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  1. Hi all, Just heard my stejcraft boat is still on track for completion just prior to Christmas. Excited! Anyway, I am trying to pick the best ski tube to suit my needs and thought someone may be able to help. I have selected three so far, all totally different. See photos. My sons have some very big friends (120 to 150 kg). The boat will have plenty of power to pull them but looking for the most suitable solution to pull two or three of them at a time. Also the last pic is of a tow ball which you put between the boat and the tube. Has anyone any experience with these and are they worth the $200 asking price? cheers Greg
  2. In fact I used to leave my rods propped up in the sand, without a rod holder. Waves would eventually erode the sand and they plopped over and into the drink. You washed them out in the surf, gave them a quick rinse with the hose when you got home and put them away until next time. If any of your reels show any signs of rust they are sh-t!
  3. It shouldn’t really hurt it. They are designed for salt water. I know reels are manufactured to a different standard these days but I have dozens of reels which are 10-20 years old, been submerged or covered in salt water, and are still fine today. I think leaving your drag set to a high setting does more damage. The drag washers get compressed and stop working over time.
  4. Okay. That answers my question. Salt water fishing it is then.
  5. GregOug

    Transom Height

    Now, that worked! Lol. You should probably let your insurance company know about the modifications otherwise they may refuse a future claim.
  6. GregOug

    Transom Height

    Well I just joined and I must say this site leaves the Ausfish site for dead. It says you can access attachments with Free Membership, but then when you click on attachments it says you haven’t got access! Most of the posts and photos appear to be years old, and when you find a recent post (say one in the last few months) none of them have even received one response. I think I’ll stick with this site.
  7. GregOug

    Transom Height

    No. I’m not. Might join it too then
  8. GregOug

    Transom Height

    Unfortunately no. It keeps taking me to the Ausfish site and says bad attachment. It’s also showing up in red font on our page.
  9. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows of a good freshwater spot fairly close to Brisbane where I can take the family and friends for a day out tubing, skiing, BBQing and generally having a fun time? cheers Greg
  10. GregOug

    Transom Height

    The attachment isn’t working snap. At least not on my iPad