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  1. kenflyfish


  2. kenflyfish


    Nice one, around 50cm i guess... are you land based or got this one from a boat?
  3. No one interested? Now $280 including postage in Australia...
  4. Funfisher wrote: Japan sea bass do get pretty big Japanese freshwater bass is largemouth bass, this species also get quite big, recently world record was caught in japan, it was around 22lbs.
  5. Daiwa Millionaire CV-Z Green/Gold Limited edition. Now price is reduced to $350. PM me if interested.
  6. kenflyfish


    Bluevien wrote: thanks!
  7. kenflyfish


    Hi, do you know the legal size of flounder? I have searched gov's sites but can't find any information.
  8. Daiwa morethan KING DEMON HOOKER 93ML SVF Compile-X Graphite Length: 9.3ft Weight: 142g piece: 2 Lure weight: 7-28g morethan is the Daiwa's flagship for saltwater shore lure fishing, especially seabass. This rod is suitable for surf/beach lure fishing, especially good for the fishing that require long cast. It was JPY47,100 which is AUD563 in currency today but morethan series cannot be purchased in Australia. Used less than 5 times and in immaculate condition. $500 reduced to $400. PM me if interested.
  9. Angus wrote: Yes Angus, you're right. So Eging is 餌木ing, it's Japanglish.
  10. Angus wrote: Yes, egi is Japanese word. In Japanese, it's written as 餌木, 餌 means "bait", 木 means "wood". So egi means bait made from wood.
  11. Hi, i know winter is the best season for squid but is there anyone who has got squid already? i'm thinking of going to shorncliffe to see if they are already there.
  12. You can catch sea bass at Tokyo Bay, it's very cool, if you are lucky, you may get over 90cm big fish. honestly it must be unbelievable experience that you may see so many fish in Tokyo and can enjoy fishing with seeing spectacular skyscrapers. I know some charters in Tokyo Bay, but probably the best one is Seakuro,, the captain used to live in Australia when he was young, so should be able to understand English. If it's warmer season, we can catch bream as well but it's huge, over 50cm is not uncommon. Large mouth bass in winter is very difficult.