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    if I`m fishing, my boat. if I`m driving, my car. if I`m at home, 4 fences
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  1. Gad

    south queensland Mooloolaba Worms

    Yes swmcl, in the past I have and will in future C&R sharks caught around boat ramps and the skiing fraternity. In saying that I don`t mind the once in a while feed of flake and keep one every now and then. Bleed, headed, gutted and onto ice/ or into ice slurry, then immediately filleted (when back home) into meal portions and into freezer for a minimum of two weeks seems to get the best tasting in them when cooked.
  2. Gad

    This Is Why I Fish Out Of A Boat.

    Tradie underwear: guaranteed to be stain resistant
  3. Gad

    south queensland Mooloolaba Worms

    Flanker978, I`ve always found if you fish at boat ramps that are popular with water-skiers, that if you fish within 50 metres on the up river side of it, legal size (up to 1.5m) bullies are a regular catch. Flake may not be your cup of tea but take my word for it, practising C&R with sharks with skiers around is great if you have a perverse sense of humour, which I do oh by the way, you get to hear words that no one has read in a bible
  4. Gad

    Jumpinpin Pointers

    not sure where I got this info from, but it`s in my Jumpinpin fishing record file. may be of use to some as starting points 1 - Giant’s Grave is located at approximately the middle of Russell Island on the western shoreline. The prime fishing area is at mouth of a small creek that drains Browns Bay. While not exceptionally deep, it is deeper than surrounding waters and produces consistent catches of mulloway for those using live bait and in more recent years good numbers of pan size snapper on the run out tide. Aprox Location: 27° 40.388'S 153° 22.012'E 2 - Marks Rocks is one of the more consistent locations in the logan River during winter, producing mainly mulloway and bream. Anchoring on the southern side of the channel and casting up River, letting your bait wash over the submerged rocks on the southern shoreline during the run in tide is a good way to catch a feed of bream. Dropping a live bait down on a long leader and letting it swim in the current as the tide slows for the turn is a good technique for mulloway. Aprox Location: 27° 42.096'S 153° 19.429'E 3 - Flat Rock as it is known by locals, is a sandy area and ‘almost’ island in the channel that skirts the southern end of Russell Island. It is one of the better whiting locations at Jumpinpin using yabbies or blood worms on a run out tide. It is also a good place to drift or troll in the summer months for flathead. Aprox Location: 27° 42.508'S 153° 22.559'E 4 - Cobby Bank, the southern extent of Cobby Cobby Island including all the sandy areas at the entrance to Cobby Passage is one of the more consistent flathead location at Jumpinpin. The best technique is to stay at some distance so as not to spook the fish and cast into the shallows, retrieving your lure into deeper water. The last hour of the run in tide and first of the run out is usually the most consistent in this area. Aprox location: 27° 44.047'S 153° 24.183'E 5 - The eastern tip of Short Island, despite strong tidal flow, is one the of more consistent bream and mulloway locations at Jumpinpin in the winter months. Anchor as close to the Island as you can and fish both under the boat hard up against the shoreline ledge as well as casting up current into the deeper main channel, letting your bait wash down with the tide. Aprox location: 27° 44.715'S 153° 24.604'E 6 - Middle Bank is an undulating sandy area between Crusoe and North Stradbroke islands that is flooded by tidal water from both Duck Creek and the main channel leading to the Pin Bar. It is one of the most consistent whiting and flathead locations at Jumpinpin in the summer months. The trick here is to move often as the depth and amount of current varies a lot. Aprox location: 27° 44.556'S 153° 25.122'E 7 - South Stradbroke Island lagoon is a sheltered anchorage just south of the Pin Bar that allows anglers to moor their boats away from the tidal flow and boat traffic of Jumpinpin and take the short walk over the dunes to South Stradbroke eastern beach. Once on the beach anglers can walk north to the Pin Bar or south looking for likely gutters that hold a variety of species including tailor, mulloway bream and whiting. Aprox location: 27° 44.654'S 153° 26.446'E 8 - The eastern end of Tiger Mullet Channel is flanked by two sand banks; Gold Bank to the south and Green Bank to the north. The area usually has a good yabbie population and as a result a reliable location for a feed of whiting and flathead by either fishing the shifting sands in the centre of the channel or the edges of yabbie banks. Aprox location: 27° 45.499'S 153° 25.817'E 9 - The Southport Seaway north wall is one of the more consistent locations in SE Qld for mulloway, tailor and passing pelagic species. The deep hole off the end of the wall at its eastern most tip is a good place to swim a live bait for a mulloway, tuna or mackerel, especially on the turn of the tide. A floating pilchard in winter will see good catches of tailor and in close to the white water wash has a good population of bream. Sharks can be a problem taking hooked fish at times. Aprox Location: 27° 55.993'S 153° 25.886'E 10 - Jack Alley as it is often referred too, is a stretch of the north arm of the Coomera River from Jabiru Island up River skirting the rock walls, jetties and moorings of the Sanctuary Cove development. Trolling this area, being sure to stay out of private marinas, is a great way to target the the resident healthy population of mangrove jack and estuary cod in summer. Aprox Location: 27° 51.285'S 153° 22.134'E
  5. Gad

