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  1. Dean.Dudley


  2. On the basis of the Willy Weather prediction of the winds, I took a chance and went out with a mate on Friday. We left Nudgee and travelled to the southern Bay. We had a pleasant day with gentle winds and no waves to speak of. I too am frequently frustrated by the accuracy of the weather predictions. But as we hadn't been out for a couple of weeks, I was suffering cabin fever and decided to go anyway. You didn't miss a feed though. There were clouds of small chopper tailor and later on a generous swarm of undersize pinkies. A great day's boating though.
  3. I had a great day on Moreton Bay today with a mate, Paul Simson. We left Nudgee Beach just prior to dawn and cruised to the southern end of the bay. I opened the score with a 70cm Snapper within a few minutes. The mackerel were thick and could be seen cruising below the boat until the turn of the tide. We finished the day with 3 snapper and a half dozen schoolies.
  4. I recently spent a few days in Arnhemland with Lance Butler as a guide. He designs and helps market his own lures. The man is a legend. Two of us caught 59 Barra one afternoon. The tally was due to his designs rather than my skill.
  5. Jeremy, Why not a cheap led torch mounted on the bow? Facing away from you, it should not impact your night vision. cheers Dean
  6. I am considering a fishing trip next April staying at the Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge. The fishing sounds fantastic with barra, jew and reef options available. Does anyone have experience of this place or similar? I would appreciate your thoughts on the matter. Their website is at Barralodge Website regards
  7. Dean.Dudley

    Evinrude E-Tec

    I have had an E-Tec 75HP for several years now and have never had a problem with it. Performance is excellent. It is easily maintained. Diagnostic software reports it has never had a system error and has never run hot. If I ever had to I would buy another without question.
  8. From the Maritime Safety Queensland Notices to Mariners dated 6 May 2011 Brisbane pilotage area Locality: Compass Adjustment Buoy Moreton Bay. Activity: Refer to notice: none Mariners are advised that the Port Lateral Buoy Fl 2.5s known as The Compass Adjustment Buoy in position of Latitude 27°19.3996 Longitude 153°10.0454, has been permanently withdrawn.
  9. For my money, a sheared prop bush would be likely answer. Hitting a jellyfish or other debris can strain the rubber bush. It will drive at low speed, but will slip and allow the motor to rev if you apply much power.
  10. I have decided to venture further afield and plan to cross the South Passage Bar and chase some fish outside the Bay. I have watched some bar crossing videos and have a sufficiently capable boat but would appreciate it if someone could send me a track file or files from their GPS indicating the tracks they have taken to cross the Bar. Thanking you in anticipation.