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    if I`m fishing, my boat. if I`m driving, my car. if I`m at home, 4 fences
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    Don`t work no more


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    the 1 that works on the day
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    livies, live prawns & yabbies, pillies, mullet strips
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    6ft8in hammerhead 1978 / caught on handline


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  1. Gad

    Nrl 2019

    ROUND 1 Storm 22 v 12 Broncos The Storm and Bellamy keep on keeping on Knights 14 v 8 Sharks only clear knowledge gained out of this game... The Sharks have lost 9 out of their last 10 Seasons, round 1 games Roosters 16 v 26 Rabbitohs Bennett has taken over an already upwardly moving 2018 top 4 team. Warriors 40 v 6 Bulldogs Will Dean Pay be the first coaching scalp in 2019... or the only one? Tigers 20 v 6 Sea Eagles Manly fans are already asking the question... is Dessy ‘The Man’ for the job? Cowboys 24 v 12 Dragons How good is Jason Taumalolo Panthers 12 v 20 Eels The Eels won Titans 0 v 21 Raiders The NRL should hold a minute`s silence before each round 2 match in sympathy for the Titan`s fans.
  2. Gad

    Nrl 2019

    Robbie, I took the glass half full approach
  3. If the wilder gloom and doom weather sites are any where near correct, one will have to hire a trawler to get them from off the USA`s west coast
  4. This could be a hairy arvo/night for some. Seems the upper levels are very moist and unstable, right across the SEQ and heavy falls and possibility of severe storms for anywhere and every where. possibility oflash flooding and large hail mentioned on all good weather sites.... Another words some will and some won`t cop them Stay safe all
  5. well, at Silkstone we`re getting the heavy rainfall predicted.. Lights flickering, thunder, and my large, brave, woolly mareema dog is trying to climb on my lap... LOL
  6. TOP PRIORITY FOR IMMEDIATE BROADCAST Severe Thunderstorm Warning - Southeast Queensland for DAMAGING WINDS, HEAVY RAINFALL and LARGE HAILSTONES For people in Ipswich, Logan, Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley, Brisbane City, Moreton Bay and parts of Somerset, Southern Downs, Western Downs, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Redland City and Sunshine Coast Council Areas. Issued at 4:13 pm Friday, 15 March 2019.
  7. Gad

    Nrl 2019

    Well, the Broncos are looking good at this point in time, on the ladder they`re only 2 points behind the leader`s
  8. Gad

    Nrl 2019

    ROUND 1 NOTE: check YOUR TV guides Daylight Saving Time in New South Wales & Victoria continues till 2:00 am on Sunday 7 April 2019 and times may vary where you are EDITED Updated times 14-3-19 Thursday, 7.50pm, AAMI Park (FOX SPORTS AND CHANNEL 9) STORM VS BRONCO Friday, 6pm, McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX SPORTS) KNIGHTS VS SHARKS Friday, 7.55pm, SCG (FOX SPORTS AND CHANNEL 9) ROOSTERS VS RABBITOHS Saturday, 3pm, Mt Smart Stadium (FOX SPORTS) WARRIORS VS BULLDOGS Saturday, 5.30pm, Leichhardt Oval (FOX SPORTS) TIGERS VS MANLY Saturday, 7.35pm, 1300Smiles Stadium (FOX SPORTS) COWBOYS VS DRAGONS Sunday, 4.05pm, Panthers Stadium (FOX SPORTS) PANTHERS VS EELS Sunday, 6.10pm, CBUS Super Stadium (FOX SPORTS) TITANS VS RAIDERS
  9. Gad

    Nrl 2019

    Roosters Bunnies Sharks Broncos Storm Cowboys Panthers Titans
  10. Roosters Bunnies Broncos Storm Cowboys Sharks Panthers Titans Bottom 4 Eels wooden spoon again Warriors Dogs Manly Eels
  11. good question Robbie I`ve contacted local outlets, but they say they don`t know so I guess if one contacts one of the prawn farms, they would know
  12. Biosecurity Queensland update 25 Feb Prawn farmers back in business after 2016 white spot disease outbreak! South East Queensland prawn farmers devastated by white spot disease are celebrating their first prawn harvest since returning to production. Our emergency response team’s quick actions in dealing with this disease across all farms in 2017 was critical for future success. The ponds then remained fallow for a year before being restocked in September. Additional biosecurity measures are in place, such as water filtering systems, crab fencing, modified farm layouts and fishing restrictions around the farms, to help prevent disease from re-entering. We can all help support the farms and buy their fresh and delicious produce.
  13. Yes swmcl, in the past I have and will in future C&R sharks caught around boat ramps and the skiing fraternity. In saying that I don`t mind the once in a while feed of flake and keep one every now and then. Bleed, headed, gutted and onto ice/ or into ice slurry, then immediately filleted (when back home) into meal portions and into freezer for a minimum of two weeks seems to get the best tasting in them when cooked.
  14. Tradie underwear: guaranteed to be stain resistant