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    Hi im oggy im 17 enjoy fishing and playing soccer
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  1. Hey all, was thinking of heading out this weekend to the Gold Coast with my dad to do some fishing. was just wondering if anyone knows any good places for land based fishing there for soft plastics and what soft plastics are best to use Thanks
  2. Thanks tai, good luck fishing for you aswell
  3. Hey, Just wondering if there is any land based spots around the western suburbs area that are any good and what species are usually caught and best bait or lures to use Thanks
  4. Thanks, I’ll have a look at them... do you have any experience with these soft plastics and lures?
  5. Hey, Would anyone be able to help me with the best lures to use for targeting species like flathead and bream? Thanks
  6. Oggy


  7. Hey, just wondering if there is any good places around bribie island to fish? thinking of going out tomorrow and maybe hiring a boat. I will be using SP's and bait, dont know what bait to use tho.. so if anyway knows any places around there and what the fish are going for help would be much appreciated Oggy
  8. Just looking to go out to Coochiemudlo for the day (land based). I was just wondering whats hot around there at the moment. Really want to get some good snapper or tailor and also some smaller stuff like bream and whiting. What are the best baits and areas on Coochie for this. Your best advice would be greatly appreciated Oggy
  9. hey guys, thinking of heading up to coochiemudlo island to do abit of fishing, is it worth going there and what will you be able to catch from the land.... we are thinking of pumping yabbies and using SP's much help appriciated, Oggy :side:
  10. hey can anyone help me on any good places near browns plains bcf or near indooroopilly to fish SP.... or if there is anything near those places... much help would be appreciated thanks, Oggy :side:
  11. I was wondering if anyone could help me on this. Is there any good places to pump yabbies in the wynnum-manly, lota region. Some good advice would be great. Cheers Oggy
  12. Oggy

    Wynnum Fishing

    hello, Can anybody help me with good places to fish in wynnum-manly area on soft plastics. If the fish arent biting there are there any other areas close to brisbane that are good at the present moment for soft plastics. Just recently purchased some Gulp Baby Shrimp, Fry, Minnow, Minnow Grub and Sandworms SP was wondering if these would be any good anywhere around the brisbane area and what we would expect to catch. cheers, Oggy :cheer:
  13. Oggy

    Maroochy River

    Hey.... can anyone tell me any good places at maroochy to fish? thanks