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  1. 51MPL


  2. One of my first experience's with the rippers was with Rob at the rockwall - all we did was cast towards the wall with light jigheads and let the current work the tail on the drop and the snaps were all over it.
  3. Sorry to hijack but whats the code on that PLANO tacklebox?
  4. I think you've got that round the wrong way mate, cable steer motorguides are generally pretty good whereas almost everyone i know with a JW has had it fail on them. Nothing wrong with using FW model cable steer leccys in the salt just rinse it down and remember to buy a sacrificial anode.
  5. Thanks for the day Muzz, was good to get out again after so long. I got a few pics with my phone as forgot the dslr at home
  6. Brand New Shimano Soare30/2500HGS box and paperwork included. Soare/ Soare 30 Japan model is the tuned up version of Shimano Twin Power MG reels, specialized on finesse fishing. Soare is fine for saltwater fishing. The body is Twin Power Mg; the magnesium-based alloy body gives the reel very rigid feeling and the ultra smoothness in operation. All ball bearings are ARB, corrosion-resistant. * AR-C spool design reducing line troubles by half * Slow air wrap oscillation system allowing lines to leave spool without fractions * Soft urethane grip allowing no slip on wet fingers * Body protection bar fitting opposite to handle accompanies The PGS model has 4.3 power gear and a shallow spool.The HGS model has 6.0 high gear and a shallow spool. Right/Left handle changeable. No spare spool. $300 for the reel or $350 with brand new spool of Toray Radius. pics later today
  7. Throw up a rough budget so people can help you find a suitable yak mate.
  8. I'd say get a kayak, less ongoing maintenance costs. If you can only just afford the tinny, what happens when things go wrong? (not if, when). Will the boat just sit there collecting dust until you can afford parts etc or do you work enough to be able to keep it well maintained? Boat = bring out another thousand
  9. Pillies? .. oh i love pillies Have a great trip fellas thats smack bang during my exams
  10. Cleveland Wello Viccy Pt _____________________________________ Try to lookup the mark's for the artificial reefs around Peel that'd be a great start man
  11. myoutdoortv used to have them for free but i think you need to pay now
  12. You are barely keeping me alive living vicariously through you mate, uni and work is killing me.