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    11 turning 12 as of 2020. Have a brother and sister. Fishing addict. I go insane if I don't fish (once I went to Japan and saw these big goldfish swimming in ponds, I think I broke something staring at them without a line... actually, I never would've castedd to them, it was in a sacred temple area... Just watched) :)
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    MTB, fishing, tennis, kayaking, trumpet, and camping
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    Bunking school to fish (Just kidding, school's good!)


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    Freshwater and Impoundment Fishing
    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    Australian Salmon
    Grassy Sweetlip
    Mangrove Jack
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    Hardbody Lures
    Softplastic Lures
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    Anything that's soft and vibey
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    Livies - mullet, herring, frogmouth pilchards, silver biddy, winter whiting, and big banana prawns.
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    84cm threadfin salmon on the BR.

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    37cm odd
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    40cm Estuary, haven't got around to chasing Murrays.
  • Flathead
    60cm odd
  • Jewfish
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    80cm odd
  • Barramundi
    60cm impoundment
  • Trevally
  • Whiting
    23cm (I have bad luck with these guys, or maybe it's because I don't fish for them enough... don't laugh!)


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  1. Hey rayke1938 Great job on cracking the 200 mark, I honestly could never dream of catching that must fish in a session. Do you remember what the most you've ever caught in one of the dams is? Cheers Hamish
  2. Hey Fishaman That is one stonka of a flathead, you must've been stoked with that one. The fact that it was on such light line must've made the fight so fun and landing the fish so much more rewarding. Do you use soft plastics on the surface/bottom or hardbodies for these mainly? Cheers Hamish

    Nrl 2020

    Hi ellicat OK, thanks for clarifying. If he has been a coach for that long (and as long as I can remember) the dragons haven't been to flash (no offense anyone) they might very well give him the axe I suppose. Cheers Hamish
  4. Hey crazywalrus Haha, sounds like ellicat didn't want us to know that. It must've been a great day out even after that unfortunate event Hi ellicat Hmm, I don't mean to doubt you but that sounds a lot like an excuse LOL. (Sorry for my bad jokes). Cheers Hamish
  5. Hey Allnighter Great job on those nice pan sized snaps, looks like you've been feasting on good seafood recently (tuna and snapper! YUM ). My rods always seem to go off when I'm throwing the cast net trying to get more live bait, and if its ever a cod they seem to get me into structure before I can pull them up from their hole... LOL. Do you ever use livies for snapper? Cheers Hamish
  6. Hey ellicat Rightio, hopefully we'll see him having a look on here. Sounds like you have some good bait for the snapper coming up too, hopefully you can get onto some big ones before the close season. Cheers Hamish

