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  1. Coochin41

    Coochin Creek

    Hi Angus, The Cod in the photo was caught on a pillie tail rigged on a No.2 long shank Gamakatsu.He was amazingly only lip hooked. After he was in the boat he spat out a heap of yabbies.A couple of guys near me said they were using yabbies but only getting pickers. I doubt if he was one of them though because he hit like a Mack truck and bolted for some snags. Wayne.:cheer:
  2. Coochin41

    Coochin Creek

    Spent a few peaceful days at Coochin Creek. I fished mainly early mornings and late afternoons and scored some good Whiting , Bream and a nice Cod and a big full Muddie in the pots. [img size=265]
  3. Coochin41

    Bribie Passage Whiting

    We fished about 1 hour before the top of the tide and about 3hours after, not something I usually do but based on a hunch that the Whiting may be there after a few previous outings. Coochin.
  4. Coochin41

    Bribie Passage Whiting

    Fished Coochin Creek area of Bribie Passage for a nice catch of quality Whiting a few Bream and a nice Luderick all caught on blood worms ( yes , even the Luderick ) [img size=265] Post edited by: Coochin41, at: 2006/10/31 16:33
  5. Coochin41

    Double Island

    Fished Double Island last Thursday chasing a few Whiting along the beach. The beach was in great condition and there were plenty of good gutters down the southern end of the island. The mate and I fished at least a dozen of these gutters scoring only one or two fish at each gutter before they went quiet. We seemed to catch a couple of nice Whiting straight up then you couldn't lose a bait , time to move on to the next gutter. This happened all day. Has anyone else had the same problem at Double Island recently ? I'm not sure if the netters are spooking the fish or if it was the extra traffic of school holidays but it is strange not to be able to find a school of Whiting in at least one gutter. Still it was a great day not working and we scored a good feed of tasty whiting.
  6. Coochin41

    Bribie Passage 26/9/06

    Fished the Skids area of the Passage with the daughters boyfriend who is becoming a keen fisherman.He wanted to try and catch a few of the big whiting that he he often sees in my photo collection. An early start under overcast sky saw us fishing the last of the run out in my favorite location in the upper Bribie Passage. We scored a good feed of Whiting and the young bloke was amazed at the size and fight of this tasty critters.All I have to do now is teach him how to dig bait for me and we may be able to come to some arrangement with my daughter. [img size=265]
  7. Coochin41

    Fishing Bribie Passage

    If the mud is not your go you could try for rock worms around Redcliffe foreshores using a very solid garden fork. Still hard work but you won't sink too far. Alteratively you could con a mate to dig them for you though I haven't had any success with this method as yet.
  8. Coochin41

    Fishing Bribie Passage

    It was bloody cold during the nights , but we were sleeping in cabins not tents . As for techniques . I have gained a few after many trips to the area. It starts from crawling through the mud digging blood worms ( The most important ingredient ) to using a no. 4 long shank chemically sharpened hooks , very small pea sinkers above an 18\" trace and soft baitrunners on 7ft nibble tip rods. Good luck.
  9. Coochin41

    Fishing Bribie Passage

    All the Whiting and Bream were caught on bloodworms. I have never found the Yabbies very sucessful where I fish in the Passage.
  10. Coochin41

    Fishing Bribie Passage

    Spent a few peaceful days camping up the top end of Bribie Passage and catching a couple of good feeds of big Whiting and the odd good Bream. A very enjoyable way to finish my holidays. [img size=265]
  11. Coochin41

    Bribie Passage

    Fished Bribie Passage in overcast and rainy conditions for a nice catch of big Whiting and Bream. Blood worms were the best bait and I fished the making tide. [img size=199]
  12. Coochin41

    Fraser Island

    Myself and a couple of mates fished Fraser Island recently on our yearly pilgrimmage. The fishing , like the weather was very ordinary. 20/30 knot South Easters first and when the wind changed to the North East the mongrel weed set in again. To top it all off regular showers and rain squalls kept coming all week. A couple of big tailor and an XOS Tarwhine were the highlights of the week , unless you count a Chopper falling out of the sky in front of camp and having to be towed up out of the water with the cruiser.Maybe next year;) [img size=265]
  13. Coochin41

    Bribie Snapper

    Hi Troy, That is a big Whiting in my display photo caught at Double Island Point earlier this year. Thanks Wayne
  14. Coochin41

    Bribie Snapper

    Hi Angus, The spot we catch the Snapper is just outside the Passage off Pebble Beach . It is only shallow , about 3 metres.
  15. Coochin41

    Bribie Passage

    Fished Bribie early Tuesday morning trying to chase a few Tailor around Red Beach area. The south /east was fairly stiff and the few Tailor caught were fairly small . The netters were also there in numbers waiting for the fish to come in a bit closer to shore.Decided to fish up near Avon wreck and scored some good Tailor and Bream as well as a nice sole. All were caught on pillie pieces. [img size=265]