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  1. We sure do eat them, but only if the river has enough water in it and is clean as the mullet get a real muddy dirty taste to them, when preparing them it's best to avoid cutting open the gall bladder or else you ruin the entire fish(smell of the gall bladder when broken is enough to make you vommit and burns your nose). I have also successfully inmatated the algae by using green cotton wool and binding it to a long shank hook, only got to test it now
  2. I live in casino, right next to the Richmond river and have noticed the vast quantities of mullet in the river(they usually easily exceed 45cm and get as big as 70cm) my friends and I usually catch them using bread squashed on a hook, the most effective bait by far we have noticed is using the thick algae that grows off of rocks(although it doesn't last long on the hook as it comes of easily), and it has got me thinking about making a lure similar to a fly that inmates algae and so was wondering if anyone has had the same thought or has actually done the same thing, or if you have tried other baits that last longer on the hook?
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