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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all, Planning a trip to Fraser to get some tailor in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any recommendations for best camping sites, Government vs private sites, toilet facilities, good fishing near the site, etc.? Anyone else heading up around then? cheers Greg
  2. GregOug

    queensland Where?

    Can someone please tell me where you can go in strong winds, in Moreton Bay, in a morning, and catch a 53cm grunter, a similar sized trevally, a 53cm tailor, smaller grunter and bream, a legal sweetlip, Cod, other sweetlip and a whiting? Sigh.
  3. Hi all I was just wondering if anyone has any good rock fishing spots for the general bread and butter species (bream, cod, etc) and jewies. I don't mind them as long as they are in about a 2 hour drive from BNE. I might take a holiday there. If so, what baits and set up would you use. Cheers Hamish
  4. Hi all, Had an awesome week on Moreton last week. Took the barge over on Saturday 19/10, weather was average at best, we even had hail on the way over! The squalls moved out to sea just as we arrived and we quickly set up camp at north point before the next storm came through. After the storm passed, the sun kind of came out and the ocean glassed off. No time like the present – kayak was launched with the aim being to get a couple of dinners for the next few days. Conditions were amazing and in short time 2 nice pan sized snapper and a school mackerel were on board and I was heading back to the beach before the next storm arrived. A LOT of plastics were lost to school mackerel, at one point I was right in the middle of a bust up with a heap of schoolies, tailor, a few small sharks and even some snapper racing around smashing into the bait. Awesome to watch. Crumbed snapper for dinner followed. Sunday morning presented a 30kn SSE so after a bit of a lie in, we headed down onto north point beach where the wind would be at our backs. First spot wasn’t all that sheltered, however, the first flathead of the trip was landed – a nice mid-40’s model that was released as dinner was already well in hand. A move to another spot provided both more shelter and more fish. 5 more flathead were landed and released, 3 of them going over 60cm long. Awesome session, could easily have filled the freezer but was happy to release them to fight again another day. Mackerel in a thai red curry for dinner was superb! Monday the SSE was still up around 20kn but was forecast to drop through the day. Another lazy start and a mosey down to North point beach showed the wind was up but the ocean was flat. Kayaks were launched and a lovely paddle along the back of the surf break featuring dolphins, turtles and 1 nice 42cm snapper for me. The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the beach, a few more flathead were landed and released. We headed up to the lighthouse on sunset for happy hour. Tuesday morning I awoke early and it was totally still. We had a quick breakfast and launched the kayaks again in idyllic conditions. We were greeted by a pod of dolphins, a few turtles and even a manta ray. I landed one nice snapper but could barely get a plastic near the bottom without being snipped off by the school mackerel. I put a slug on to have a bit of fun and caught 4, the last one was hooked up around the gills so wouldn’t release, I shared the fillets around the camp site that afternoon. Wednesday I headed out kayaking early again, this time I bagged 3 nice snapper and another schoolie that was kept at the request of some neighbours. We then jumped in the car and headed for Tangalooma for a snorkel, timing it with a tide change for best water clarity and least current. Highlights were two wobbegongs and a huge blue parrot, generally a very good snorkel. On the way back I found middle rd block by a fallen branch, when I picked this up to move it a squirrel glider jumped out of the end and climbed up a nearby tree and then glided away. Can’t believe it stayed in the hollow during and then after the branch falling! Thursday morning I elected to sleep in and we then headed over to our favourite spot on the island where I landed a very nice tailor off the rocks (released) and then spent a few hours looking in rock pools and relaxing on the otherwise deserted beach. We headed back to camp for a late lunch, conditions were not perfect but I went for a final kayak and nabbed 3 nice snapper – should have been 4 but had to pay my taxes for the week which was a good bit of fun getting towed around for about 15 minutes before the teeth inevitably won out. Friday morning I headed up to the north point rocks early and had a spin for tailor. I landed 10.2 tailor, the 0.2 coming when a huge Spanish Mack decided to grab a hooked tailor, narrowly missing the treble on the back of the slug – part of me was disappointed, the other part quite relieved. All tailor were released. Friday afternoon we had a fish with some pippies for dart and landed a couple, pretty quiet as the northerly was ramping up by this point. Saturday was pack up day – good thing too as the northerly was 20kn+ at sunrise and only set to increase. We packed up and headed right down to the southern end of the island out of the wind a bit for a final swim, chill out and picnic lunch. We watched a 2-2.5m hammerhead cruising in over a shallow bank and through the south passage bar – likely heading in to birth some pups. Then all too soon, that was it, back up the beach and across middle rd and onto the barge home. Some photos from the week are below, might throw some video footage up on the you tubes or grab some stills out of it and add them soon. Cheers, Benno <’><
  5. For those on the northside of Brisbane, join me Sunday morning with Tahlia Lovell on 99.7 Bridge FM between 9 and 12 where I will be Talkin’ Tailor – the biology and ecology of tailor and how to catch them in Moreton Bay and in the surf. I will have a few tips from my 30 years of fishing for them including how to consistently catch them in the Bay, what to look for in surf gutters and how surf gutters form. If you are elsewhere I think you can also listen to it through this link:
  6. I am heading to Moreton on Friday back Sunday. It will mostly be a social trip that I go on each year with a bunch of South African Australians. Lots of Beers and laughs. I am the camp cook for our little group so packing the camp oven for a bit of fun. I hope to get into a few Tailor at high tide in the holes and perhaps get some whiting in the gutters at low tide. Wish me luck. Report to come about this time next week.
