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    11 turning 12 as of 2020. Have a brother and sister. Fishing addict. I go insane if I don't fish (once I went to Japan and saw these big goldfish swimming in ponds, I think I broke something staring at them without a line... actually, I never would've castedd to them, it was in a sacred temple area... Just watched) :)
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    MTB, fishing, tennis, kayaking, trumpet, and camping
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    Bunking school to fish (Just kidding, school's good!)... I now officially am employed cleaning the scout dunnies, too! ;)
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    AFO is my favourite!

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    Freshwater and Impoundment Fishing
    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    Australian Salmon
    Grassy Sweetlip
    Mangrove Jack
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    Hardbody Lures
    Softplastic Lures
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    Anything that's soft and/or vibey
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    Livies - mullet, herring, frogmouth pilchards, silver biddy, winter whiting, and big banana prawns.
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    84cm threadfin salmon on the BR.

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    37cm odd
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    40cm Estuary, haven't got around to chasing Murrays.
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    The only mackerel I have ever seen is on someone else's line. Lol.
  • Flathead
  • Snapper
  • Jewfish
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    80cm odd
  • Barramundi
    60cm impoundment
  • Trevally
  • Whiting
    26cm (yeah I know that's pathetic)


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  1. That got me very excited Leon - great snapper. Must've tasted great. It's good you have achieved your goal. All the effort pays off! Cheers Hamish
  2. G'day tugger Great job on all the tasty reefies. How good is the timing to perfectly run out then restock. I guess with all the fish you catch you will have fish for months! And it is sure interesting how you got most on lures opposed to bait. Chers Hamish
  3. Hi Ovington It must be a sad day selling that boat - it certainly has the name 'My Precious' for a reason. I would love my first boat to be something like this, expect it is a long time of saving up Cheers Hamish P.S. Good luck in selling.
  4. Hey Drop Bear This is someone who caught a 77cm jack who got the jaws - hopefully it turns out similar! Cheers Hamish
  5. Great work, Dino. Those are some good Lake K yak bass. I hope you get good results for your Colonoscopy and Endoscopies Cheers Hamish
  6. Hi Brian That is a shame, a Bristle Worm just sounds nasty! The suspense is seriously killing me. Now I know how it felt when you were waiting for the 'Seriously... C'mon Mr Snapper' report Cheers Hamish
  7. Thanks Greg, hopefully I can manage more good sessions soon Cheers Hamish
  8. Hi KM On Sunday arvo I was down after the first big cell that hit me, but I got hit by the second cell where there was a bit of lightning and thunder (as well as some heavy rain). I sought refuge under the biggest mangrove tree and in the safe confines of my Kathmandu raincoat. Haha. I reckon the reason they bite better in the shallows during the day is something to do with the more baits that are there. Baits normally bust up and stay in shallower water early morning, late arvo, and night, so maybe overcast days help them go like that making the fish bite better. Cheers Hamish P.S. The reason I did not stay before is because I did not want a lecture from Greg on fishing with lightning, Lol.
  9. Hi s-twig Welcome to the forum. I agree with the option for a windscreen, because in the bay wind can pick up and it will make for a more comfy ride with the wife. ellicat, that is some ripper advice! Cheers Hamish
  10. Hi Chris Thanks for that - hopefully the next is soon. Hi Robbie I sure look forward to it too. If it ever happens (hopefully) Thanks KM, it could work out or it could be a dud, but I think it is more so overcast conditions or drizzle than storm because I had a live mullet out for three hours or so in yesterday's storms for nothing. Cheers Hamish
  11. Thanks Robbie, Chris, and Breaming with bro! Cheers Hamish
  12. I wish! He might need some convincing for that one haha. Maybe for his 50th... Cheers Hamish
  13. Great job Robbie - what a marathon of a trip It must've been awesome going out there. Those fish are all massive! (and tasty!). The mangrove jack is a thumper. Cheers Hamish

    Nrl 2020

    Go the Storm! What a great way to end Cameron Smith's career! (If he chooses to retire right now). Cheers Hamish
  15. Revan, the main defining feature of a 'commercial' fisherman is that they are trying to catch fish in bulk and selling it - so just leaving a set line out is not a commercial fisherman, simply a recreational fisherman. If you want to do that then great, I'd love to hear some stories. But I'm very surprised you get a license that cheap. Normally someone would own the license and you would work as deckhand on there boat and work your way up. Guess I was wrong - sorry. Cheers Hamish