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  1. bigtez


  2. FOR SALE: Mobile Boat Canopies business As I have begun pursuing a new career it is time to regretfully let our long time, family owned business go. This would be a great opportunity for somebody with some trimming skills (or the drive to acquire them) that is looking to start their own business in the marine industry. What you get: Tools: including sewing machines, benches, bow bender and crowner, as well as trade specific hand tools Stock: including aluminium, hooding, seating vinyl and fittings History: We have been innovators in the marine trimming industry for over 30 years. If you have a bimini style canopy, ski bimini or ski racks, you can thank MBC for designing it. We also have a system in place that allows us to custom make bimini tops for almost any boat from some simple measurements taken by the boat owner. We have sent tops as far north as Papua New Guinea and as far South as Wilsons Promontory, and we have tops in Western Australia and South Australia. Intellectual property: Included is a web site at (not currently published), as well as all the logos and graphics associated with MBC. Current mobile phone number will also be included if required. Looking for offers around $35k The best way to contact me is via email to or you can try my mobile on 0428 324 575.
  3. Spotters Thunder Sunglasses like these. I had the frames replaced after my daughter broke an arm off. While at the Spotters factory the lenses got thoroughly cleaned, and are almost as new with only a few very minor marks on them that do not affect vision nor do they show up in photos of them. They have been stored in a case ever since and only used a couple of times. Looking for $150. Pickup preferred from Narangba.
  4. ......$100 or make me an offer?
  5. I have a pair of Spotters I would be willing to part with. They are Thunders with penetrator lenses.
  6. The Fishing DVD issues 1-21 AFC series 4-7 (2 copies of series 6) Rod Harrison's Sportfishing Library vol 1-4 Sport Fish DVD vol 1 & 3 Kayak Fishing Sydney Top 2 Bottom Squidgy Secrets Part 5. Selling as a bulk lot for $170 Pick up preferred from Narangba, Nth Brisbane.
  7. 1995 80series Toyota Landcruiser Standard 4.2L Naturally Aspirated Diesel (1HZ), 5 speed Manual 300,xxx kms. Lift kit, winch compatible bulbar and brush bars, sidesteps, full length alloy roof rack, 285/75/16 (33in) Maxxis Bighorns (20k km old). In the last 6mths I have: Replaced timing belt, replaced alternator, power steer and aircon belts, new fluids throughout (diffs, gearbox. transfer, radiator etc), castor correction bushes, front panhard rod bushes, radius arm bushes, rear trailing arm bushes (upper and lower), new steering damper, new front brakes (discs, pads, hoses and caliper seals), New tierod ends, replaced seals and bearings in front left swivel hub (also have parts for the RHS as well), diff housing and radius arm mount repaired (if that hasn’t broken on an 80 series, it will eventually) RWC and rego until 8/12. $12,000 ono. Unfortunately I don't get on here as often as I would like, so the best way to contact me is email or at work on 07 3888 1803. I will be putting an add on car sales etc later this week but thought I would offer it to the AFO community first.
  8. bigtez

    2 Yak's, 1 car?

    Like This? There is a Tarpon 120 hiding behind the 160 and both hulls were loaded with stuff as well. Drove all the way to Waddy Point on fraser like that without an issue. I know longer need the rack attachment that holds them up if you are interested.
  9. Have they started rating them for sufficient horsepower yet? Last one I went in (480 side console) had 20 more ponies on the back then what was the maximum allowed according to the build plate, and it went pretty well, certainly wouldn't want any less power. However when measured and using the standard formula for power ratings on a boat it should have allowed the larger motor. Weight of the engine was a non issue. Other then that they are a fantastic thing, as tough as a alloy boat with a ride close to a glass boat.
  10. There is a few Aussie made glass centre consoles around, provided you want to spend a bit extra to start with. However in my experience, buying a boat manufactured outside Australia will cost you just as much in the long run. To add to the brands Leighton sugested, Seafarer also made one (Vagabond I think) and Haines Hunter have their Prowler.
  11. Given the size of the job it probably wouldn't be worth travelling all the way over here. Just go see your local upholsterer, auto or marine will do. Its a simple job that they will be able to get done pretty quick. Just make sure they are using a marine vinyl and stainless staples.
  12. bigtez

    Fixing the boat

    No No No No No [/Gus Gould voice] As a rule, boats never dry out, and covering them with a tarp or 'poly' cover is asking for trouble. You will find floors, carpet, cushions and canopies will be infested with mould and rot in no time. Best bet is to invest in a breathable cover, as it will allow the moisture to escape when it needs to but keep rain out in all but the heaviest downpours. If you aren't going to travel with it then there a few 'midrange' covers around that will do the job nicely (just check to see there isn't a membrane backing on the material as they will not breath). If you need to tow with it on then find a comfy chair and give us a call. Nice looking rig BTW Shortie.
  13. Pick up a strip of EVA/Closed cell foam from Clark Rubber and some sticky back/self adhesive velcro/touch tape and then you have a moveable hook holder. If you don't like where you first put it, stick some velcro somewhere else and reattach it.
  14. 200gram GT Stickbait. Unneeded prize. As new, in packet (only removed it to have a sniff and grope it :pinch: ) Retail price is $195 so how does $150 posted sound? Terry