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  1. I just hope she doesn't sell all my guns for what I told her I paid for them. So I try not to get into spreadsheets. It's called living on the edge.
  2. Looks like it was tagged 83 years in the future.
  3. I thought you'd have slept in for the first night.
  4. Yes Hamish, makes a joke out of the whole system doesn't it. The fisho's should spend more time catching crab pot theives and people taking undersized fish. Where's all the animal libs, they should be standing behind that bloke. End of rant.
  5. Angry51

    Nrl 2020

    That's good, Kelvin didn't win afterall.
  6. Angry51

    Nrl 2020

    Hey Brian, If the footy starts up again does the tipping comp restart or carry-on or is it a no go?
  7. Very good report Hamish. That was a good thready.
  8. Welcome to the forum Cavvy. You and the wife should be proud of that boy, you've done a good job, he's probably a pain in the bum at home but you can't have everything. He does some good reports.
  9. You're forgiven, don't let it happen again.
  10. I didn't know plastic was invented when you were a young fella! You'd been using cane baskets wouldn't you?
  11. " patter " And I thought you was a teacher?
  12. Cart's loaded up but where's the beer esky?
  13. That's one way to get a phone.
  14. Happy Birthday Hamish. Hope all your fishing dreams come true.
  15. Did you fella's know we've got a virus running loose. Watch the news.