    AFO Stickers

    The original ones were good quality, the BFO one on my boat still looks great or... I need to get the boat out more
  6. Gad

    tingalpa ck land based

    Hi Marcus, welcome to the site. The site is blessed with a lot of knowledgeable fishers and most are happy to share this knowledge, so don`t be afraid to ask questions or to contribute to the site for other members
  7. seems to be an increase in dolphin and shark activity in the bay recently... no personal experience of it, just going by a lot of reports. Drought on land, drought on sea, bringing on more activity?
  8. Gad

    sport Tennis 2019 On Nine And Gem

    There`s many to keep an eye on again this year, Kelvin as you`re aware I always enjoy the womens parade... oops I mean fashion show... oops I mean the womens tennis. The ball bouncing, the concentration in the ball tossing, the heights they reach in their serves, their match fitness, their stamina ... ooohh the list goes on
  9. This has always been a problem right across the board since governments started trimming their responsibilities and fundings and allowing some industries/groups to be responsible for monitoring their own industries.
  10. Nine’s new era of tennis broadcasting will begin on Saturday December 29 with the Hopman Cupin Perth and continue to the Australian Open in Melbourne. Nine will also broadcast the 2019 Australian Open across its 9Gem multi-channel. Featuring matches played at the same time as those on the main channel, 9Gem’s broadcast will be hosted by Erin Molan and Seb Costello. Hopman Cup RAC Arena – Perth December 29 – January 5 Hosted by Rebecca Maddern and Clint Stanaway Day sessions begin at 10am AWST; night sessions commence at 5:30pm AWST. The final, on Saturday 5 January, commences at 4pm AWST. Brisbane International Queensland Tennis Centre – Brisbane December 30 – January 6 Hosted by James Bracey, Erin Molan and Tim Gilbert Sydney International Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre – Sydney January 6 – January 12 Hosted by James Bracey and Clint Stanaway Fast4 Showdown Qudos Bank Arena – Sydney January 7 Hosted by Rebecca Maddern Tie Break Tens Margaret Court Arena – Melbourne January 9 Hosted by Erin Molan Australian Open Melbourne Park January 14 – 27
  11. Gad


  12. Biosecurity Qld 13-11-18 Two prawn farms on the Logan River are heading back into production this month, after laying fallow for a year due to white spot disease. We are working closely with farms as stocking recommences and they transition back into business. To find out more about white spot disease visit
  13. Gad

    Nrl 2018

    Saturday 20 Oct. results Australia 34 v 16 Tonga A better showing by the 'new look' Aussies dampened most of the Tongan tenderising game plan. Tonga did not play up to the standard they showed in last years World Cup.
  14. Gad

    Nrl 2018

    Saturday 20 Oct. Free to air GEM broadcast starts 4.30pm. Qlder time... Mt. Smart Stadium, NZ. 4.45PM kick off, Qlder time. Australia v Tonga
  15. Gad

    Nrl 2018

    Aussies v Kiwi`s games Saturday 13 OCT results Junior Kiwis 24 v 40 Junior Kangaroos Kiwi Ferns 24 v 26 Jillaroos New Zealand 26 v 24 Australia scoreline was kind to aussies, 2 more likely than not, Kiwi tries disallowed by bunker rulings If DCE had been leader of the Israelites, they would still be wandering the wilderness, aimlessly filling in time. Next Saturday 20 Oct. Aussies v Tonga Televised 4.30pm Qlder time... 5.30 pm Eskimo time