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    11 turning 12 as of 2020. Have a brother and sister. Fishing addict. I go insane if I don't fish (once I went to Japan and saw these big goldfish swimming in ponds, I think I broke something staring at them without a line... actually, I never would've castedd to them, it was in a sacred temple area... Just watched) :)
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    MTB, fishing, tennis, kayaking, trumpet, and camping
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    Bunking school to fish (Just kidding, school's good!)... I now officially am employed cleaning the scout dunnies, too! ;)

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    Freshwater and Impoundment Fishing
    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    Australian Salmon
    Grassy Sweetlip
    Mangrove Jack
  • Lure Types Used
    Hardbody Lures
    Softplastic Lures
    Other Lures
  • Favourite Lure
    Anything that's soft and vibey
  • Favourite Bait
    Livies - mullet, herring, frogmouth pilchards, silver biddy, winter whiting, and big banana prawns.
  • Best Catch
    84cm threadfin salmon on the BR.

Personal Bests

  • Bream
    37cm odd
  • Cod
    40cm Estuary, haven't got around to chasing Murrays.
  • Flathead
    60cm odd
  • Jewfish
  • Shark
    80cm odd
  • Barramundi
    60cm impoundment
  • Trevally
  • Whiting
    23cm (I have bad luck with these guys, or maybe it's because I don't fish for them enough... don't laugh!)


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    The River (Brisbane)

    Hey all Since most of you all have albums, I've decided to post my own More will come when I download the rest off the phone Cheers Hamish
  2. Hey all I've just noticed my Scout Den is VERY low on good firewood. Normally I would just collect as much as possible, but one of the other leaders brought in his scrap ply and it burns really well. I was just wondering if anyone had any free scrap wood, basically anything that burns (without toxic smoke, i.e. treated pine) that they would want to give away, or know someone who does. (I probably didn't help it... I made a BIG bonfire last week with my mate ). Cheers Hamish
  3. Sounds like a nice bit of fun, Kat! Good job on the flatty, and the breambo is a nice one too. It would've/will be yummy. It sure makes you feel good when you outfish the boaties from the land. Lol! Cheers Hamish
  4. I would certainly snap that up if I had a boat, ellicat. Hope it sells soon! Cheers Hamish
  5. Hey ellicat Good luck, I hope you crack some monster cod and a big yella. Ellicatch will sure be a handy asset. Those lures look very serious. Are they soft vibes/swimbaits? Cheers Hamish (Also, bugger it's not in the Suburbs of Origin time!)
  6. Hey Nirvana Sorry, I don't have a clue! Just thought I'd say welcome. Hopefully there'll be some information on it if you use the top right hand corner search bar. Otherwise, this may help - Cheers Hamish
  7. Hey cdwilo63 Welcome back, you'll for sure love it on here! It is a very good community. Would love to see your contributions as well Cheers Hamish
  8. Hey all Just a question, who plans to be targeting what? I know I'll be going for the threadfin category mainly, try for a big cod and bream, hopefully an OK lizard... If we decided to go somewhere on the yak, it may be to one of the dams, so bass or yellas, or it may be the POB, so jew or a very slim chance of an OK snap there! Cheers Hamish
  9. Thanks for the advice Ed., I'll try that on them discreetly enough so they get hints but not so they get annoyed! Hi benno573 The only problem with this I've found so far is when you get keener than your Dad. Obviously that isn't going to happen with anyone on here though... Cheers Hamish
  10. Hey Dinodadog Shame about all the trouble, but at least you still got out and caught a few solid bass. Cheers Hamish
  11. Hi Dinodadog Good news you're in the all clear. The bass have had their rest break now! Cheers Hamish
  12. Hey Breaming with bro Jeez, you are confident to go on a etty so light! If I was fishing up there, I'd be using 30lb! Lol. Good job on the variety of fish you caught, while I hate to say it.... That wasn't a bad Suburbs of Origin pre-fish! Cheers Hamish
  13. Hey Leosonfire I do not know. Nothing like this has worked with my parents except the response, "Well, I'm just going to clean the scout dunnies until I have enough!". Obviously if I ever had a missus... OK, I don't know. Maybe 2 should be a big one. It is good for my mental health. Like ellicat said though, it will give you great experience and when your kids are old enough they'll have great fun too. I know when myself, brother, sister, and Dad are out of the house she likes it! In the mean time, I'd read up on the boating rules and learn as much as you can. Cheers Hamish
  14. Hi Breaming with bro That is something you can hopefully help - call DPI (or NSW fishery hotline) as much as possible as soon as possible when you see this happen. Maybe give them a word too. They may not know.... (I'd doubt it though). Cheers Hamish