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    G'day My name is Alan Rogers and I have started a fishing and hunting business on Cape York and thought that your members would be interested in what we have to offer. We can do fully catered, fly in fly out packages or 4wd Tag along style fishing tours. The fishing really is something special right in front of our camp. The sooty grunter are as big as they come, the archer fish and tarpon also put in a regular appearance but the stars of the show are the monster Saratoga .(up to 84 cm so far) In a 3 day session on poppers leading up to the last new moon we landed over 60 Saratoga. The biggest this trip was 82 cm and weighed in just under 4 kg. The amount of strikes that didn't hold kept you on edge in between the good hook ups. As we have not had any fly fisherman come away with us, and it really is a fly fishing paradise with fish regularly visible cruising the shallows, I would be very happy to see some of your members enjoying the fishing we have to offer. Due to the location being locked up and inaccessible for many years the pig and scrub bull population is also second to none.

    If you have any enquiries please don't hesitate to contact me.
    PH. (07) 40 696 697.
    E mail.

    Thanks Alan Rogers.
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    Fishing and Hunting guide
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    Poppers and fly
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    4.2Kg Saratoga


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    Motor Boat with Trailer
  1. Here's a link to a bit of footage I took while hunting with a mate on Cape York while waiting for my clients to arrive.
  2. I like your way of thinking F nut... what more could you want Dirty women serving icy cold beer?
  3. Found this pic of my old collie Jig with a nice Cooktown boar she had bailed up for me.
  4. The deer are all free range wild deer. They have been in the area for nearly 20 years now.
  5. There are some awesome heads amongst the herd of Rusa, but I dont shoot them unless I have a client that wants a nice stag. There are 3 trophy stags in this mob, 2 have over 30 inch heads and 1 has over 34...maybe bigger. Quality Rusa stags.
  6. Most of our mature boars have good tusks.. Not sure if it's in their genes or the mineral content of the area or their diet. My best to date have 148 mm sticking out of the jaw (almost even on both sides)and when the tusks were drawn the length was nearly 11 inches per tusk.
  7. Collies are the best for me . I see a lot of pigs and never have to go to the vet. And instead of getting 1 pig from a mob you catch them all.
  8. It's a Muskatoon from the 1800s....Qld police issue. .580 cal muzzle loader.
  9. I love my old "trusty Rusty" 30-30 winchester....that would have to be my favourite.
  10. Haven't been on here in a while as I have had a busy year, but with the wet approaching I have packed up my Cape York camp to focus on my Cooktown operation. Plenty of cracker Toga and big boars have been accounted for.Here are some pics of my clients and family enjoying what the Cape has to offer. I have thrown in a few pig pics also as it is pretty hard to go fishing up here without running into a couple of them. Hope you like them. Cheers Al.
  11. You dont need a shooters licence if you are with a licenced shooter....
  12. I was back up at my camp on Cape York again last week ,this time with an Irish tourist. Steve was only interested in the pigs and scrub bulls and wasnt keen on the fishing. After we had caught a few pigs and were sitting around camp relaxing I managed to talk him into having a quick fish, and weren't they going off !!! I started him out baiting with red claw heads for sooties but the Saratoga stole the show with fish after fish taking anything we threw at em. We tried red claw, pig meat, baitfish and after all our bait was gone rib fillet!! They ate anything. He said it was like fishing in a fish farm. All up we got several good boars and dozens of nice big toga. He is already booked in for next year and says there will be a lot more fishing on the cards.