Technically Brian's fish! After that, we were both stoked, but the bite went a bit quiet. We were going to give it about 20 more minutes, and we decided that we may go for a drift for the last part of the trip. We ditched this plan when Brian hooked a respectable low 30's whiting as the last fish of the trip. With no more bites we decided to motor back to the ramp, where someone took about 15 minutes (no clue what they were doing though, lol). Anyway, despite the fact Brian flogged me (four or five whiting (though one was undersize), two stingrays, one little pinky) 8-3, I still had an awesome night on the water. I went to bed a bit past midnight and cleaned the fish this morning, which I think I did alright at . Thanks for taking me out Brian, I hope you didn't mind having me along! The final haul, which was delicious! 25cm fish vs 36cm fish Here are the stats of the trip for anyone interested - Stats of Trip: Tide: 8:30AM, 1.2M, High, 3:50PM, .4M, Low, 8:00PM, .7M, High, 2:30AM, .1M, Low Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous. It was supposed to be 83% although looked less. Location: Nerang River, Gold Coast Tackle Used: I was using a 6 foot 6 and 8 foot Ugly Stik Gold rod, both in the 2-5KG size. One had a Diawa Shinobi 2500 and the other had a Shimano Sienna 1000. Brian was using similoar, although his rods were around 6 foot 6. I was fishing with 6 and 10 pound leaders, as was Brian. We both used around a size 4 ball sinker, with a medium sized barrel swivel, and small long shank hooks. I conducted an experiment to see if red tubing would make a difference - the 36cm model was on red tubing. Bait Used: Live Sand Worms Bait Caught: - Fish Caught: Whiting x 7 (one undersize), Stingray x 2, Tarwhine x 1, Pinky x 1 Air Pressure: 1011 Humidity: 62-68% Weather: Slightly windy, sunny with a few ominous clouds nearby Temperature: 24-28 degrees Celcius Overall Success Rate: 80% - a great day/night on the water Thanks for reading! Cheers Hamish
  18. Hi guys I'm new to this forum and just wondering where can I possibly have chance of catch a decent pan size pinkie landbased in brisbane area. I've fished at bribie island a couple of time on a boat hire and caught a heap of undersized pinkies there. However, travel to bribie is not ideal for me and am looking for more of a nearby place to fish for pinkies on the land. If you have any suggestions or tips that would be awesome!! Thank you
  19. Went offshore a couple of months ago (got busy with work and forgot to put a report up - whoops ....) with my Dad, one of my brothers (Les) and his mate Brett. Had hoped to get to the South Passage Bar ready time cross once light enough but as it turned out, probably could have/should have been half an hour earlier. Tried getting livies but struggled (John Gooding on Outlaw Charters was in the same area and just finishing loading up as we arrived) and after about 20-30mins of stuffing around unsuccessfully we headed off to the 35’s with our tail between our legs. We need to get better at this live bait catching caper as had hoped to target some AJs. Had a good start with a couple of snapper/squire on the first drift. Soon after the sounder played up so we only had the GPS for the rest of the day which was annoying. Got a couple of mid-60cm snapper (Dad got the best with a 66cm) on the last couple of drifts before we ploughed back towards the bar. Stayed slightly later than we should have as the wind had picked up and was a bit of a bumpy ride home both offshore and also back on the bay. Total tally was 7 snapper plus a nice pearly (48cm from memory) and a red rock cod both caught from me. Sorry the photos aren’t the best, we fished a Sunday so by the time we got back to Dad’s place (took a while at the ramp as one of the rollers was playing up and not getting the boat on straight but got it sorted) I had to take off home quickly so my brother took these the next day prior to filleting. Good to get back out there as had been a while - hoping to get out a few times over the holidays . Also I forgot that the bar in the morning was as flat as I’ve seen it - happy days .
