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  1. Hi all I'm planning a fishing trip to the GC this Friday and I'm looking for some spots. So far, we are going to try our luck at the spit with pilchards or spinning for some pelagic species (probably tuna, bonito, tailor or mackerel). Though, I'm struggling to find a spot that looks uncrowded and has a wide variety of the following species; Dusky Flathead, Sand Whiting, Yellowfin/Pikey Bream, Estuary Cod, Mulloway, Mangrove Jack and good live bait. I'm not sure if anyone would like to give up there prized spot but if you have any pointers on what area i should be looking in it would be much appreciated (Surfers Paradise beaches or Nerang area.) Cheers Hamish P.S. I will update on the plan at the end of the day and see if everyone has some better techniques (tackle, where to fish, etc) P.S.S. It's my Dad's day off work on Friday so he can take us up there
  2. Hey Erick I'm not sure about Sydney but I know Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast beaches have sand worms waiting to be eaten by some whiting Cheers Hamish
  3. Hi rayke1938 That sounds awesome - I wish I could've done that if I around in the 1950's Cheers Hamish
  4. One time when my friend was fishing with me he forgot his rod coming home Cheers Hamish
  5. Hi kmcrosby78 Well, yes. I do use the star sinker to anchor to the bottom but i use it how you'd use a running sinker so it can slide freely. Currently, I don't use mono leader in between because I found it hinders my cast. Though, that was 100lb mono so I reckon I could go down to 30lb-50lb. Thanks for asking/pointing that out Cheers Hamish
  6. Another great session Dinodadog Good to see plenty of bass around. It's certainly pouring down now though (where I am anyways lol) Cheers Hamish
  7. I might take my Dad's ancient overhead rod there too. He bought it in NT when he was with his mate barra fishing. The eye broke off too. Also GregOug, to be able to use your rod temporarily while the eye is broken you can wrap masking tape around the broken eye so it's smoother and won't cut the line. Cheers Hamish
  8. Hi LouiseG Sorry, I couldn't help you with that at all. Have you checked all tackle shops around that area? Someone would probably be in one who knew about it (staff, regular members.) Cheers Hamish
  9. Hi all On Saturday afternoon I decided to go down to the local park on the river and see if I could hook up to a shark. The rig was what I normally use for sharks there, 80lb Halco wire trace (20in), 6/o circle hook, size one star sinker and 30lb braid mainline. It was a rising tide, just about to get to high. Unfortunately, no sharks were caught today, which makes it a somewhat uninteresting report. Though, I did have my size 1000 sienna out just for fun, and hooked a small river perch on that. I'm assuming the rain gave most things a flush down the river a bit, and I find early morning is the time for sharks. Overall, it was a nice afternoon despite the fact not many fish were caught. Hope this entertained you Cheers Hamish
  10. Great Session! Good to see someone getting stuck into some flatties! Cheers Hamish
  11. G'day rayke1938 Great session Good too see a range of species and to know water levels are rising. Cheers Hamish
  12. G'day GregOug This was just a quick search and I found a couple - I've never been to one but you might want to check them out. Micks Rod and Reels Repairs - Frazorodz Rod & Reel Repairs - MOSSOPS IN-STORE SERVICE AND REPAIRS - Bayside Tackle Service in Cleveland, Brisbane - If the links don't work, there's the websites there. Hope it helps Cheers Hamish
  13. Alright, that's good to hear released for next time I know they're great eating though, as well Cheers Hamish
  14. Hi all

    With my fishing types it should look more like this:
    Freshwater and Impoundment Fishing

    Coastal and Estuary Fishing

    Shark Fishing

    Cheers Hamish