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  1. I have given it a go. It all depends on the specifics of your application. It is not very abrasion resistant so you need to bear that in mind if fishing around structure.
  2. Land value was low because it was so remote.
  3. Cribb Island was reclaimed for the first airport expansion. It use to be an actual suburb with a school, shops, cafes and a post office.
  4. Daryl McPhee

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    They would catch more if they didn't have to go to school.
  5. Daryl McPhee

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    You definitely need to go fishing!!!!
  6. Happy to help. All good things take time.
  7. Cribb Island worms and mud worms are the same thing. Cribb Island use to be a popular spot to catch them - when Cribb Island existed......
  8. Yes. They are very good eating. They get to about 40 cm.
  9. The wrasse is a male crimson banded wrasse. The other one is a painted grinner.
  10. It's probably a black banded amberjack, but it is difficult to tell conclusively from the photo. You need to be able to see the fin rays clearly and the teeth.
  11. They are not an usual catch at a couple of spots in the Broadwater and around the western side of Straddie.
  12. @ellicat preserved worms are better than nothing for whiting. The link to preserving them looks okay but I personally wouldn't add the tuna oil unless you wanted to use them for bream.
  13. I generally prefer the outgoing tide in the lower reaches but I have caught fish on all tides.
  14. Hi Kat. Ellicat is on the money. Just have a look at Google Earth/Google Maps and any of the small parks can produce fish. The second one in the video is Southern Cross Reserves on Cronin Island which is one of the more consistent spots. I have even caught a juvenile cobia there. In the Broadwater - Shearwater Park and Anglers Esplanade along Runaway Bay and anywhere along Marine Pde produce fish. There are also plenty of fish still at Shorncliffe Pier on the northside of Brisbane - this was from last week and we did well there this Monday as well.