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    Love fishing, camping, 4*4 and footy
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  1. Boomboom78


  2. Boomboom78

    Brisbane Tailor

    Any tailor mouth off cabbage tree creek atm? Or nudgee floodway?
  3. Boomboom78

    brisbane river fishing

    buy a cast net and practice using it. plenty of help on utube.
  4. Boomboom78

    PB Golden Trev on 4LB

    very nice catch on the 4lb line and leader. Mate caught one 60cm on 10lb and that took some doing also...
  5. Boomboom78

    Beachmere Whiting

    Going to fish beachmere on the mud flats next weekend for the first time. Will pump yabbies on low tide and fish the incoming... Anyone fish there and catch many? Leaving boat at home and will be land based...
  6. Boomboom78

    My first Bully :)

    nice catch
  7. Boomboom78


    i would be keen to go along also, i also have my own 4.8 1980's halfcab thats is okay for what it is. all my mates are under the thumb and never go out
  8. Boomboom78

    Mud island

    i am going raining or not lol, got 2 squire at mud last week 36cm and 39 on squid. and a 35 squire and small jew in the river near the tug boat moarings and busted off twice around a snag. only fish 9lb line
  9. Boomboom78

    How long does it take to go to mud island

    I prefer nudgee boat ramp to pinkenba and i take my 4.8 halfcab with a 40 to mud. Only takes 15+ mins but does become fun when the wind picks up. From pinkenba is safer. Due to no gps yet i only stay in the rivers and creeks at night.
  10. Boomboom78

    Lost my virginity - at long last!

    Congratulations on first Jewie, i still remember my first at 66cm lol. Wish i could get a big one soon...
  11. Boomboom78

    Brissy river sunday....

    well done :woohoo: was it caught on the rock wall?
  12. Boomboom78

    cabbage tree creek

    Yeah i have caught a few bream there in the past under the trawlers on live prawns. Wanted to know if any big threadies or dewies caught. Seen a few vids of people catching them off shorncliff pier. But thats a green zone if fishing by boat... Once you catch one cattie its followed by a lot more
  13. Boomboom78

    cabbage tree creek

    Anyone catching many from a boat or land based at the moment?
  14. Boomboom78

    Smallest Shark Ever!

    Awesome pics, i am yet to catch a shark :-(
  15. Boomboom78

    Looking for some whiting in the Brissie area

    Thanks mate i know about the green zone and dont fish there mate. Thanks for heads up anyway