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  1. iainkek

    Bullsharks in the coomera

    Thanks for the tips guys! Had a feeling it was getting a bit cold . What are they upto during winter? Just less active/not feeding?
  2. iainkek

    Fishing in and around Coomera

    Looking for some spots to hit with my missus' Dad to show him what fishing is all about. We will be using his boat and I want to continue to use it so I need some spots we can fish that will get him hooked on fishing(namely through catching some nice fish). Also any tips for good spots for prawns around that area would be killer too . I have access to live poddy's and herring off the pontoon with the cast net so bait really isn't an issue. I don't need to know your super secret spots(although I won't say no ) but just a general idea on where/when/how.
  3. iainkek

    Bullsharks in the coomera

    Been out a couple of nights on the Coomera river trying to catch a bully without any luck . Using live poddy/herring double-hooked wire trace sitting 1-1.5m in the water below a baloon. Anchored about 20-25m away from the service road the other side to the boat ramp and the M1. Is it getting too cold for the bullies? What am I doing wrong guys!