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      Found 3 results

      1. I'm very excited. The ducks are in a row and I'm very excited that I am going to have my first trip to Harvey Bay on Wed. Well I have been to Harvey Bay in the past but not since I have been involved with AFO. I have learnt so much from so many of you I feel really confident we will be able to get a feed and have a nice time. I have spent the last 2 days getting Quampie ready. Thanks to @aussie123 and Reel Tackle I have a replaced the bilge pump and pick up on the live bait tank, replaced the dodgy plastic rod holders to brand new stainless ones and bought some extended rod holders so I can run 4 rods now. I got a nice surprise when I checked the switch on the bilge. Salt water had gotten behind the switch panel and they were all corroded. So I built a box out of some ply wood I had lying around. I bought a new switch panel and re-patched everything to this. I now have spare fuses and a, hopefully, water tight switch panel. Very glad I saw it before the trip. All of the switches were in trouble and most were starting to rust away. The switch from the old bilge was not working at all and constantly on. I think the old motor burnt out from this. On top of this I have bought a few skirted lures, brushed up on how to rig live baits for trolling and how to rig some larger dead baits for trolling. I hope to catch a few large spotties and have a go at rigging these as troll baits. The plan is to read off at stupid early on Wed, launch at Urangan,_Queensland and leave the boat and car in the caravan park. $20 per night. My mate is a 4wd nut and is taking his car over so we will have to stay at Awinya Creek. because I was told you cant camp at Wathumba from a car. Can anyone confirm that it's boat access only? The idea is to tow spoons and catch some spotties. Find some baits and tow some livies. If the wind alows go out to Roonies and target some Spanish on livies and perhaps try for some Marlin if we get the chance. Does anyone have Gps list for spots to try up north of Wathumba? We might send a few livies down for reefies if that is an option. Aussie told me there was a wreck up there worth a shot. Anyway wish us luck. I think it's gonna be awesome!
      2. My nephew is a marine biologist currently working in Norway. He surprised his family by arriving home in time for Christmas. He is a keen fisho so I promised him a trip while he is home. He leaves tomorrow so today was the last chance and also the best day wind wise that we have had since Christmas Day. I have been keen to drag a paravane around for some spotties, but reports have been average so I thought I needed a back up plan. Decided to put in at Manly and troll around Hope Banks and use bait fishing at Green as the back up. Conditions were perfect early and it glassed out around 9am. We trolled for about 2 hours with no result. No birds working or any signs of action so we anchored off Green where we lost heaps of pillies and squish’s to undersize squire and a few very small trevally. Called it a day around an hour into the runout. Nothing to show for the day but still a great day on the water. I have been thinking I need to take better car3 of my gear. What do you think?
      3. Hey everyone has anyone with their ear to the ground heard if the spotties are north of peel in the paddocks general area? Have seen social media pics a plenty Angus