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    if I`m fishing, my boat. if I`m driving, my car. if I`m at home, 4 fences
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    the 1 that works on the day
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    livies, live prawns & yabbies, pillies, mullet strips
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    6ft8in hammerhead 1978 / caught on handline


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  1. Gad

    Nrl 2020

    Round 3 Thursday May 28 Brisbane Broncos v Parramatta Eels, Suncorp Stadium, 7.50pm Friday May 29 North QLD Cowboys v Gold Coast Titans, Qld Country Bank Stadium, 6pm Sydney Roosters v South Sydney Rabbitohs, Bankwest Stadium, 7.55pm Saturday May 30 New Zealand Warriors v St. George Illawarra Dragons, Central Coast Stadium, 3pm Cronulla Sharks v Wests Tigers, Bankwest Stadium, 5.30pm Melbourne Storm v Canberra Raiders, AAMI Park, 7.35pm Sunday May 31 Penrith Panthers v Newcastle Knights, Campbelltown Stadium, 4.05pm Manly Sea Eagles v Bulldogs, Central Coast Stadium, 6.30pm
  2. Gad

    Nrl 2020

    here we go again REVISED 2020 NRL DRAW ROUNDs 3 - 20 Restart… Round 3. Thursday 28 MAY Venues for the draw have only been confirmed up until the end of Round 9 while State of Origin will be played over three straight Wednesday nights at the end of the season, on November 4, 11 and 18. A women’s Origin match will be also played during the representative period, on November 13.
  3. at least the Scots are up to date, my Irish side of the family tell me that in Ireland they`re still trying to understand Brexit and are yet to catch up on what this Covid19 is about
  4. Hamish, I think one has the interpretation of the restrictions incorrect. One can still fish landbased, if one choses too, one can fish in/from ones boat. One can not just go cruising about in ones boat. One can go fishing for food, one can not go fishing just for catch and release... so ensure you catch 2 fish 1 being a bream/flatty etc and take it home if you`re going with the intention to release fish.
  5. Gad

    Nrl 2020

    Re-start 28th May, hey.... That may all be well and Dandy, if it happens but....... WHAT if some of the 'any thing for a story' southern NRL media reports are right for once. Gus 'The Goose' Gould to replace Todd Greenberg as CEO......... The Game will never be the same, but at least it will still be played on a rectanglular field
  6. I`m sure some one will feel happy the council has donated them some soil/sand for their gardens/lawns......
  7. Gad

    Local Waters

    I would interpret local waters/areas as being your residential, local waters/area... Brisbane, Redcliffe, Ipswich etc would be mainly the Moreton Bay area. If one lived in these areas but thought Noosa, Tweed Heads, Hervey Bay etc were classed as local waters, that may be a bit of a stretch on reality..........
  8. That`s correct, it`s the choice for each one of us to make whether one goes or doesn`t go fishing.... like many regulations/restrictions brought in previously, that choice will only remain open to us untill the 'it`s all about me`s' have it taken away from us
  9. Gad

    Nrl 2020

    now it`s good news timefor Maroon fans ... The coronavirus pandemic will almost certainly prevent Adelaide from hosting an Origin match this year with the series to revert back to Sydney and Brisbane.
  10. Gad

    Nrl 2020

    don`t get caught out.... it`s that time of season when our time zones go back to normal on the east coast,........ AEDST finishes this Sunday morning. To celebrate these 2020 time zone re-adjustments Annatacia Palaszczuk has closed our borders so the eskimoes can not devastate our whiting stocks giving Qld fans affected by the NRL close down, plenty of social distancing space to get a feed for our family
  11. common sense guys... just remember that every servo fuel hose you touch, every bait/tacke packet and every cleaning-filleting table, etc you use or touch has been touched/used by others... for some of us with existing health problems ( and members of our households) this is important, for those with good health you`re also looking out for the safety of not only yourself but also your loved ones Stay safe guys, no can one protect you or your family better than you....
  12. Gad

    Nrl 2020

    obviously I over looked the fact that all 3 Qld teams got the chocolates
  13. Gad

    Nrl 2020

    Well, I`m not sure about you guy`s, but I`m willing to give all the refs, touchies and the Bunker crews an A+ pass for this weekend Stay safe guys
  14. Gad

    Nrl 2020

    I have never been able to figure the Titans as a whole out. Early on they bought 'on the way down' NSW based players who were looking for pre-retirement contracts or third+ chances because other clubs wouldn`t touch them and most came up for the Coast life style. Then they started getting some experienced senior Qlders who wanted to come back home and wanted to carry on their careers, and and other quality players during that period 6 or so years ago" The Titans playing and club culture changed and it was only through 2-3 seasons of horrendous injury tolls that held back the results they should have been rewarded with. Then followed the DCE farce and they off loaded some talent and up and coming potential to accommodate him.... Ash Taylor`s inexperience and development potential was shot to pieces along with the newly built culture. They still have a lot of potential running out on the paddock each week, but for some reason the development of that team potential is not happening.... Is it a NSW club culture philosophy being applied to a Qld based situation ?????