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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a way or if I could beef up the transom of my tinny. It’s a savage 3.3m (11ft) but the builders plate says it can only take 12hp? Really weird that it says this as I know 3m tinnys that can still take 15? If so, I’d only be looking to bump it up to a 15hp so not much more in terms of weight of the outboard. Would it be safe? cheers.
  2. Hi all. I'm new here. After some advice/ recommendations. I'm wanting to get my first boat. There are so many options out there it's overwhelming. Will be looking at spending between 5k and 15k. (Mrs wants me to spend 5k. I want to spend 15k. Hopefully we can meet in the middle ) I will mainly be fishing places like Moreton Bay, Brisbane river. occasional trip to Moreton Island. I'm thinking I would need a tinny or similar around 4m minimum.. Most of the time it would just me me and a mate fishing but need to be able to take wife and kids for fun as well occasionally. Being able to get in and out easily is essential. stable / Safe for kids. Would like Electric Start /Trim and Tilt. Comes with or able to bow mount an Electric Motor. Easy to fish from / Stable. Not sure if Tiller or Side Console or Center Console.?? Pros / Cons ? Easy to launch / retrieve. Is there any brands to steer clear of ? How old is too old ? Whats the maximum age of a boat/motor that you would steer clear of ? Any recommendations or starting points on what I should be looking at that meets the above would be much appreciated.
  3. Hi, I`m Peter The Inventor of the Tailfin Water Rail, we are, all letting people know about the New and exciting Innovation, Tailfin, face surface reflection steering, 3x performance all sea direction, replacing outdated prop spinning thrust direction steering, Tailfin frees the prop thrust from levelling duties with a more economical smoother faster dryer ride all sea directions. Testomonies Customers Post and comments link. Arthur Walton Peter Cornish it was huge. Was able to maintain a higher speed through even the heavy stuff without the need for a kidney belt. Hope the video shows it. The least money I've spent for the most gain on my boat. If your in Mackay mate i will gladly take you for a run. look for this post below then open commentsArthur WaltonNovember 23 at 7:34 PMAll fitted....water test in the next few days hopefully The Tailfin Water Rail adds stabilization all sea directions, New, exciting innovation changing boating lifestyles enjoy your rough water boating, smooth faster dryer ride, boat rides a water rail in a following sea, self-levelling suspension water flow steering is awesome. The Tailfin is already fitted to hundreds of boats posting Tailfin Kits all over Australia call or text 0450018840 Tailfin Water Rail comes with Hi Performance 3-month money back guarantee
  4. This was the first time I'd tried a beach launch while doing out trip around Oz. I forgot the bungs and had to go for a swim!! ha ha. Was still a fun outing though.
  5. Hey all , heading up from Ipswich to have a crack at fishing near the seaway area. Now I have a 10ft tinnie with a 3.3hp , have all the safety gear but just chasing some suggestions due to boat size . Will be getting there bout 5pm fishing till 9pm high tide (730pm) is it completely dangerous to fish seaway in that sized boat ? Looking at chasing other species not just bread and butter flathead and bream etc. any suggestions on launching site ? Abd if I will be okay ? cheers
  6. Hey all , im Jack ! New member and first post have just purchased my first boat (tinnie) 10ft (3m) roof topper with a 3.5hp Johnson 2 stroke outboard (photo attached) . I live in the Brisbane area and basically after some salt water locations that I can catch some different fish beside the bread and butter bream and flathead etc , happy to drive upto 3 hours but just locations for a boat of my size even grids Thanks heaps