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  1. toohard

    Trevally Around Brisbane

    Trolling a few shallow divers around 100mm - preferably in silver - works for me along the sunken wall of the river and the outer wall at Manly Harbour.
  2. toohard

    Trevally In Moreton Bay?

    poppers in the canals at Raby Bay can reliably turn up varying sizes of trevs. Better closer to the bay than further up the canals I've found. Mouth of Brissie R - especially in the eddies that from around the sandbags along the southern wall and at the Boat passage between Whyte Is and mainland can also be reliable for brutes like these.
  3. toohard

    Northern Nsw Yabbies?

    Mooball Ck on the approach to the Tavern holds good yabbies behind the Oaks Just above the bridge at Hastings Pt there are productive yabby banks in the middle of the creek Similar situation at Kingscliffe - above the bridge on the approach to the deep hole there's banks there New brighton holds good yabbies toward the northern side of the mouth.
  4. toohard

    How To Allocate Sip Monies????

    HI Ray, So if I understand this properly, I could nominate any old impoundment and just buy a SIP for it for every member of my family, friends, etc whether they ever intend to fish or not and that impoundment gets a motza from the system? Woo hoo! - Sh#t creek dam just got a huge injection of funds for no reason? CHeers.
  5. toohard

    A Special Fishing Report.

    Sorry bud, I can't add too much there. Best off popping into the info/ visitors centre or Council offices and ask there. Maybe the boys at Secret Spot or similar can help? Cheers, TH
  6. toohard

    A Special Fishing Report.

    When the croc is the same size as your boat - hell yeah! In cooroman Ck , there's one croc that just hangs around when you're fishing. Rising here and there around the boat - usually only less than 10 feet away. He grabs any fish you don't get in fast enough and any throwbacks. If the resident gulls and heron hang around they can get snapped from out of nowhere - now THAT gets your attention! We had a pelican taken at the ramp in Coorooman once - that was enough to justify a loooong lead rope for the bow, stuff that standing in knee deep water. The problem there is that folks clean their fish at the ramp and now there's the pontoon everyone fishes off next to it. For an eye-opener, drive down there late at night ( like midnight) and shine your highbeam down the ramp and see the pairs of yellow eyes in the water
  7. toohard

    A Special Fishing Report.

    Our family tends to drag baits and lures around North Keppel for the Spaniards if you're comfortable heading over there. The close reefs out from Corio and farnborough reef have always produced enough legal reefies for our needs, but Man & Woman Is on the right winds is a good option too. You'll get to learn what works for you. The creeks down Keppel Sands way have always held a good population of Muddies to wait for while you drift around for whiting on the banks out wider. At night, the Oaks on the northern side of the Cawarral Ck are reliable for barra. #tip : the crocs in Cawarral and Coorooman are cheeky buggers and have been widely reported to grab the leg of your outboard and give it a shake to knock you off your feet in the hope you ( or part of you) falls over the side# This happened to us 5 years ago and I didn't know what it was til we got up next morning to flush the motor and saw the teeth marks! We wondered what the hell was going on at the time, but were comfortably ensconced in our seats ( read 'drowsing')! If you're chasing Macks ( who doesn't up there) Ribbon fish are the gun bait. Cheers and tight lines, TH
  8. toohard

    A Special Fishing Report.

    G'day Maltby thats' Ross Ck you're standing on - and watch out for crocs after dark. Don't be tempted to use a surf ski or kayak up near the flying fox colonies or you'll get chewed on there too! You can score a feed there as you've found, but I rather the drive up to Fishing Creek through the resort and walk the flats there. Plenty of sand for the little fella, but keep him away from the water's edge again. Plenty of flatties, Grunter and tarpon. If you can wander down to Kemp beach or Kinka, there are whiting there, and if you find a friend with a boat, then Corio Bay or Coorooman Ck are the go for big grunter, steelbacks, blue salmon, cod, and the odd Barra. You can score a few banana Jew in the eddies and the everpresent knot eels and flat-sided Sh*t fish ( bream) in among the mangroves. I've lost a few crabpots over the years to hungry crocs who like to crush them, but a feed is still possible.Farnborough beach is reliable for whiting - yabbies in Barwells Ck nearby. CQ is a great place to visit and live and I'm very jealous of you. We're now based in Brissie but still visit regularly. Cheers, TH
  9. toohard

    Colmslie Boat Ramp - Closed For Upgrade

    Making it longer, with a breakwall of Grout bags to stop swells, etc. Speaking with the contractors there last thursday, it will now go out as far as the first mooring to guarantee it copes with the lower tides and then has a sheltered side for boats to pull up on and the dragonboats etc can shelter on the beach, Sand has been relocated back to where it started so is now evenly dispersed - at least until the city cats push it up again. Heaps of precast concrete slabs already on site to be located on the existing ramp and extend out. New pontoon ordered to measure. I've used this ramp for 30 years and have fallen off the end of it plenty of times, but this should now be a thing of the past. Aquarium Ave , Hemmant is ok on high tide but a mongrel on low tide and at weekends as it can only park half a dozen trailers. Limited use at Bulimba ramp is available and of course fisho's/ Whyte Is. A quick run over the gateway bridge will have you at Pinkenba ramp , but not a good one to use on a windy day ( very exposed)
  10. toohard

    Moreton Bay Tailor - 20.07.16

    Started with liveys, then got lazy about the water change and they ended up not so live. I've found even whiting heads work on the bigger models. Grinners when butterflied also work quite well. I baked the Nanny last night and won some brownies with the bed-sharer. She may even start to call me by my given name soon of I keep this up! ( Instead of : 'hey you!', or 'I have a bone to pick with you') Snapps are nice but I love those grassies. Mother-in -law got the tailor for tea Sunday and sole cod was put in cryogenics for another day.
  11. toohard

    Moreton Bay Tailor - 20.07.16

    Good return for your efforts! We spent a sloppy saturday all nighter at Mud and although we got our bag of snapper and a few welcome extras with a grassy,1 cod, 2 flathead , we grabbed one lone Chopper with a floater. that was it, just the one run for a whole night. Larger boat near us showed a nanny ( saddle tail) they had lucked in with for their all niter. 'Seems there's a few showing up more often in the bay. We used winter whiting for bait and don't the snaps love 'em!
  12. toohard

    What's biting on the Goldy

    I think you;re right.. Whatever the breed, they can pull hard and destroy a 2500 reel in quick time if they jump on the wrong line! Cheers, Red
  13. toohard

    Sea Sickness.....who's got tips?

    Mate, I use it all the time with my brother. He gets sick lookin at rough water. if he doesn't use it, burley everywhere- including the marine carpet, which upsets the missus çause the boat shares her garage and stinks it out. Tried everything else, but his works everytime.
  14. toohard

    Sea Sickness.....who's got tips?

    mate , the one earplug is a winner- it upsets the natural middle ear balance, as you can't sense the pressure changes with one ear plugged. never fails, and cheap as.
  15. toohard

    Hahaha Dodgee crabers

    Lets keep an eye on the Beenleigh court for hearings and see if Mr Nguyen and his mate get off again.. The 3 pro crabbers in the area will be there to see ém go down, I'm sure.