    Nrl 2020

    Hey Gad I only watched the Broncos game, but by the looks most of the games were pretty black and white sided. Like ellicat said, I think it is great having it back on Now excuse my ignorance but why is Mary McGregor not coaching. Like you said ellicat, if he can't coach, I reckon he should be axed... Cheers Hamish
  8. Hey ellicat That's a very good session you had there with crazywalrus, does he still use the forum? Good job on the macks and bonito, pity you lost that one though but those bonito after look like they were pretty fun. Two for one is a pretty good idea! I think they'll make a great bait as well, seeing as they will be in good nick when you use them next. Did you salt them down before freezing, or do you just freeze them straight up? Cheers Hamish
  9. Hey Hweebe I think ellicat has done a good job explaining it to you, so I think you've got it. Just so you're sure, the way I upload them is the following. 1) Download them on your device, from your phone/camera. 2) Click in the bottom left, where it says choose files... 3) Select the photos off the device, and they will appear in the bottom area. 4) Click the part of the text you want them to go in, then click that photo. They will appear on screen. I am thinking you have that part good though, so if they aren't showing it may be an issue with file size or something like that. I can see the pictures fine, so I think you must've gotten them working. Also, thanks for the great report, I had an enjoyable time reading it. Even though you didn't get the target (I didn't get my target species, threadies, this weekend either, my last report is about them) it seems you still had a good day out on the water. I have never caught a whiptail, but I have had someone from a tennis competition tell me they are very tasty. As well as this, I think they are said to be a good bait. You'd hope there'd be some fisheries out with all the boats you saw, but it seems since some of those spots are about as known as it gets that there'd be a lot more people there on any given day. Also, I think the reminder you gave everyone about the boat launching caution-ing is a good one, it sounds like that reversing mishap with those other people may have ended in disaster. Like you said as well, maybe catching some flatties and bream may be fun as well, I know when I get onto some I'm always happy with them! Cheers Hamish
  10. Hi all Here are the two reports from my weekend, and while not much happened they were still somewhat eventful. I am hoping you will not find this boring, but here goes! Once the lines were in, baited with fresh, dead banana prawn, I set the gear up, got the net out, filled the bucket up with water, and threw the net. The first cast resulted in nothing, but in the next four casts I had two solid prawns in the bait tank. I chucked the salmon line out then, and began my long wait. While this was happening, I was talking to two people about a couple years older than me. One of them recognized me from the tennis competition I play in, so we had a chat (I think I've played him once or twice). He said he owns a house on the water, and he told me he'd caught a few bream, a few catties, and one thready. This was just in the duration he lived there I believe, as he said he didn't fish that much. I also told him what I'd caught there, but the thing I find funny is that the species list is becoming too long to remember. They then left, so I gave the lines a quick bait check. They were all pickered, so I rebaited them all. I chucked them back out and set the drag. I then started to cast net a bit more, and to my surprise a whiting came up in the net. After a quick look at it, I noticed it was a Winter Whiting, so into the live bait tank he went. Here he is prior to being deployed - He stayed in the bait tank for another uneventful 20 minutes, and then I checked my line. The prawn was off it, so I pinned him through the mouth like you would with a mullet and chucked him out. He seemed to stay put, so I did a bit more netting. I didn't really get much, but the prawns on the other line were still on. I then just sat around the top to have a bit of a relax and waited. The fishing was very quiet, with no bites. Since it had been about another 20 minutes, I went down to the jetty to check on the whiting. I reeled it in, and to my surprise when I pulled him up, well, he/she was a mess. To give you an idea, look at the above and below images as a before and after Done! I am not sure what it might've been, but my initial thought was a little shark, as I have heard sharks will hit their baits from the tail first, not head first, like other fish do. From second thoughts, I realised it very well could've been a crab feasting on my live bait, or it even could've been baby breamv or something of the likes of that. I guess, unfortunately, I will never know, so I will just have to guess and hypothesize. After that whiting, another live prawn was deployed. It would've been close to dark by now (around 5) so I starting tipping water on the jetty to get mud and gunk from the net off, and put the gear in the cart so it was ready to go. I made sure to keep the rods in though, just for good measure. In another few minutes of pacing around, the rods seemed like they could use a bait check. The two rods were pickerred, and I decided to keep the bottom one out so I had better chance. I re baited and re casted, and hoped something would take my bait in the last few minutes... Well, that never happened and it looked like I was going to finish up with another doughnut. I sadly did, and then I trudged all the way home, dragging my fishing cart along. This was not before I decided to take a quick sunset snap of the relatively gloomy day, so at least the report had some pictures - That is it done and dusted, or the first one anyways, so here are the statistics of the trip - Statistics of the trip - Tide: Low, 11:30AM, .5M, High, 5:15PM, 1.7M Moon Phase: First quarter moon, so not that much run Air Pressure: 1019.8 - a bit lower than my better days have been Weather: Quite cloudy, light winds, gloomy Tackle used: 14lb and 30lb mainlines, braid, 30lb, 15lb fluorocarbon leaders, 80lb trace, size 2 and 6 ball sinkers, 4/0 circle and suicide hooks, large barrel swivel. Bait used: Prawn, live and dead, and live winter whiting Bait caught: Winter whiting and banana prawns Fish caught: - Overall success rate: 40% - Not to bad of a day out OK, that is the report done. I hope you enjoyed reading, and hopefully you aren't bored out and can't read the next. I hope QLD's COVID-19 cases stay at a minimum as well, and I hope everyone can get out