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  1. Hey Recently Competed In the Yak Hunters Australia Raby Bay bream bash comp heres a few clips from it ended up with 6th place which im stoked with as there was so many bream gods fishing the comp Cheers Brandon
  2. Skull dragged the kayak up some narrow creeks and it was all worth it in the end !
  3. i try so hard ahahaha i tried beeping them out but was too much effort defs going to try my best ahahah
  4. i have heard rumours hence i was there apparently big qld grouper and cod aswell
  5. Was The weirdest thing i have caught by far ahha and also got a few bream on surface and a nice little flatty
  6. yeh mate pit it thorugh its paces ! fully submerged it about 5 times ahahahhaahahha thanks for watching
  7. Hey mate Nah the ones i snagged i went in and got them ahahah i got those dizteks for free doesnt meen i was going to loose any i love them hay
  8. Me and a mate trek up the skinny creeks in search of some bass and got a nice saratoga
  9. yeh thats true just picked up a daiwa gen black wild weasel and gen black reel this arvo though its so sick . ahaha
  10. cheers mate, and you will laugh its the cheapest combo a shimano sedona on a 2 piece daiwa laguna i bought at a garage sale for $30 but its caught everything from snapper to saratoga ahaha !