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Found 12 results

  1. It's mid week....time to get interested in the weather forecast for the weekend of boating / fishing. Check out all the green . Saturday sunrise and high tide coinciding at around 6:30am. Ideal for an early run to spot X. Expecting some mint conditions and lots of boats out with all my weekend warrior friends. Mid week fishos/retirees need not attend (given all the great mid week weather) or risk some boat ramp madness. Nice morning westerly (only slightly blowing against the incoming tide). Expecting a comfortable morning cruise out with the tail wind behind me. Hardly a South-Easterly for the arvo run home with the breeze dropping off further compared to the morning. Expecting mint arvo conditions. Might anchor up for a nice lunch / afternoon tea on the water after a days fishing.
  2. Hi all, Has anyone else noticed that the main Moreton Bay forecast has gone crazy? I checked it last night and it was showing less than 0.5m seas for all days even though the winds were as high as 25 knots. Thinking it would be fixed this morning I checked again but still wrong. That is downright dangerous for an novice boaties out there.
  3. Hi guys New member here seeking advice from Moreton Bay regulars. We will be up at Bribie Island this week and we were planning to take the boat across to Moreton (boat is a 6m Cruise Craft resort- bowrider). The weather looks very average , but would like general advice /opinions on the weather conditions for traveling the bay as we plan to do more bay boating now with a larger boat. Is 20kn+ South East with an outgoing tide still going to be rough coming from Bribie(Spinnaker) to Bulwer? And the same going back to bribie? Thanks in advance
  4. Hoping to go for a fish on Tuesday.Checking weather BOM says north westerlies in the morning then south easterlies in the arvo.. Seabreeze says south easterlies all day. If its westerlies ill go the seaway other wise go further up the broadwater. Happened to me last week . Put the boat in at Jabiru for the broadwater and it was a great day.. Could of gone outside.
  5. What's worse - Bad weather or bad forecasts ? I find it more annoying when the weather is way better than the forecast. Frustrating.
  6. Headed out with @Leosonfire this morning for a shot at the Rous with some bottom bashing and floating for Macks. Weather was way better than forecast when we left. Managed a few unders squire and tuskies before landing this keeper at 34cm. Dinner sorted. Leo hooked up to something with strong short but powerful runs. Could have been a decent tuskie we were thinking. Anyway the sucker spat the hook (or it pulled) and that was all she wrote until I landed a 45cm schoolie on the bottom just after we'd re-positioned ourselves. The mackerel line got 2 hits but no hookups. There were mackerel busting up all around us, but Leo couldn't get one to take his slug. About 10.30 we decided top give it away at the Rous and head for Green Island. Not 5 minutes into the journey the wind sprung up and was getting stronger. The Bay did what it does and accordingly went from calm to atrocious with white caps everywhere and waves 1 - 1.5 metres. Checked Willy and it was blowing 20knots. The ride home was a bit on the slow and bumpy side and at times a little wet. Also there were a few nut cracker moments, one requiring a temporary stoppage until the stomach had returned to normal. Leo found this particularly amusing. I made the call to skip Green and head back to the ramp. You can't always trust the forecast.
  7. Hi Guys I am planning to do a few overnight trips in my boat soon, just wanted some knowledge from people on here on the following:- 1. Do many people stay out overnight at places like Deep Tempest if the wx and swell are good ? or do most coming back around Comby and stay near Bulwer, Tanagalooma ? 2. When camping overnight on your boat in the bay near Bulwer etc do you need to be extra cautious in a westerly wind, in case you finish up on the beach ? 3. Any other little comfort tips people might have would be appreciated. Terry
  8. HiI have a 5.5 meter plate centre console and am looking for some advise on what weather reports to look out for wind direction/speed and swell combinations for fishing out at the Cape / Hutchies Reef?I'm looking for something as a guide that will be relatively smooth / safe, it does not have to be glass (although nice) but not wanting something too rough to keep it comfortable for the family.Whats the max / min between the combinations to keep an eye out for? Ive seen weather reports where I assumed it would be bumpy to see it flat...and vice versa.Leaving from and returning to Scarborough.Any advise appreciated.Cheers
  9. So I started my fishing journey largely all land based many years ago. Pretty simple really, each weekend with a mate and cousin we would scope out canals and bridges (Goldie). Being students we rarely ever purchased bait and fishing for us meant cast netting for bait, if there was no bait we would move to the next spot. Besides rain and tides, wind typically didn't factor into our fishing plans (if we were free we would go fishing) Bream, Flatties, Trevally and Jacks were our common catches. When Iooking at boats and trying to decide open tinnie or bay boat my target was for Northern bay fishing (had enough fun fishing for estuary species) so i went with a bay boat (bar crusher 575c) But where do you go with a bay boat when the Bay is playing up and conditions are rubbish? I did not realise how weather dependent boat fishing was. Wind, rain, tide, moon, swell etc. I live near Brisbane CBD (5km south) where would be some suggested estuary areas that are protected from wind and not too shallow so if when I feel the urge to wet a line i'm not constantly hoping for a forecast change on Seabreeze, met eye, windy each weekend hahahaha. Pumicestone Passage? Broadwater? Southern Bay? Trying to decide where i explore next.
  10. Weather looking good. Batteries are charged. Might give Moreton Bay a go tomorrow!
  11. Hi All, I have recently returned to Brisbane after a 20 year absence. I plan to take my 5.4 Mtr boat with 140HP out to the top tip of Moreton on Wednesday. Seabreeze says 10 knot winds and 1.5 metre seas. That sounds like good weather (based on where I come from) but is that true? Does that make Wednesday a good day for that trip?
  12. Hey guys Just after some advice im looking at getting a new boat but i have no experience at all ive been talking to a old timer at work and he suggested a 12ft with a 15hp motor obviously im not planning on going out wide or anything the furtherest id go is the reefs just out of scarborough/redcliffe im looking to catch snapper mainly i wouldnt go to far from land and im hoping to fish the port of the brissy river for jews and threadies any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated
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