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  1. Ahah sweet as will do thanks for your feedback
  2. gday legends its ya boy here with another poorly edited bass slaying video please give it a like if you can spare the time would be muchly apreciated .
  3. Did you ? Ahhha cool nah I wish mate
  4. Hey friends heres a bit of footage from a good little skinny water bass session in the lead up to summer please give me some feed back and what you like to see and what you dont like to see from a viewers prospective that would be great thanks -Brandon
  5. thanks man always refreshing when you give me some positive feedback thanks
  6. Thanks man and yeah i need to get myself back out that way probley now my favourite fish to catch spewin there so far away though .
  7. Recently went in search of my first murray cod here is some of the footage from it pleaase let me know what you think of the video tips . editing tips etc .
  8. HEY just want to say thanks to the people who give me feedback on my videos really appreciate it heres a few fish from a small session at raby bay canals on the weekend nice and early cracking a new pb bream @ 36cm yewwww
  9. y0Brando

    New Rig

    invite ? HAHAHA SHES A BEAST !
  10. y0Brando

    Ewen Maddock Dam Winter Bass On Surface Video !!!!!

    yeh a fair bit of effort in these vids ahaha but people like you letting me know what they think of them makes it all worth it and yeh you cant beat surface ! thanks heaps mate