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  1. Don’t worry Hamish, You obviously are super keen and spend a lot of time reading about and researching fishing. That is a good thing. At your age you can’t have the broad experience that a lot of the other guys and gals on here have. But you have the advantage of knowing the latest tactics, gear and theories and the drive to try them out. I was really looking for examples like “ I would always have a Rapala whatever in red and white for pelagics, a chrome spoon and a wonder wobbler 5 inch in green and yellow. Etc etc’. Thanks for your thoughts and hopefully you’ll get to put them into practice very soon. cheers Greg
  2. Hi all, Went to BCF for something to do today while waiting for the new boat to arrive. Sigh. Must say I was shocked when I saw the number and range of lures and artificial bait available these days! How in the heck do you pick one new lure out of literally thousands. And don’t get me started on the choice available in artificial baits. The same manufacturer has bait in pouches, bait in screw top jars, large packets, small packets, floating in liquid, not floating in liquid etc etc. Then there were gulps, zmans, blah blahs, blah ba blah blahs. Anyway you get the idea. Now I already have more lures and even artificial baits than I know what to do with but It got me to thinking, what do you think are your best 3 lures (any type or application) and the 3 artificial baits you would recommend members should definitely have in their tackle boxes? Be interested in your replies.
  3. Hi Ryan, An example might be easiest. If you are in a boat sitting on the edge of a green zone and cast into the water on the opposite side of the boat to the green zone you are technically okay. But if you cast into the green zone you are not. Having a fishing apparatus anywhere in the green zone will place you on the wrong side of the law. So no, you can’t cast from the bank into the green zone, and you can’t cast from your boat towards the bank into the green zone. In reality, I have been told that they have radar monitoring all of Moreton Bay and if they see a boat which appears to be in, or very close to, a green zone for any length of time, they send fisheries officers out to investigate. All of the above is my understanding, however I am not a lawyer and don’t pretend to me. cheers Greg
  4. Not a bad idea to have a hessian sack (any fruit shop should have one) to throw over the shark so that you can hold it down with a bit more confidence. Any tackle shop including BCF will have various hook de-gougers but I like elicat’s idea of the broomstick handle. Nice and solid and long enough to keep your hands well clear of those jaws!
  5. GregOug

    Site Down?

    Thanks Ed. Still not right, I think. Two topics exactly the same.
  6. GregOug

    Site Down?

    Hi, Was it just me or did others find it impossible to get on the site the past couple of days?
  7. Welcome Serious. Is there any particular type of fishing you prefer?
  8. Mate, if you’ve had it for sale for over a year just take it to John Crawford Marine and they will sell it for you, and get the best price you are going to get.
  9. I notice people keep mentioning grinners on here. They weren’t a problem 40 or so years ago when I was heavily into fishing. Only caught the very occasional one. Have they become a problem?
  10. Hi Hamish, There are usually prawns just out in front of Nudgee Beach, but usually in winter from memory. You need a boat. But if you do have one you could just jump from boat to boat until you find them when it’s prawning season. The boats are that thick! Lol. I’m sure others on here will be able to advise you on the best spots and time of year. Greg
  11. I used to fish inside Moreton a lot and in Bribie passage, but many years ago. So very rusty. I just intend getting out there and finding the spots. If someone who knows what they are doing wants to come along, all the better. And if people like yourself want to help me explore that’s fine too. Provided the seas aren’t too horrendous (in which case I wouldn’t be going anyway) we should be able to get anywhere in most of the bay fairly quickly. As for the motor - yes it should be very fast. I test drove one with a 175 hp on the back which is a V6. The 200 hp pro xs is a V8, which should get out of the hole much quicker. The 175 was lightning fast as it was. Just hoping it’s ready soon.
  12. Boatsales reviewed the ss64 last month, here: Hopefully the link works
  13. It’s a Stejcraft ss64. I mentioned it here:
  14. Does your father fish Hamish? When I finally get my new boat we may be able to have a fish.Will be looking for deckies.