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    Studying at uni at the moment and find fishing great way to relax
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  1. Nice mate! Do you always boil your crabs? If so Try the same recipe, but next time dont boil the crab. Crack and clean it in salt water, then throw it in a wox or a pan with a lid and fry/steam it with what ever your flavouring it with. I believe by boiling it you waste to much of the natual flavor of the crab
  2. no caballa Espanol, pero bueno! Un barco lleno con snapper, muy buien!
  3. I measured the jack that went 50cm. Then only had a filleted bream frame without a head to measure since the old man got to it before i did with the tape. So comparing it to the jack frame it was definitely close to 50cm. Nasty mind its a place call woongunga (no idea on the spelling, 1h south of ayr heading to bowen)
  4. [img size=500]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/DSCF5677_AFO.jpg
  5. [img size=500]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/DSCF5638_AFO.jpg
  6. [img size=500]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/DSCF5633_AFO.jpg more pics
  7. [img size=500]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/DSCF5654_AFO.jpg Hey Guys, Went up to Ayr in north queensland last week. My family have a beach hut right on the water in the middle of no where up there. Was targeting a few barra, but the water temp was down and they werent very active. Got one in the drag net though wet 10cm. The catch for 4 days work: 5kg prawns 40 crabs (tie ups) 6 cod, biggest in the photo 60cm, others went 40-50 all caught on black and gold squigges 1 bream 50cm on a gulp mango ripple 2 jacks biggest 50cm other one 45cm on black gold squiggie and other on live mullet 1 flat head (on a popper of all things was targeting barra and a flat head hit the popper just before i pulled it up and over the rocks. Must have just been sitting right up on the rock face. 1 shovel nose 1.5m on live prawn Beides wanting a few barra, i had a offshore trip planned with my cousins husbane. He hardly ever misses when he goes out catching redies, finger marks and massive cod. The majority of these fish are always quality, so i was pumped as. Was to windy to head out so fished in close and only managed 1 stingray and 1 golden catfish 1m, both on live squid. The golden catfish fought so hard! Could ony post 2 pics how can u post more?
  8. ryno1983

    Current Lines

    Thanks for the feedback guys!
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    Current Lines

    Hey guys, Was listerning to the news the other night. And one of the fishing presentors made reference to current lines running close to the 36's and that would be his pick for the area to be fishing. Could anyone share some insight into what this actually means and the logic behind his comments. And are charts showing these current lines available on the net. I think they were called current lines:blink:
  10. Yeah its become an addiction now. I can understand you other guys now! Yeah heaps of crabs around! Though also heaps of other people willing to check your pots for you and not even bother to do them up again. Though got a good feed! Got all the flatties at cooromon creek. From the jetty that is close to emu park where a new housing estate is going in we turned right and went down the creek until just around the bend there are some nice flats and further down a little inlet. Got them all on nuke chicken on the flats on the incoming tide. Also tried on the sand flats at the front of corromon creek, flicked hardbodies at the timbers at the mouth also and went left at the private ramp on the other side of the creek and tried down that creek fishing the deep banks for barra. Corromon was also holding alot of crabs.
  11. Hey guys, Thanks to a lot of you for all your advice over the past 6 months. I obviously still have a lot to learn after a trip to Rockhampton and Awoonga on the way home which produced little fish. Managed a few flathead in rockhamption biggest 54cm, though due to all the rain water was released down the Fitzroy which put the river into shut down mode, so no chance to chase a barra. So on the way home dropped into Awoonga for a look. Fished 2 days solid and got a few dumps but no hook ups. Tried trolling 150 vipers, hyper vipers, halco lures at different depths and speeds to the right of the ramp and across from the ramp on the other side of the dam. Also flicked various squiggies and bozos with no luck. A few were being caught but no good for me this time. Saw this guy at the ramp who had caught a 112cm barra on a very cheap spin combo with 30lb braid attached to 60lb leader with a few granny knots, with a cheap red kmart hard body attached to the leader with a few more granny knots. Hahaha good on him, but hurt a little considering there I was with my expensive setup and fancy knots but no results. So back to the drawing board to learn more and im definitely back early 08 great place and provided many goodtimes.
  12. Hi Savage, Could you share some of your knowledge when studying the days sea surface temp charts. Ive just looked on http://www.weatherzone.com.au and found SST anomalies which indicates warmer areas than others. Am i on the right track? Any further insight would be muchly appreciated.
  13. Haha i was using a pair of big game pliers, those pliers will make life alot easier. Thanks for the info brian.