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  1. There is a bit of weed there this time of the year but if you scout around a little you can generally avoid. The fish aren't too far away from where the weed is usually. I'll be having a fish tonight as hopefully there will be some good whiting starting to poke around and their will still be some tailor.
  2. Hi Hamish. Yep. Those videos are all land based on the GC! Daryl
  3. Hi Kat. I am happy to help. We are coming up to some good time over the next few months to fish landbased on the Gold Coast. Here are a couple of fishing videos for your enjoyment.
  4. Generally bloodworms or yabbies with about an 0 Ball sinker.
  5. Catching whiting around Runaway Bay is often child's play. Plenty of room that holds fish.
  6. They smoke very well. They come out with a very nice texture.
  7. Land based fishing on the Gold Coast was good the past weekend. Grunter bream were the stars of the show with plenty of fish around 40cm with the best 42cm. Mixed in with them were whiting to 33cm, legal Moses perch, a few blubberlip bream and of course bream and tarwhine. Yabbies and bloodworms were the bait of choice with no real difference between either of them. As is so often the case, sinker size was the key with anything over an 0 Ball being too heavy for where I was fishing. While grunter bream are not my favourite fish to fillet, once that chore is out of the way they are fantastic on the table. The blubberlip are put to good use too as they go quite well in the smoker. A sample of the catch are in the photos.
  8. If you are in the right area you are generally well past your knees. In summer all the mud you get covered in makes fantastic natural insect repellent.
  9. I dug for them up on the edge of the mangroves at Wynnum north a number of times back in the day.
  10. You generally use your hands to dig in the very soft mud out the front of the seaward edge of the mangroves or drainage lines that run into the mangroves. Hays Inlet is a very popular spot for digging them and I use to dig them at north Wynnum as well. There are a couple of spots down the coast where I get them these days when I am keen enough.
  11. I dug the yabbies and buy the worms. I can get bloodworms from the mangroves down the coast if I want to when I get keen, but that is increasingly rare!
  12. I got the bulk of these on the ebbing tide. Not too much action this week on the flood with a lot of small fish mostly.
  13. August is always a pretty good month to chase sand whiting at many locations around Moreton Bay and there have been a few fish nosing about the Southport Broadwater for me landbased after work for a couple of nights this week. Nothing over 40 cm so far, but a couple of reasonable fish. Bait choice hasn't seemed to make much difference with fish being caught on yabbies, surf worms and Cribb Island worms. Light leads (00 or 000) in less than a metre of water has been the go. These were caught from the beaches at Runaway Bay.
  14. I will be back on this week with a segment on Fraser Island, its formation and human use over the many years with a little bit on its significance for various harvested species such as tailor.
  15. Hi mate, I will follow up with the station as I have quite a few requests for it! Daryl