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  1. Oh, and if you’re as good as me at catching fish, buy one and put it in the esky before you go. Lol
  2. It seems pretty clear to me that we have an excuse for the moment at least. Just came out to catch fish for my family. It’s in the official government statement in black and white. Print a copy and put it in the boat.
  3. Well it had to happen. ScoMo just announced no more than 2 people from different families outside together now. So much for fishing to pass the time!
  4. 1 hour ago, Junky said: I make a habit of not catching undersized fish for that reason.... I make a habit of not catching fish, unfortunately
  5. Sorry to hear about the dam closures Ray. I don’t think saltwater closures will be far behind. Sigh
  6. Hi Hamish, There is never an excuse to keep undersized fish! cheers Greg
  7. Yes. We remember you waving. You obviously did much better than us. Report Weather: Not as good as was predicted. Half metre chop on half metre swell Fishing: **** - one kamikaze flathead 45cm Able to use the GPS/sounder to full effect: Nope Boat went well: Yep Waved to other boats while maintaining social distancing: Yep Moon: none - it was bloody daytime! cheers Greg
  8. Thanks Dropbear. Much appreciated
  9. 5 hours ago, Old Scaley said: Nice work @tugger and @Drop Bear. Eastern Bay? I am going to drown the crab pots and have a fish tomorrow down the port or out from the reclaimed land. Being a good citizen I will be practicing social distance and having a solo trip. Might throw a jig out the back on the chance they are around the western Bay as well. I’m heading out tomorrow too Old Scaley. Probably going from Pinkenba. What boat do you have? I’ll keep an eye out for you.
  10. Thanks guys. That was what I was looking for. More about the line size and type than the reel itself. I must admit I have braid on some of my reels, but have never really caught much on them. Although, like everyone, I probably have way too many reels, and don’t get to use most of them.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to research Hamish.
  12. Hi all, Just bought a Shimano Baitrunner 12000d. It says it takes 500m of 0.35 diameter braid, which is apparently around 50lb breaking strain. Any opinions on whether this would be a good choice for general casting at Pelagics in the bay and a bit of snapper fishing (if I ever manage to find one, that is). I thought it may be a bit heavy but would welcome any recommendations. cheers Greg
  13. Hi all, Went over to the Sandhills the other day. I know it is renowned for its whiting but does anyone have any details such as specific areas, water depth etc to find them? cheers Greg