  20. Last Tuesday the fishing weather gods aligned and the BF managed to get the day off work. We headed to the GC Seaway departing from South Maclean about 2.30am. Unfortunately had a couple of stops to make before launching at the Spit boat ramp so the sun was already coming up when we launched. The bar crossing was a non-event as the weather, tide and swell was almost perfect. I logged our trip by phone - my first time logging a trip. The plan was to return about 3pm. We headed to the 36 fathoms found a bait ball on the sounder and I dropped my Sabiki bringing up a minimum of four slimy mackerel each drop. Once I had dropped the bait jig three times we decided we had enough live bait for the time being. We dropped a live bait and another two rigs with squid at the same spot. No joy. We hit another mark or two close by and did a drift or two, again with no joy! It was difficult to find bottom, the current was raging through despite the reports otherwise. We decided to head back in a little and fished one of the FAD's. My first drop I felt a couple of small taps, felt like I might have had a couple of bait fish on (Paternoster rig with two dropper hooks - No. 5/0 for snapper). Pulled up a baby flatty and another barely legal (the latter released to the Esky to accompany the whiting fillets in the freezer). The next few drops we both pulled up small flatties. Other smaller reef fish were landed and then the BF got wrapped around the FAD by an unidentified fish. We decided to move further in and head South East to a couple of marks. The first mark produced some decent snapper after a few drifts, my PB, which measured 50cm on the boat and had shrunk a couple of cm by the time he hit the Bragmat! I also got a 37cm one and a couple of unders. The BF got a couple of unders, a 60cm (again it had shrunk by the time it hit the Bragmat). On the last drift the BF hooked a monster that he swears was a Snapper, it peeled off the drag and unfortunately the hook pulled. I have never heard so many choice words erupting from his mouth! The F word continued every few minutes all the way home! Lol. All of you know this feeling I am sure. For the first time offshore on C-Jay with no marks of our own I thought the trip was very successful - I feel another addiction coming on!
  21. Hey just wondering is there any good land based spots for snapper and king fish in Nelson bay and I am also wondering what the best bait for that spot is thank you.
  22. Just wondering if there are any land based fishing in Nelson bay that you can catch snapper and king fish from and I am also wondering what is the best bait for that spot thank you.
  23. Hi All Well I have been promising fishing reports for a while now - being a new boat owner and learning the ropes not to mention spending lots of $ and fishing has left me with little time and alot less cash. Anyway Friday avo me and a couple of guys went for an afternoon/evening session around Macleay and Karragarra Is. Launched from Cabbage Tree Point boat ramp about 2pm. Headed to the first spot, sounded around and saw some arches on the new sounder for the first time! Anchored up, burleyed and put out baits. Much to my disappointment neither of the guys were interested in wasting time gathering live bait first . We were chasing snapper. One of the guys shortly landed a just legal tailor. It was going to go back but I have a good fisho mate who loves eating tailor. Therefore, as the saying goes it was bled and released into the Esky. It wasn't long before I had a few tiny nibbles on my half pilchard on a 5/0 octopus hook with 30 lb braid and 40lb flexible leader rig. I was reeling in to check the bait, got hit a few metres from the boat and hooked up to something quite light but fairly feisty. I thought it was a tailor at first but turned out to be a baby school mackerel. Another couple of baby schoolies were landed and released unharmed. It went quiet for a while and then we landed a couple of pretty good sized grinners. I was tempted to keep them for bait but we were pretty well stocked up with pillies, banana prawns and squid from the Gold Coast Bait Shop (this shop is fantastic for bait and has recently renovated and expanded its range of tackle etc significantly - prices are generally cheaper than BCF or Anaconda for the same tackle, hooks sinkers etc). We stayed til after dark hoping to get the dusk snapper bite but only landed one small Squire. It went quiet after dark and the decision was made to move to the next spot. This spot can produce really well but can be very quiet for a number of hours. That evening it was quiet and we were supposed to be heading back to the ramp at 9.30pm. Around 9pm two legal snapper and a flattie were landed and released to the Esky. We departed about 9.45pm. All in all a great outing with some good conversation and laughs in the quiet times. Life is great out on the water fishing regardless of how full the Esky is at the end of the day Next trip to Southern Moreton bay islands takes place this afternoon launching from Horizon Shores Marina and staying overnight in the boat and doing a real early session in the morning. Fishing Macleay, Karragarra, Peel etc. Targeting snapper again. I have insisted on live bait this time. Wish me luck.
  24. G’day, I’ve got a couple of nice graphite rods that don’t get used enough I’m keen to part with. They are both Berkley Dropshot Tournament Pro models one is a snapper spin and the other a lighter version for bream and flatties. Specs are: Snapper spin 6’10 6-8kg one piece in good condition. I have caught snapper and grassies on this as well as an amberjack it’s a nice rod using up to 1oz jigheads. Throws a 30g slug a mile! $60 Lighter one is 7’2 2-4kg 3-13g one piece in very good condition (used once - caught 1 small cod). $75 I am negotiable on price for AFOers would prefer them to go together you can have both for $120 i also have a used Penn Spinfisher 750 SSM in good condition spooled with 30lb braid $50 items advertised elsewhere Cheers Andrew
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