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Found 6 results

  1. Now that the various Covid regulations are over, I have been out and about doing community talks again. For those around Redcliffe and northern Brisbane, I have one coming up next month.
  2. Another week of fishing coming up. Hopefully we will get the above? Any great tips to get them?
  3. Hi all Last night I was lucky enough to be invited aboard Ellicatch with Brian ( @ellicat ) for an afternoon and night mission chasing Nerang River whiting. I met Brian at about 1:30PM at his, and we drove to the ramp of choice. On the way there we picked up some live sand worms, as well as a few snacks for the trip. We launched the boat a tiny bit after 3:00PM and were on our way to the first spot. We slowly motored through the somewhat dirty waters of the Nerang River into a crowded Broadwater, to suss out a spot that had been recommended to us. The boat glided over the sandy bottom, and it seemed that it was imperative to keep an eye out for the everlasting trails of wake from larger boats. Bright white dots littered the sides of the river - though it was speculated that there wouldn't be too many crabs in them! After cutting over a sand bar through some shallow water, and piloting the boat to avoid becoming beached, Brian had gotten us to our first spot. We anchored up in a couple meters of water and deployed the baits, in hope of some sand whiting. Soon after casting in, there was some action. After a short fight, Brian brought up a rather uncommon fish to be caught in the Broadwater. The only problem was, we needed it to be 15x bigger! Snapper...no... Squire...no... Pinky? After that capture, the decision was made to head off to a new spot. It was good to scout out a new location, but this spot seemed like a high tide only spot. The sun was ever so slowly creeping down, and we were happy to set anchor after the rather long boat trip back from the new spot. There were some people fishing landbased nearby who were using lures, but they didn't appear to catch any until they left. I cast my lines towards the bank, and Brian cast his out towards the middle of the river. Our hopes were high, but after 15 minutes here it was looking a bit quiet. I noticed a bit of commotion on the tip of my rod and it turned out to be a small tarwhine, which was good (because it meant we were both off the donut). We gave it a little while longer at this spot, but as the sun sunk beneath the horizon, the decision was made to pull the anchor and try a spot further upstream. Off the donut Once we got to the spot, there was a plentiful amount of bait busting up around the boat. I assumed it was herring, and I imagine that something would've been chasing it I also saw a couple of larger mullet leaping out. Maybe a bull shark was in the area. At this spot, it was quiet for around the first fifteen minutes, and then the boat slowly began to turn with the tide. Brian was telling me that the run out is prime time for Nerang River whiting at night time, so it was only fitting for him to hook the first keeper of the night, which came in at around 27CM. It put up a decent fight, and we were both happy to see some silver in the esky. After that one, Brian landed another keeper of similar size! I was getting flogged! 3-1! Elbow Slapper After we were both pickered one or two times, I checked a rod I had casted directly upstream. Surprisingly, this line had a whiting of about 30CM sitting on the end, not doing anything! It wasn't until he got right under the boat he pulled a little bit of drag, and even then the fight was lousy! With three fish in the esky, hopes were high for a couple more good ones to come along! It was getting a little later now, and the whiting had become extra finicky. They were often nibbling the baits straight off the hooks, and I dropped a decent one which spat the hook beneath the boat. Around this time, Brian hooked up to something which was pulling a bit harder, but unfortunately, only a small stingray was revealed. He got away on the gunnel of the boat, which was lucky for him as I was going to keep him for bait. Around this time Brian also caught an undersize whiting. My first whiting of the night After that, we cut up another sand worm or two, and got them back out on our lines. Brian hooked another alright whiting, which was quickly released into the esky, but also another small ray, which was dispatched quickly for some shark bait. At this point, it was a little past 9:00PM, and the esky had a healthy population of whiting. I chose to fish with two rods, and just after Brian had finished giving a speech on how you end up having bites on both then loosing both fish, it happened! But of course, Brian set the hooks into a fish, whereas I missed mine. Lol. The fight was on, and the 8 foot Ugly Stik was getting a workout. Brian was generous enough to let me fight the fish for the final moments, and we were all happy when a respectable 36CM whiting was swung in and out and in to the boat! Technically Brian's fish! After that, we were both stoked, but the bite went a bit quiet. We were going to give it about 20 more minutes, and we decided that we may go for a drift for the last part of the trip. We ditched this plan when Brian hooked a respectable low 30's whiting as the last fish of the trip. With no more bites we decided to motor back to the ramp, where someone took about 15 minutes (no clue what they were doing though, lol). Anyway, despite the fact Brian flogged me (four or five whiting (though one was undersize), two stingrays, one little pinky) 8-3, I still had an awesome night on the water. I went to bed a bit past midnight and cleaned the fish this morning, which I think I did alright at . Thanks for taking me out Brian, I hope you didn't mind having me along! The final haul, which was delicious! 25cm fish vs 36cm fish Here are the stats of the trip for anyone interested - Stats of Trip: Tide: 8:30AM, 1.2M, High, 3:50PM, .4M, Low, 8:00PM, .7M, High, 2:30AM, .1M, Low Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous. It was supposed to be 83% although looked less. Location: Nerang River, Gold Coast Tackle Used: I was using a 6 foot 6 and 8 foot Ugly Stik Gold rod, both in the 2-5KG size. One had a Diawa Shinobi 2500 and the other had a Shimano Sienna 1000. Brian was using similoar, although his rods were around 6 foot 6. I was fishing with 6 and 10 pound leaders, as was Brian. We both used around a size 4 ball sinker, with a medium sized barrel swivel, and small long shank hooks. I conducted an experiment to see if red tubing would make a difference - the 36cm model was on red tubing. Bait Used: Live Sand Worms Bait Caught: - Fish Caught: Whiting x 7 (one undersize), Stingray x 2, Tarwhine x 1, Pinky x 1 Air Pressure: 1011 Humidity: 62-68% Weather: Slightly windy, sunny with a few ominous clouds nearby Temperature: 24-28 degrees Celcius Overall Success Rate: 80% - a great day/night on the water Thanks for reading! Cheers Hamish
