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Found 7 results

  1. Today i went fishing for awhile at Bluewater creek north of Townsville fished with some slim swims nothing but 5-8cm mangrove jack nipping the tail . I seen some bigger fish which at first fought were decent sized jacks but even if I hooked one there was on no way I was landing the jacks on 6lb braid and leader I chucked out a few pieces of bread crust to see if there were bream this far down the creek as it leads to the ocean I seen a couple splash’s near my bread and As I had a closer look I seen it was tilapia that were smashing my bread not mangrove jack I Quickly rig up a small hook . put a piece of bread on and after a few cast I hooked a decent tilapia I quickly killed it and put it in a bucket. the tilapia stopped biting after that for about a hour then more tilapia came through and picked up my bread . I got 4 tilapia in about 40 minutes . A boy my age came down and we fished for a bit nothing took the bread they shut down again we went for a walk closer to the bridge and he managed to hook a tilapia after dodging a few turtles
  2. Hi everyone I wrote up this topic because I was really itching for a good fishing session. The last 3 times I went fishing, it was in salt and I caught squat all. I've done my research and I've had a few spots in mind( lake k, mungarra reserve, Caboolture river) I just need a spot where their is a good population of mullet tillapia bass tandanus or a fish that is relatively easy to catch if you could leave a location bait time of day and rig it would be much appreciated. Many thanks. Nick
  3. Hi all. I am a keen bass fisho with lures. I have gotten my boating permit for North pine dam. In the coming year I am keen to chase the tilapia population as well. Can anyone suggest places and time of year to chase this pests. My goal is to catch them with lures. I was thinking of trout type spinners and the like. Bait fishing for them is also a plan. What baits are best? Any response would be gratefully appropriated. Chris
  4. A couple hours at Bald Hills Creek chasing Tilapia, 10 in about 90mins, dropped a few tho. Got my PB at 47cm
  5. Details of annual carp/tilapia comp to be held at Wyaralong Dam. Carp comp Flyer_2018 final.pdf
  6. Tried chasing Tilapia at NPD last night with worms, but unfortunately only managed one smallish one. We got heaps of bites which we couldn't hook up so we downgraded the hook size and found small Spangled Perch after small Spangled Perch. Our worms were hit almost as soon as they hit the water and we ended up recycling the worms catching 3 or 4 per worm. The only decent fish caught on worms was a 50cm Tandan, which put up a fairly decent fight. We saw a few fish slapping the surface and as we just couldn't get through the spangles, we decided to switch to top water lures, hoping for some Bass action. Turned out we couldn't get through the spangles there either. These little suckers punch way above their weight class, the lures were almost as big as the fish. Might try corn kernels next time, hopefully Spangles don't like it
  7. Headed down to NPD today in search of a few pests with my friend Madi (Steely). Didn't take long!!! After about 5 seconds it was a quadruple hookup :woohoo: Ended up with 68 tilapia, 1 spangly, and 1 gar which was caught while my bait-less hook was sitting in the water while I was worming up my mum's hook. Great fun and they didn't stop biting until we ran out of worms!! Madi's first tilapia ever on his new rod!! Great way to blood the rod! First spangly for the day. Tilapia were everywhere in the boat and I got spiked by the fin of a small one....many times!! This one's just embarrassing :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: The rain didn't seem to stop the fish from biting!! Final haul Definitely did our part for NPD today!!!!! James