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  1. Hi all found a load of gear that hasn't seen action in a long time some sp's hb's reels have never seen the water lol if your interested give me a call 04-3512204 tim . pic att
  2. hi all while your discussing speed cameras and anna's grab for cash over the last few weeks in in a few states a new weapon has been unleashed to nab speeders and hoons . unmarked police bikes a few peeps on another forum have been pinched ,they mainly frequent nice quick sections of road mainly targeting bikes mt nebo mt glorious mt mee pine shire north pine dam area I'spotted 1 of them the other week a light turquiose bmw hidden lights looks like joe public except for the standard police issue shoei flip up helmet , interesting huh that was a testing model the actual unmarked baikes are the 2010 model suzuki gsxr 1000 all black so if ur going along a nice piece of road and 1 of these guys pops up harrying u to go a bit quicker slow down a bit so they have to pass once it passes you'll see the hidden lights and inspector plodds utility belt
  3. thanks ray I heard about this site on nugget's radio spot its good for tide variations and wind speed
  4. 2 wheels

    on tour

    Hi all hope every one returns safe and well after the break , any way I've not been on much lately so much to do lol . A short trip south to see the olds came up so off to cowra I head as luck would have it the farm is a few k's from wyangla dam ,after meeting the rellys and doing meet and greets ( forgot how hot some of my cousins r ) any way it has been incredibly dry down there for a long time , when for a look and a splash in the dam level was below 4% i watched the the water level drop scary stuff , any way teed up a fishing trip got the boat in to the water had to drive ofr ages to find a launch spot , got in and off we go just trawling a few hb's trawled for bout 4 hours lol the tally for the day 1 dirty old carp 1 silver perch smallish and a big cod that spat the hook on the surface ,but on the up side the rains did come chrissy eve and stayed for a few days lucky i got out when i did or else the flood would of got me lol
  5. 2 wheels

    I'm back

    Hi all it's been awhile between drinks I finaly got a line or two wet today couldn't decide where to go for a fish , so I ended up at the old barge site the barge is long gone and the ramp too the rubble's been dragged out of the water . settled in for some relaxation , baited and cast out and waited a few peckers lol a big hit but no hook up first catch of the day a 30 cm flatty a few boats stared moving in o me so I,ve marches up river a bit cast in a few mins pass and wulla lol another 30 cm flatty a little while later another 20 ish flatty 1 nice 30 cm bream and 4 mongrel bream , good weather and a pleasant day
  6. 2 wheels

    nomad :P

    hi all , got out for a fish for a few hours today with the barge long gone I wondered where to fish.No idea lol so loaded the bag and jumped on the bike switched the randomizer on and headed south . Saw a sign stinkenbar this way so there i went ended up at lugauge point had a try there for a while nothing a bit to windy ,so ive back tracked to boggy creek ramp to crowded for me ahhh the boggy creek road bridge rode along the dirt track found a nice posi and wasted a few hours with the in coming tide ,fish of the day was a thread fin all 19 cm of it lol and a toady (is there no escaping them )so ive ticked boggy and stinkinbar off my to do list hahaha [img size=640]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/Picture_012-95853c04ae30f041060c1d8f61ec0a9b.jpg
  7. 2 wheels


    view from under the new bridge [img size=480]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/IMG_0096.jpg
  8. 2 wheels


    hi all went out for a fish at the barge imagine my surprise when all I saw was a gap of empty water where the barge had once been when i got over the shock of it all i tried the pylons and various spots along the river but to no avale . the rock fill used during construction is being bought back on to the bank with the idea being to return the area to its original state ,only 1 fish caught today a ratty bream , so after all the construcion work is done the fish should return pics coming [img size=480]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/IMG_0095.jpg
  9. 2 wheels

    Bretts Wharf

    im a bit twicthy again i may wander along and join in once i figure out where it is
  10. hi kakaryan, I have one of these rods on the shed roof its a telescopic the tip section is suck but other than that theres nothing wrong with it yours for the taking if u want it pm me ps ts a jarvis walker i think
  11. after seeing various job applicants who looked like they where dressed to be else where , smart casual is the good look , ie ready for business good luck kev
  12. Hi all it's been a while since i've been near the water , but i've got out at last first for a fish last night at the jetty at the dog park saw the high water while out testing a bike any way hung it out for a few hours only to get 2 rat bream, Today got out early for a fish on the run out tide stuck it out for 5 hours 4 bream 2 legal 2 not and 1 trevally 23 cm fished the junction of cannery creek ps with the new road bridge basicly finished theres a lot of security moving round so the barge was off limits pps no pics today
  13. Hi all , I did manage to get out for a fish today although I ummed and rrred bout it lol , with the motor bike out of action for a few days I had to dust off the old pushy that resides in the shed , so with transport sussed off I headed first stop catty beach 30 mins there and i was barge bound had a look round .there was lots of surface action lots of splashing about on the shultz side of the barge on closer inspection i saw the reason for it shoals and shoals of mullet with the sharks busting them up other than that no fish caught plenty of bust offs though
  14. I'l try for a fish over the weekend probably do the shultz floodway run may be even catty beach if i get bored tight lines guys
  15. 2 wheels


    hi all got out for a fish ended up at nudgee creek not a lot of action small bream and toadys so doughnut today the people along the bank from me got a few small flatty's ps im now demolishing 12 krispy kream doughnuts to compensate lol