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  1. PheasantTail

    completed I Found Some Sunglasses - Owner Found

    Well, it just so happens that the owner will get them back. I posted this on a couple of other fora and lo and behold, more than two weeks later, the owner has emerged. Methinks he's rather chuffed. I am . . . , I am getting more of a 'kick' out of knowing he's getting them back than what I would have by doing nothing. Thanks for looking . . . . PT
  2. Yesterday, Sunday 17th September, on the bank of a popular Victorian (fresh-water) river, a pal of mine found a pair of good quality (read expensive) sunglasses and their case.I'm guessing that there may have been an utterance or two when they were discovered missing.A small chance of finding an owner, I know, but if they are yours or a mate's, let me know what you know of them and there will be an excellent chance of them finding their way home.Cheers . . . . .
  3. PheasantTail

    wanted Hollow Fluoro Dacron

    Hi Damo, Well, blow me down, it arrived this morning. Blimey! Aussie Post is not always hopeless; that was quick! Thanks mate. Reading the envelope, I have a huge smile on my face as I see your six year old daughter has gone to considerable trouble in addressing it. Tell her I am very, very, very impressed. It's ironic, you know, it was only this week, I was handed a birthday card I wrote as a six year old (more than sixty years ago!!!). That was an interesting thing to see. I have to say, your daughter's handwriting is far, far better than mine was as a six year old. Tell her I am a firm believer in the idea that 'neat is good' and her work is really, really neat. For your trouble Damo, I have to say thanks again - it is very much appreciated. Can't wait to 'play' with it. It's back to bag packing for me. Cheers, R
  4. PheasantTail

    wanted Hollow Fluoro Dacron

    Just wanted to say to those following this thread - Angry51 is one of them - that this man, 'Junky' (Damo), is a gentleman of the highest order. I think many may already be aware of this. He has gone out of his way entirely, humoured this novice who is also a 'newbie' to these columns and helped me out tremendously. He has run around with advice, camera/photos, mailing stuff to me, etc., etc., all to assist me with this 'small time' matter. Again, hats off to you Damo - you are the best - thanks. Ray
  5. PheasantTail

    wanted Hollow Fluoro Dacron

    Thanks Damo, Terrific stuff - thanks again. I look forward to receiving it. In the meantime, I'll PM you. Cheers, R.
  6. PheasantTail

    wanted Hollow Fluoro Dacron

    Crikey! You've piqued my curiosity now Junky. I'm very new at all this stuff (even the fly fishing for trout caper). I even had to go off and find out what a 'wind-on' was. Where would we be without Google and YouTube? Just to confirm, that double looped arrangement that you have pictured above is made of the Cortland 30lb mono as shown in your original picture? Yes? The braided mono is much thinner than the Dacron and when I have looked at it in the tackle shops, I though it was too small for me to work with. Maybe I should try this. If you were to be so kind as to text me your address, I'll send you a stamped and addressed envelope and maybe you could send me a few feet. For your interest, I'm looking to attach this fluoro coloured sighter/indicator on the end of my tapered (light-weight leader) and then attach the other (bottom) end of the sighter to very light tippet material. As the tippets will be so short, it (the sighter) will never go through the tip of my rod as a 'wind-on' would. Most often, the sighter is suspended below the rod tip and held above the water while tracking the submerged nymphs as they are carried downstream by the current. This guy is not using an indicator, but as he says, "strikes can be hard to see". A sighter/indicator helps here. Sorry, it's small time stuff for you game-fishing guys. Wow! Talking of 150lb breaking strain boggles my mind. I'm thinking 3lb and 4lb.
  7. PheasantTail

    wanted Hollow Fluoro Dacron

    Thank you Junky - you're a gentleman. Politely, I must decline your kind offer. Your braided Mono is too thin for me to work with. The Dacron is thicker and lays flat. I've already had a go with some 50lb white Dacron and coloured it with two highlighter pens. It works well but is just a little too heavy (bulky) for what I want and the colour fades/washes off. (I'll try and attach a picture). Loops are made by threading the braid, with a needle, back inside itself. 20lb or 30lb hollow Dacron will probably will be perfect. Thanks again, Ray
  8. PheasantTail

    wanted Hollow Fluoro Dacron

    Hi all, I’m new here and have to admit I'm here for a little scrounging. I am a freshwater ‘trouty’ flyfisher and I’m hoping one of you may be able to assist with what might ordinarily be ‘left-overs’. I’m trying to access a couple of three (3) metre lengths of fluorescent yellow and/or orange/pink, hollow braided, Dacron of 20 or 30 lb breaking strain. Braided Dacron is thicker than some of the other braided materials and will suit my purpose admirably. I want to use them to make some in-line sighters/indicators in some Czech/Euro nymphing set-ups. To purchase a couple of 100 metre spools would be entirely uneconomical and rather crazy for what I am trying to do. If someone is able to put a few meters of this material in the mail for me, for your trouble and postage costs, I’d be more than happy to send a handful of dollars to a bank account. In anticipation, thank you, Ray 0434 034 729