for a fish soon. OK, so here is report two. It was a bit more exciting than the first, and I had three of my mates with me, two who had never really fished before. I met them at the train station at half past one, and we would've had our lines in the drink by about 2:00PM. The first cast I did I got zilch, but on the first cast I did on the jetty bait started rolling in. In about 5 casts, I had three solid mullet and about a dozen prawns, which I happily live baited on the lines. My mates were pretty happy with that, and then we could just sit and wait for a bit. Since there was no action in about ten minutes, and one of them kept bugging me to show him how to throw the net, I showed him. Giving him the best instructions I could, he only managed a figure of eight on the first throw, LOL. The second was a slight improvement, but then he decided to put the net down and fish for a bit. I gave the lines a bait check then as well, the mullet was still very lively and the prawns were actually still on, much to my surprise. They were deployed again, and this time the wait was a bit longer. To keep myself from tiring out, I kept catching some prawns in the net. The best throw was three bigs ones, and, boy, they certainly make the net vibrate and pull A LOT for their size. By now, it was about 3:15PM, and with nothing happening, I was starting to think we might doughnut again. Luckily, the fish liked the live prawns and I saw the rod out in the middle of the river (or that area) getting pecks. I figured it was a perch, so I set the hook and told one of my mates they could pull it in. I suspected it was a perch, and I turned out to be right. A tiny one - I de hooked him, got my mate a quick pic (he's only caught a few fish in his life as he doesn't fish often) and then I chucked him back. He kicked off straight down, so another that was another successful release. Once he had dealt with that, everyone wasn't so bred again so I did some cast netting. Since the tide was absolutely rushing in, the net was a big effort. I also wasn't getting any bait, so I decided to give that a break for a few minutes. In that time though, one of the rods went off. To be specific, to cod rod did (no rhyming intended but it does ). I picked it up with haste but to my disappointment it had bricked us pretty good under/around the pylons. At the start, he was right stuck in there but with some rod maneuvering he started to come out. Then, whatever it was, took a run for structure... That had us done, and I could tell we weren't landing that fish, after about a ten minute wait, I started pulling the line out and eventually the braid snapped. That was a pity, because the fish (most likely a cod) felt pretty good. After the liens were re rigged, I had a throw of the net off the jetty. I felt some vibrating in the net, so I thought I might have some prawns. When I pulled the net up though, I realised I had a little perch in it. After a quick photo (sorry it's not to good) I chucked it back in the drink and off he went. Here it is - After that, they were really shut down, or maybe we were just missing them. I know that the lines weren't getting pickered, because when I did bait checks there was still bait. My friends had to go now though, as it was pretty much four thirty (they wanted to be home before it got dark). I said goodbye, but just before this, my other mate (who normally comes fishing with me) said the rod I had positioned in the channel just went off. There wasn't a fish when we reeled it up though, just a headless prawn. Whatever it was (most likely a small perch) had completely missed the hook. This was probably the last event to occur, as it was very quiet for the rest of the duration of my fishing. By about 5, it was getting a bit darker, so I knew it would be wise to load up the cart ready to go. Once this was loaded, I went down to check on the jetty rod. It seemed to be getting picked/pecked, so I picked it up and reeled it in. I assume the culprit was a bream, but both the mullet and the prawn which I had put on were gone. I guess some fish got an OK feed, but not me. I casted it out again, with the last big prawn and hoped. To sum it up, nothing more happened. I left in the dark, miserable that I hadn't gotten anything good. I am also quite tired today as I went out mountain biking this morning (that is the reason I wasn't out this morning). Here are the statistics of the trip - Stats of Trip - Tide: 12:15PM, .4M, Low, 6:20PM, 1.8M, High. I fished the rising tide. Moon Phase: First quarter, so not that much run. Air Pressure: 1019.9. Just realised I got today's air pressure for yesterday's fishing session, so you'll have to do without an accurate one for that one. Weather: Wind, 3Km'h, Humidity 90% (not sure how accurate that is but that's what the weather forecast is saying), and partly cloudy. Fish caught: River Perch x 2 Bait caught: About two dozen prawns, Mullet x 3 Bait used: Live mullet and prawns, dead prawns Time fished: 2:00PM-5:20PM or so Tackle Used: 14lb and 30lb braid mainlines, 80lb mono trace, 30lb and 15lb fluorocarbon leader, large-ish barrel swivel, 4/o circle and suicide hooks, size 2 and size ball/bean sinkers, size 1000 Shimano Sienna, Size 2500 Shimano Nasci, Size 2500 Diawa Shinobi, Size 650 Penn reel, 6'6" Ugly Stik and Rogue Firepoint rod, 8' Ugly Stik Rod. Overall Success rate: 60% - A nice afternoon. OK, that is the double report done. I hope you all enjoyed reading, despite the fact it wasn't the most exciting session at all. I hope you can all stay safe with the virus. Sorry for any spelling errors either. Cheers Hamish
  11. Hi benno573 Ahh, I never knew. Thanks for letting me know Cheers Hamish
  12. Hey ellicat Rightio, that makes sense. Scaling does make a big mess, and it is a pain to clean it all up. I guess skinning would be quicker as well as you don't have to worry about the mess from scales. Haha. Cheers Hamish


    Hey GregOug Yes, I imagine that will be. Some would probably prefer other brands I'd think. Cheers Hamish
  14. Hey aussie123 Righto, well, that's very exciting! Bar cod, Blue Eye, and Bass Grouper have only been things that I have dreamed of catching and Bar Cod are one of my very favourite fish (just from the looks, habitat, etc). Good luck, and if you get some I'm sure they'll make a great feed! I also remember reading one of your old reports, I think it was called Bar Cod - Round 2. I quite liked it, and if I recall in that one they were going to markets in Sydney? Cheers Hamish
  15. Hey Luc53 Rightio, thanks for explaining. That makes more sense now. The bass must get really full from the eggs I suppose. Cheers Hamish