  7. Went for a land based session with a mate yesterday evening in Redcliffe. Had to take advantage of the weather, wind and tide. Would have taken the tinnie out but with a curfew placed on my mate we had to maximize fishing time. Within 10 minutes of arriving I had missed a run and then my mate reeled in a decent 40cm Tailor. We got our hopes up for a solid Tailor session. What actually followed was an on/off patchy bite of mainly flathead. The best two going mid fifties. Nice and plump fish but the laziest fighters I have ever come across! Bait was a mix of prawns and pilchards. Hope more Tailor arrive in the bay soon.
  8. Hi, Hope a few forum members are taking advantage of the weather this weekend. Put the boat in yesterday arvo till after dark, fished around Redcliffe/ Scarborough in the hope of getting a few tailor. Caught some legal bream and plenty of undersized fish. At least this kept the young bloke entertained Anyone has any luck catching tailor yet around northern Moreton Bay?
  9. Hey guys just wondering if anybody knows how deep it is off the beach around queens beach. Looking at going fishing around there sometime soon thanks
  10. Gday guys just after some tips and possible locations around Northside of Brisbane/sunny coast to target tailor with lures. Never targeted them before, but have they are good to catch.
  11. Hi guys just wondering if anybody has had any luck with snapper landbased around redcliffe/scarborough i have caught a few small ones but nothing of legal size ive also heard stories of people catching jews here aswell
  12. Here is the video from our recent visit to Sandgate. It is a highly productive spot when fished logically.
  13. As I was heading up to Sandgate to talk about the history and environment of Moreton Bay, I thought it would be great to take the kids up to interact with some of the finned inhabitants of the Bay. You can't just talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk. Fishing was easy even though the tides weren't perfect. We fished for a couple of hours on Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday morning off the foreshore. The tailor were fairly plentiful and while no big fish (best was 42 cm) we only caught one that was undersized. Overall we got a good mixed bag of tailor, dusky flathead, bar tailed flathead and bream. The best bream was 39cm.
  14. Getting away from the grind for a weekend down the Tweed at the inlaws. Was originally planning on hitting the creek again for bream and bass but I have heard of a few big tailor getting caight on points like cabarita, fingal and kingcliff (anyone got anymore news to clarify this)??? Anyway weather pending I think we will be sticking this out and try and micro jigging in the surf to see how we go. Weather looks annoyingly typical for weekend fishermen but hey... Some of the North facing headlands should offer protection.. We will always have the creeks as a fall back option... Angus
  15. Have not been fishing for the last couple of days. So went through some old footage and slap together a short vid. As you tell I'm great at calling what fish it is before I see it. Thanks for watching.
