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  1. The weather was just to good to pass up today, headed over to peel and anchored at the south west green maker. they made up for what they lacked in size with numbers and eventually ran out of bait. as dark fell started to get a few more consistently over 30cm
  2. I spent the morning casting for prawns around the southern end of macleay island. In a few hours i managed 8 so not that exciting but they were big. is anyone else doing any better?
  3. After a long hiatus the boat has finally got a tidy up and made it back into the water, gave the motor a run and took it for a spin down to the south end of Macleay Island to get out of the strong south easterly. Hit on some prawns around the drop offs, 6m+ but didn’t have enough rope to go any deeper. probably got to put the sounder back in the boat before i head out again but looks promising with a number of nice size bananas
  4. most boat ramp or piers that have weed bank will have squid on the high tide, its important to remember that they do not like water movement. on the south side, Manly boat harbor or the Victoria point pier do have squid, but there are still only in small numbers currently. maybe a few more weeks yet
  5. yes so were we once we figure out what it was, did a good number on the pliers
  6. Was back of Welly point braving the s/e as it was promising to be a very good day. With the white bait performing well over the week and after getting smoked last trip I had reinforced to 40lb leader. While sitting in the lumpy seas thinking I cant even feel my fingers let alone a bite, one of the roads took off. After a long promising fight I was hopping it was going to be a good size snapper, but was worried it was going to be a shark as every time it came close to the boat it took of for another run. Finally saw colour and nope defiantly a fish and good size 3-4kgs imagine my disappointment to finally get it in the boat to find it was a puffer fish.
  7. Wello Point has been getting better over the last few days, today in about 7m of water i pulled this Parrot up, also there have been some bigger snapper coming trough on the change of tide 30cm Parrot this pinky was a little smal so he went back