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  1. Thanks for the report Confused. You have got me absolutely jealous with those pics as am currently missing out on my annual pilgramge to Orchid this very week. Haven't missed a trip in 15 years but had to give it miss this year on account of work and drowning my missuses car back in the May flood - 1st and LAST time i tell ya!!!! Have been ignoring all the phone calls from my smarty bum mates since they headed up there on saturday. nice work with the dingo. where did you get the moses perch - coffee rock?? my mates and i managed to catch 2 ice boxes full of reefies on the coffee near nagala a few years back. Jealous Bill.
  2. my wife and i have done a fair amount of fishing throughout the sth pacific (including fiji) over the past few years. you'll be happy to know that the most likely species you'll encounter are GTs and bluefin trevally. poppers work well but i have major success with raider type slugs. the locals in fiji will think your a weirdo when you first rip one out of your tackle box but soon come to a different conclusion when you've hooked up on a large trevally on your first couple of casts. i took a small ship cruise a couple of years ago in western fiji and had a ball everynight fishing with the crew from the engine room. the best fish we managed to land was around the 25kg mark. if you mainly want to catch trevally and other reef dweleers the best advice would be to have a chat with the locals and get them to take you out in a small boat. you'll save loads of cash and probably catch just as many fish. the only catch is that you'll need to take your own gear. i usually travel with a 7 foot 2 piece graphite spin stiok with a Shimano TSS loaded up with 20lb braid and one or 2 trolling rigs with TLD25s. remember to take PLENTY of line and lures as many of the fish you can encounter are VERY unforgiving. as far as trolling lures go i mainly take a few medium sized skirts and CD18 rapala's. another tip (and this goes for slugs, hardbody and poppers) is that sth pacific fish love blue coloured patterns. not sure why but we always seem to nail most of our quality fish on this colour. ps - warning: if you want to keep your catch be warned - the locals have a habit of helping themself to the esky as soon as your boat hits the dock!! best of luck and bula! Bill74
  3. not sure but there is billions of fork tail catfish that hang around the esplanade wall.
  4. Nice work Dinodadog, I hear you re the grubs. I managed to jag 10 bass and about a dozen eel tail catties out at Bullockies in the space of about 90 minutes last Sunday - all on the humble earthworm!! Sorry guys but no photos, didn't have time to take any as the rods kept getting dragged into the drink by the hungry buggers everytime i seemed to turned my back. Bill74
  5. thanks guys. i'll let you all know how we get on. GO THE MAROONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi all, Am heading up to Rainbow with the boys this weekend. Was wondering if anybody has any beach fishing reports from up there lately? Regards Bill
  7. Bill74

    Any pelagic news?

    thanks guys for the heads up. i'll let you all know how we get on. Bill
  8. Hi all, am hoping to head out this weekend into the bay. was wondering if anyone has had any joy this week fishing for tuna, mackeral, kingies, etc? regards Bill
  9. TerryH wrote: Hi Terry, thanks for the low down. i'm not sure what would have worn off first 1) the smile 2) the sore arms or 3) the sore bum from shitting himself for a total of 3 hours. what a good advertisement for BCF! what does it stand for again - Big C@#$ of a Fish?
  10. Hi all Yakkers, Personally I prefer the 4stroke merc, but one has to be impressed with this little trophy snap. A lady at work sent it to me. Apparently it was taken off Brunswick Heads recently. I love to know how far the dude got dragged around for! [img size=500]
  11. Bill74

    Fishing in Fiji

    Hi Tim, My wife and I have travelled and fished fairly extensively thru the Sth Pacific over the past few years. Generally we take at least 2x TLD 10-15kg combos and a couple of 2-5kg eggbeater outifts to flick lures and baits around the edges of the reefs. Lures wise, we have found that most of the toothy critters around the Sth Pacific can't resist the sight of predominantly blue colours. My personal favorites is the Rapala CD18 blue and black striped - but make sure you take a few plus some wire attachments as they generally don't last too long as Rocket eluded to. Other very sucessful types of lures have included the good old Rio Prawnstar type lures, poppers (also preferably blue in colour) and slugs. Have a great time Bill
  12. ellicat wrote: 6 meters Ellicat. we did try another few snags around the 10 to 15 meter mark but didn't get any hits at all.
  13. [img size=374]
  14. [img size=500] [img size=500] success at last. heres another couple
  15. [img size=374] thanks Cowfish. 3rd time lucky, i hope