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      Found 10 results

      1. Hi fellow anglers, Can anyone assist with identifying this fish? I caught it on the sunshine coast of the rocks and have had trouble identifying it. I think its some sort of rock cod.
      2. Hey guys, Me and a couple of friends have recently been trying to target small shark in the Sunshine Coast area. I live in Caloundra and have tried the pumestone passage numerous times, as well as moorochy River, and Mooloolaba River. My set up is simple, 30lb braid, wire trace, circle hook. Bait we try to switch up, mullet trunks, eel and when we have time live bait (poddie mullet). Over the past 6 weekends of fishing we have only been successfull once, catching a small bull shark in moorochy river. So my questions are; Does anyone know of the best place in Caloundra for catching small shark? Does anyone know of the best bait to use? Does anyone know the best location to catch mullet using a cast net in Caloundra? I would appreciate any help, and I thank you in advance. Zak.
      3. Hi guys just after some advice on land based spots in the sunny coast to catch snapper hoping to stay overnight
      4. Hey everyone! First time posting here. I've been fishing for my entire life, mainly chasing jacks and trevally up the sunny coast inshore. Also a fair bit of spearfishing the inshore reefs on the sunny coast. I've recently (about 6 months ago) got my boat licence and been trying my luck fishing the inshore reefs off Mooloolaba. Mostly Currimundi reef. Not a lot of luck though... I'll chuck up a more detailed post in another section. Cheers!
      5. Hi everyone, hope this is the correct section. I've been doing a fair bit of reef fishing out off Mooloolaba lately. Usually currimundi, OWI or gneerings. Using a mixture of bait (squid, mullet), livies and soft plastics. But with very low success. Out of the last 10 trips, the most successful trip landed a squire and a nice rte. I'm considering doing an all-night trip, wondering about the safety of this - do any of you guys do it regularly? There would be 2 of us on a 4.3m, with all lights, flares, lifejackets, epirb. Plan would be to anchor up on a mark and stay there all night. Birley up and drop some baits down. Any thoughts, things to consider or previous experiences with this? Thanks!
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      7. Headed out to try and catch a bass for the first time in a couple of years this morning. It was a pretty warm sunny day and tough going using soft plastics. I was pretty happy to avoid a donut and managed to catch one bass (also a PB for me, though I've only ever caught 3 before) just as I decided to head back and call it a day.
      8. I spent time up at Peregian Beach over Christmas. It is not an area that I have fished before, but with some good weather the surf beckoned. The dart proved thick and easy to spot in the water, with plenty of the larger fish out wider. Servo prawns produced plenty of action, no need for any fancy bait or flash lure. Max caught plenty of fish on both days, mostly legal fish with the largest about 40 cm. This was his first surf fishing effort and it produced overall about 50 legal fish over the couple of short sessions. We only kept a couple to eat fresh.
      9. PWE


        G'Day I am new to fishing, but want to learn the skill. I like camping and the beach, so want to learn more about beach fishing. My favour camping spot is Fraser. So, I am after any beginners advice. Pics will be great because when experience fishers talk about the trade, I will have no idea what they refer to. Anyway, will read through the forum for some tips.
      10. Ignored the forecasts for rain yesterday and headed out for a fish in the Pumicestone Passage hoping they got the forecast wrong. They didn't. It started off perfect until the rain started. Managed to pick up a nice size queenfish (PB for me) on the light gear which made it all worth the effort.