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  1. Angry51

    Nrl 2019

    Yeah, I'll be in ellicat.
  2. Angry51

    How To Deter Possums From Garden

    Very strong chilli powder spray. I make my own , big heap of chilli's blended in chopper, boil for 1/2 hour with water, about 2 litre's. cool, put in spray bottle and spray trees. Stand up wind or you'll know what sore eyes are.. Keeps grubs off garden too.
  3. Angry51


    That's heartbreaking. hope you /Police track the lowlifes down. Trouble is they only get a smack on the wrist.
  4. Angry51

    Small Scale Wave Energy Converter

  5. Angry51

    Brisbane Boat Show

    Are you game to go home yet?
  6. Steady on Wayne, I can hear you smiling from up here in NQ. Hope it's all how you wanted it. Cheers Gary
  7. Angry51

    south queensland Crazy Deep Bass

    Does'nt look like you're fishing, more like robbing a bank. Cheers Gary
  8. Angry51

    Nrl 2018

    Thought the same last night, Should keep him going for the next week. Cheers Gary
  9. You should get a good cast with that 6.5m Whiting rod. Cheers Gary
  10. Angry51

    Getting Ready For The Cape York Trip

    First lesson Wayne, stay at least 5 metre's from bank, That bloke could lunge at you. Cheers Gary
  11. Angry51

    Getting Ready For The Cape York Trip

    Just a video from go to whoa will suffice with no edits. Cheers Gary
  12. Angry51

    Getting Ready For The Cape York Trip

    You are dead right OS, Do not have stuff packed around fridge, it needs air space to get rid of the heat. Cheers Gary
  13. Angry51

    Nrl 2018

    Yeah, them bl**dy pussy cats let me down again.
  14. Makes it all worthwhile does'nt it mate. Like you say sometimes you dont want to know them, then when you're out there it all comes together. Good report. Cheers Gary
  15. Gives you cofidence Wayne. You've got the right men on the job. Cheers Gary