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  1. Jacobs Well In A Tinnie

    Gold bank is a good spot for that type of fishing.
  2. Albert River Bass Fishing Video

    Great stuff mate. Hate those grubs, give us all a bad name.
  3. Two Heads Are Better...

    Yeah, I also put them through the mincer and use it for burely.
  4. 11/11

    Good one ray.
  5. To Yak Or Tinnie... That Is The Question!

    Go for the tiny if you can afford it. take the kids. some of the best times both you and they will remember.
  6. Wednesday..maybe.

    Or maybe not... Forecast for 15 to 20 knots. Looks like a bay trip. Bummer.
  7. Wednesday..maybe.

    Bit of an exploration really. Definitely a stop at the wave rider bouy. Hopefully with a few livies. Then a bit wider on the bottom. Sorry Danielle , three is full for my little boat.
  8. Wednesday..maybe.

    Looking at heading through the south passage bar early Wednesday morning. High tide at around six, should cross the bar around four thirty, if the weather holds. Come back in around 12. See how we go.
  9. Great report. Well done guys and girl.
  10. Two Heads Are Better...

    Wow. Never thought of laksa. Good call. I will give that a shot. I definitely have enough fish stocks for a while.
  11. Two Heads Are Better...

    Here's what to do with fish heads and frames. Chuck em in a pot with some carrot, onion, celery salt and pepper. Boil it for a while. Strain it and then freeze. The missus will love it. Very easy and you use the entire fish. I hate wasting fish.
  12. Going Fishing

    Yeah, kept a few. Let some big girls swim. Quite a few fish in the high 60s. Not many small ones today. Awesome fun on light gear.
  13. Mixed Bag On The Goldie

    Sometimes I am guilty of doing the same old thing. I guess when fishing opportunities are few and far between it is just easier than searching new ground. Not nearly as rewarding though.
  14. Going Fishing

    Ended up with 8nice flathead. Let a few more go. Lure of the day seemed to be a white z Mann. Got them walking around the sand banks. Great fun, till the wind came up around lunchtime. Probably should have put this in the report section. Oh well. Cheers preso.