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    I love all forms of sport. I play Rugby League and Athletics. I fish whenever given the oppertunity but in the holidays, my parents never see me as i am always out. Speedway is my only other hobbie.
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    Fishing, Motorsport, NRL, BMX
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    Australian Salmon
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    Prawns, Yabbies,Squid, Worm, White Bait, Pillchard

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  1. Was a great trip ant! Cracking fish, will never forget the fight and size!
  2. Camping at dickey beach until easter weekend. had to leave boat at home so am giving beach fishing a crack this trip. After 3 days at school and a footy game mid week (half day off school) going to head out to harries to try my luck for some mackreal on my old mans boat, then the following morning take my boat out at manly and take it for its first drive. very exciting times!!!!!!
  3. Cheking the problems with the motor this afternoon on the brizzy river then if all goes well fishing everyday on long weekend in brizzy river and out in the bay if the weather permits. Then speedway saturday and sunday night. LOVE IT
  4. hmmm, may need to pick a really calm day or i might need a lift as my boat cops lots of spray :pinch: You got that right! Then i will convince my dad to get out there hey Anthony and Matthew
  5. Is Number 6. still avaiable. Also are you able to send me some photos of the item if it is avaiable at: jmccartney@mybce.catholic.edu.au
  6. After reading the reports of yesterday my eagerness to fish slower went down. We decided to head out from kirra street at 5AM and see what it was like at the port. We got out to pretty much next to the entrance of boggy creek and there was a huge cargo ship and dad shit bricks. We checked the beacon to beacon and found a spot in the clear zone away from the shipping channel. We started fishing and waiting for something to happen. Something was playing with one of the pilchards and the smart fish decided to eat until he found the hook. Pretty much the story of the trip. tried so many things like 2 hooks, single hooks, small baits, positioning of the hook. NO fish. we thought we had something good, ran the reel well then started hauling it in and then weight gone. Bring the line in half a god dam jelly fish. so disappointing. Came in after a few hours. happy with the first time in the river. hopefully next time we head further out and the fish eat the hook*****. Cheers Justin
  7. i am heading out between 3-4 to fish the mouth for accouple of hours. Hopefully i get better results to make up everyones day today
  8. G'day everyone, I am just after some boat ramps that is close to the port of brisbane and is easy access as me and my father are beggininers and aren't advanced at the moment so need a user freindly boat ramp close to the poo shoot. Please just a couple of boat ramps. cheers Justin
  9. thanks everyone will cheak everything mentioned. cheers
  10. The motor is 2 stroke. and i maunally mix the fuel and oil
  11. G'Day Everyone, Today i went out with my father to try and get out and have a fish. When we fueled the boat up the servo didn't have premium so we were forced to put in unleaded 95 in thinking we shouldn't have a problem. oiled up and went to boat ramp. Boat got out of the harbour fine, but once we started cruizing towards to spot the engine slowly started to slow down, engine sounded like it was bogging down. when we tryed to max out engine it just stopped. turned around and put boat on trailer. Went to super cheap auto and tryed new spark plugs. Went out again with little change. it got up and went then mayby 1 minute later bogging down again. Note- Engine is a evinrude 70hp, 1983. - We suspect that the fuel had a large influence to the bogging down or the plugs are stuffed. - The engine starts first time everytime and can trottle along at 10km/h but when speed increases engine boggs down. I am just Curios to see what you fellow afo'ers have to say to my problem so please help me out Cheers Justin
  12. Evening everyone, i am going camping again at caloundra this holidays but this time i am takeing the boat. i have never gone out a bar before and am wanting to ask for the basic tips on going out through bars. I am heading ou the bar below I am asking for general advice to get at bars in general but also help in caloundra in particular. Cheers Justin
  13. it was a great experience cheers bud
  14. i started the motor on the weekened for the first time in a week and a half and it starting after the first turn over. Thanks for the help fella's