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  1. jimjim


  2. mate it is not a school mac its a grey mac or broad barred
  3. some good catches there mate, dont fall into the same catergory as other idiots and post on every fishing website there is looking for a reaction, lol you no who iam talking about. keep the reports coming shaneo.
  4. very good stats for the day sounds like a near perfect conversion rate.
  5. or you become an AFO hero for commenting on other peoples fish...
  6. you might have to ask rosco his cat does 30knots everywhere even on land LOL
  7. your boat doesnt do 30knots cyclonic bay conditions
  8. mate well done on the doctor they do pull hard. Great report gotta love rdo and sickies in the middle of week...
  9. You just gotta keep trying man. Presistence is the key on catching fish on plastics. I try to avoid fishing bait in bay and river coz you catch rubbish... haha what a laugh the bay is a big place you use rubbish baits and you catch rubbish fish. If you want to catch the biggest and the best fish in the bay they will be caught on live or whole baits. If you arent catching fish on whole baits you need to start fishing smarter and move your baits at different depths in the water coloumn depending depth and speed of tide, as the tide runs harder the fish feed higher, dont fall into the trap of putting on a slab of mullet on gangs and leave it on the bottom and wonder why iam catching 32cm squire grinners stripeys and whiptails, but some plastic people are more than happy to catch undersize fish all day. iam a plastic fan and use them when it fits the species iam chasing, but how did fisherman ever catch before plastics were invented. just remember only 5 percent of fisherman actually catch fish. shane69 send me a pm ref the mack situation in the bay
  10. nice snap, well rewarded for your effort.
  11. Quite a few around at the moment got 4 from the rous as a by catch the other day they do punch above there weight. they are good as a live bait but good luck keepin them alive as per any other herrring droppin scales, best slow trolled with a chin guard and a stinger trailing.
  12. jimjim


    yes mate good fun on the light gear no 60lb jinkai leader and gangs they were caught in southern bay
  13. jimjim


    had a bit of fun today on 4lb fins all in 15m of water on pillies. And the flounder was caught by my 5yo that wanted to show mum. Cheers jamie