  16. Had fun chasing some local salmon off the rocks. hope you enjoy. Cheers Clinton.
  17. Hi everyone, its been a while since I have posted as I have been really busy so I thought I would do a quick update of the last couple months. Just before Christmas I took my boat out to the cape for the first time for an unlucky start to my gamefishing out of my boat with a bite off in the first 15 minutes and a lost dollie that looked to be well above a meter. I wasn't sure of my ocean range so called it a day early to play it safe given my boat is a 15ft bass boat. The following week the forcast looked ideal and I had heard the spotties had been biting off the goldy so I made the call to head down and go through the seaway for a morning mackerel session followed by a troll out wide. The mackerel didnt make a show so I headed wide whilst the wind was still light. I deployed the lures and within 10 minutes the biggest lure in the spread got hit but did not connect. I kept trolling the area (36Fathoms) and finally connected to a nice little black to christen my boat. The waves by this stage were breaking over the sides so a tag was put in and it was quickly released. I started trolling back in as it was getting uncomfortable and my girlfriend was burleying more then she would like to admit. Stoked to Christen the boat with a good offshore fish. IMG_0181Trim.mp4 Just after Christmas I headed down to my hometown of narooma, unfortunately I was met with strong winds and swells of 4m. I only managed 1 trip offshore where we caught a bunch of small dolphinfish, some small kings and mixed reefies. So I reverted my attention to getting some young family friends onto their first fish as well as chasing some bream and flathead in the creeks. I struggled to find bream in the creeks but managed over half a dozen flatties on sugapens. I did manage a few bream with the biggest being 40cm off the surface. With the estuary being a bit slow I had a spin on the beaches but with huge swells it made it difficult but my persistence paid off with a solid tailor. I returned to Brisbane and was dying for another crack offshore but the weather had other ideas. I managed one good session in the bay on spotties around the beacons where I managed a good feed and all fish being over 70cm but still havent managed to get offshore again. With the recent rain I have been focusing on run off and drains and have picked up a fair few Giant Herring and a random lure eating mullet.
  18. Between working full-time, studying part-time, and a new baby, spare time for over the last few months has been non-existent. Of the two boats I have, neither has seen the water since late summer. So I decided I needed to get some runs on the board, took an RDO, and a mate an I did one of the half day charters off the Gold Coast. Easy enough, drive down, walk on, catch some fish, walk off before lunch. I feel like it was bit of cheating, but here's the report anyhow: Left Southport at 6am, and was fishing the first reef in 30m of water around 6:15. The usual methods of floatline and paternosters were deployed. I took down my own rods, which were setup the same, but I had the advantage of running braid over mono, which saw me hook a lot more fish. This didn't do me any favours as the first reef seemed full of rat squire, small parrot and scorpion cod. The skipper moved us on to the outer reefs, fishing the 35, 40, 45 and 50m lines, along with three other charter boats, and everyone on the GC that wasn't working. While I boated dozens of fish, I didn't get a legal fish until the 45m line of which was the start of many legal trag. After the 35m line and around 8am, all the normal reefies went quiet, and not a single legal squire or parrot was landed on the whole boat all day. With the sun high very much up, and the weather simply magical, the boat spent the last few hours drifting over rubble around the 50m line. My mate hooked a spaniard on his float line in the first 5 minutes out there, to which the skipper called lines in. The fish came boatside twice, but was still very green and took off again and again. After ten minutes the fish won, pulling the hooks, and devastating my mate. It would've easily been the fish of the day. Around 9am, in 50m of water the tailor came on thick on both floatlines and paternosters. The trag hugged the bottom and were caught if you could get your baits past the tailor. One bloke got a decent flathead around 70cm, and the odd bonito came up, but apart from that it was tailor and trag for the rest of the day. Pillies seemed to catch all, squid couldn't be given away, and I found out late that the few white pilchards some bloke had brought, were the prefered bait of choice for trag. I took out my gomoku jigging rod too, with a heap of micro jjgs and some oktas in the hope giving them a go. After catching myself a feed of tailor and trag I decided to have a play. The 60g jigs worked well, but I still only caught and landed more tailor. I lost several jigs however, I'm guessing to more tailor hitting the top and leader, and decided to stop donating them after a short while. I deployed the 80g okta I had, hoping to entice the wary snapper that may have been down there, but no takers. The boat ended up with more than enough fish, these are just the tailor(fish were all around the mid 40s, with the biggest for the day going around 60), we caught about the same number of trag: We also saw plenty of whales, had a few surprises(spanish mackerel in August?), so all up a great day. I only took what I thought I'd eat, and even then I gave a fair bit away to the neighbours who are always asking: I was thinking how easy and close most of the reefs were to the Southport, and that these areas must just get hammered. But the skipper said he has fished 20 of the last 21 days, and has always managed to the get his customers a feed, so I guess it is good sign. Thank god for tailor and trag!