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  1. interesting. where do i find this rule book?
  2. explains the who care's about the reco's attitude.
  3. nope. sunshine extreme charters i have no drama's bad mouthing this goose. looks like a long lining boat. must do charters when he can't rape the ocean long lining.
  4. i was fishing at the barwon banks last weekend and was at anchor. when a 65 foot charterboat motors right past me turns around then starts a drift just up current from me. within minutes he was about 20 metres away from me. so i did what anyone would do and told him where to go. few minutes later he's still getting closer so i really told him to f#@k off. next minute he's mouthing off back at me telling me to have fun catching my bream i did manage to pull up a 5 kilo spangly while he was next to me though he then motored off and did it to about another 2 boats. best bit was i didn't see anyone on his boat pulling up fish. what would a first timer out to the banks on a big boat is thinking when the skipper is fishing on top of other boats and mouthing off at them.
  5. you'll be right drift along the rock wall should pick something up
  6. anyone seen the white and yellow boat at tangalooma with a really loud stereo?
  7. yeah i already have that document printed and laminated in the boat that was the bad part about it trying to set it up and it not doing what it was meant to. should have read them better haha. yeah turned auto off working now. you saved some poor kid at BCF getting a serving haha. thanx
  8. going down the shed to have a crack at it now.
  9. i have only been on one charter. it was fish the deep from the gold coast i think they were really good. had no drama's finding the fish and when the fish went quiet they'd go looking for them. good day out.
  10. hi i have recently lashed out and bought a new sounder, i got the furuno fcv-620. been trying to work it out over the last few trips and can't adjust the clutter. the option is there but blanked outand can't be selected. is this a problem or do i need to change a setting somewhere?
  11. i put in at pinkenbah. pretty close to the mouth. just gotta watch out when a 60 foot flybridge motors past and smash's your boat into the trailer. makes some nasty scratch's haha.
  12. 30-40 km is o.k. snapper reds parrot etc bottom fish. prob fish during the day could do an overnighter if weather good. thanx.
  13. that's bullshit. it's one week of the year. what's the difference in that and the hundreds of boats that go out off moolooaba every weekend. bloody grenny's should go cuddle a cow or something.
  14. i know that the annual comp is not on this year. but i heard that there was another comp on in may up there just for boats. does anyone know anything about this? when it is and how to enter?
  15. i know it's a big ask but any marks? not spot X just somewhere to start sounding. or where i could find the location of these reefs