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  1. tomartomau

    5 Metre Oarfish
  2. tomartomau

    sold casual work factory tackle outlet. pimp my lures.

    There is a bloke... darcy, that I believe had interest and experience in lure making. Drop him a private message to see if he is interested.
  3. tomartomau

    no safety gear when buying boat

    I can see the logical imperative that safety gear should be sold with a new boat, however there is also a duty of care by the retailer that the correct sizing be made available as well, particularly with small children. Also there needs to be literature stating the limitations of such devices ie( partially smooth, suitable for skiing etc only). With everything these days if you provide a safety component you should be obliged to provide adequate training in how to use it.
  4. tomartomau

    D*ck Maintenance

    Hmmm. I suspect being Queenslanders we have very big D*cks
  5. tomartomau

    Time for another boat - Tinnie!

    You could always put the kids on the "City Circle Bus", it is free and is a great alternative to paid childcare... they just keep going around and around. The boat looks the goods, can you go for a test?
  6. Kevin couldn't be trusted with a pair of secondhand thongs, how the hell is he going to manage the Australian Economy (or what will be left of it) if someone... anyone take some constructive approaches to economic management in this Country. I have no idea who I will vote for, probably do it the same as my drivers license [learners]
  7. tomartomau

    grinder to remove hook?

    A nice touch... when a pair of side cutters would suffice. Hope he isn't the first aid officer at his work! I love seeing these type of things, especially as a third person of course.
  8. tomartomau

    Longtail curse broken!

    Well done... you certainly don't do things by halves! That is a good size and what an experience. Looks like time to change your avatar.
  9. tomartomau

    I Would Like To Introduce The New Family Member...

    Well Done... now for the fun.
  10. tomartomau

    sold 3.9m sea jay nomad 4 sale

    That sounds like a great deal, all the best with the sale. With the warmer months ahead I reckon it won't last long!
  11. tomartomau

    sold Toddler PFD wanted

    If I had one I would certainly lend it to you... but I recently sold the boat and the jackets went with it. I would say that fitment is very important, especially at such a young age. Hope that someone has one to lend to you.
  12. tomartomau

    Anyone seen bonito for sale?

    Morgans at Scarborough should have them.
  13. tomartomau

    Few website questions.

    Homosexual hamburgers, I got that when I tried to post yesterday!
  14. tomartomau

    Please HELP

    Jezz, the principle remains the same though. Work with what you know. It is assembled so disasembly and reassembly is achievable without too much trouble. You know the orientation of the coil and it does not appear to be broken in any way. Take your time.. take pictures of the parts assembled and through the dis-assembly process. It is achievable and you it well within your capability.