  4. Hi All I decided that 2021 would start with a fantastic day of fishing. New Years eve I pumped yabbies for bait. Hard to keep alive in this heat but changed the water at 11pm and out for a fish at about 7am. It is mayhem on the Gold Coast waterways, foreshores, boat ramps, car parks etc! Even at 7am New years day. Was expecting more people to be sleeping off hangovers. Arrived at a spot I hadn't fished before about 7.30am. Line in the water shortly after that. Was after Whiting (having recently cracked the code ). Landed an undersized bream almost immediately. Another few casts and had a legal 27cm Bream. Another half an hour and I had landed five Bream. No whiting but at least it wasn't going to be a donut. I moved up the beach a bit and things had gone off the bite. Another half hour and I packed up my gear and walked a little further up the beach. Found a promising Whiting spot and within 30 minutes had landed a couple of legal sized whiting and a couple of unders. When I landed my second legal size I decided I had caught enough whiting recently and I Changed to heavier gear. I didn't have any wire trace with me but decided, as it was the 1st January, I would try my luck with a live whiting for a Shark or something else bigger than whiting (given the size of the bait it would have to be much bigger!). Dreams are free. Anyway I tried to cast as close to the deep channel as possible. Every 20 min or so I would check on the bait and when he was showing mo signs of live I decided to cut him into large fillets and thread o the hook. Out went the bait into the channel again. I sat bag and waited. As I was taking a drink of water I saw the rod tip move a little. I carefully picked up the rod and tighten the drag a little, but not too much, enough to set the hook if the fish took a run but not to tight that the line would snap. I wasn't really set up for Sharks just being impulsive. A few seconds later the drag screamed and I let it run. The battle had begun. The fish was powerful and I was worried the line would break. I was being careful not to panic and was tightening the drag little by little as I fought the fish. I was really excited and imagining a big fish other than shark - not sure what. The fish wad getting closer to the beach and fighting even harder. I was disappointed to see a stingray! But the adrenaline was worth it. With the stingray at my feet I couldn't get him up on the beach easily so sacrificed my hook. By this time people were watching - it is always funny how everyone gets excited to see what you are battling. A few more casts with a chunk of whiting and nothing but pickers. I started concentrating on the whiting again and to my surprise landed a flounder. With enough sunshine, rain, sand, sand, salt and excitement had I headed home to rest and plan my next fishing adventure. Hope 2021 continues with success. Cheers Kat!
  5. What a funny day today. Went out with Ellicat again. In his spanking new boat. We hit up one of his spot Xs at Green (Island, not the green zone). Nothing was raised there so we decided to hit the Rainbow to see if there where any Mackeral still around. We settled in and I provided Ellicat with some grinner bait and within few minutes he is onto a cracking fish, hmm well I should say a shovel nose ray Ellicat was not to upset at this stage so I provided him with another live bait. Again it did not take long and he was on again this time with some good runs and what seemed to be some head shakes. The fight quickly changed to a fight to keep the fish off the bottom. A solid battle ensued and up pops a Stingray. This is where Ellicat’s mood changed yelling at me to pull the anchor. A quick run back across the bay and we where back at the ramp. Lesson learnt I will not give him any live bait as he really is a Ray magnet and I am not talking Mr Kennedy. IMG_0698.MOV
  6. Hey All, I hope you are all well! I am new to this site and thought I would join some sort of forum to learn more about fishing etc. Recently I got my first boat and started doing some off-shore fishing in Hexham NSW. I've been catching about six stingrays a day when I go fishing, I don't know much about them so just been throwing them back. So I have a few questions: 1. What is the legal size and limit for Stingrays in NSW? I checked DPI but it didn't have them listed: https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/recreational/fishing-rules-and-regs/saltwater-bag-and-size-limits 2. I know that the ray has four pads of meat (two top and two bottom), but there is a lot of waste... Do you have any recommendations on what to do with the rest of the ray? 3. Is ray a good bait for crabbing? If it is, would the scraps work (Bones, body and head)? 4. Since I have never caught one to keep before what methods do you recommend when it comes to killing? I was thinking: - Hook Ray - Net Ray - Use bolt cutters and cut the rays tail off (throw tail away) - Kill Ray (need to learn best method for this) Of course, if Ray isn't legal to keep I won't and it also seems worth keeping if its a big ray. I would rather not catch them if we have to waste the rest of the ray for the amount of meat. But since I go crabbing, if I can use the scraps for crabbing then I think that should be okay. Any tips, advise and the rest would be wonderful. Thanks, Mark.D
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