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    i live and breath shark fishing!!!
    i am a one of a kind that loves to fish and loves to get down and dirty with the boys!!! (nothing suss)

    i hunt, wakeboard, love hores and long walks on the beach!!
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    wouldnt you like to know!!


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  1. Hi all. My self and Kurt have a room please see add below />
  2. We have one, was a wedding gift, never had much luck with it. Find it takes so much longer..
  3. Thank you all so much for your help! While I am at work!! Really appreciate it . X
  4. Watch out boys!!! might have to show you how its done!!!
  5. the last half to and hour were the worst!!!! was just getting so bloody tender!!! but it looks great!!
  6. Was that a van or something. When we went home we were wondering how a van spun around and pranged into the trees it was a green ford explore, and it all started cause they guy in the ford cut the ppl in the luxus off and the the ppl in the luxus chased after him and throw a bottel at this guy, hit him in the head and he lost control and the car flipped about 10 times before stopping on its roof... yes it was very scarey indeed. the rest of the day when ever i drove i kept seeing cars flip in front of me!!!!
  7. was a great weekend until on my way home i witnessed road rage at its worst and watched a car flip across the highway right in front of me... me been the first car behind it!!! you may have seen in on the news!!! scarest thing i have ever witnessed!!!
  8. i have a V8 VN auto that i am wanting to swap for a suzuki sierra soft top. If you have or know anyone please let me know. Thankyou
  9. Hey Mate, Welcome to the site, and we look forward to hearing about your catches!! Ash
  10. sharklady


    Welcome, look forward to seeing some post!
  11. Sorry to have my own opinion! i know this is all tru, i do see if for my self!
  12. I was actually working for the govement.
  13. Well got news yesterday my contract at Crown Law as a Legal Secretary has now been terminated due to someone coming back from marternity leave and they have now put them in our team, which now causes for over staffing.. As i was the last in i am the first to go!! If anyone knows or has administration or Legal Secretary work that they know of either brisbane Southside or CBD please let me know. Thanks