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  1. GregOug

    Fishing Kayaks

    Oh well, if I see anything else interesting I’ll post it then. I presume the link works that I put to it?
  2. GregOug

    Fishing Kayaks

    Not sure if this ad is showing up at the top of the AFO page for everyone or if it is targeted, but it claims to be selling fishing kayaks for less than half price. Although, not sure why I’d be targeted with kayak ads as I certainly don’t want one. Too much work for me. Anyway just putting it up here in case someone is interested. cheers Greg
  3. That’s okay. I was only joking about the fingers. And he’s a pretty good deckie really. I’m free most days, just need some good weather.
  4. Hi Kat, You are welcome to come out as deckie on my boat sometime if you like. I have taken my current deckie out twice now for absolutely no keepers. Not his fault of course. I could take the current Australian Fishing Champion out and still catch nothing. However, I have suspicions that he thinks I have ‘problems’, which I didn’t think he’d catch on to so quickly. Also, I had to spend a hundred bucks to buy a thicker anchor rope because the cheap thin one I originally bought cut one of his fingers off. I mean, some people! There’s just no keeping them happy. Anyway, just let me know if you’d like to come out. Oh, and bring light line (preferably 1lb or less) and wear gloves. Still not sure if the anchor rope is thick enough. cheers Greg P.S If your husband is a 6 foot 6 possessive body builder please disregard the above invitation. P.P.S Happy to bring my current deckie along to show you the ‘ropes’. Ha Ha
  5. Hi KM, I think that all depends on the size of the rocks around it. cheers Greg
  6. Also Kat, in your introduction I noticed you were seeking advice on a few things. So here goes: Snags- now this one area I am a specialist in. If there is a snag anywhere in the immediate area I will find it. After much consideration I have come to the conclusion that the best way to deal with snags is to fish as light as absolutely possible. That way it is easier to break them off. In fact if you can find 1lb line go for it. Cleaning gear - sorry, can’t help you there. Never done it. Threading bait - not sure about this one at all. Once again, don’t think I’ve ever done it. What are you threading it with? Cotton? Wool? I just put it on my hook. Hope I’ve been of some help. cheers Greg
  7. Hi Kat, If you want fish for dinner just do what I do. Follow another boat to their secret spot, still catch nothing, look downcast and eat the fish they give you when they see how pathetic you really are. cheers Greg cc @ellicat, @Old Scaley, the dentist
  8. I hope that’s the breams blood on the rocks near its mouth?
  9. If you spent a higher budget you could get a boat she could invite her friends out on. ‘Think of it, dear, off to Tangalooma for the day, a quick swim in the crystal clear waters, lunch and a Chardonnay or two at the bar and a leisurely drive back to end a perfect day. Your friends will be envious!’ It’s worth a try at least and I always find if you aim for the sky and then scale it back somewhat later on, she feels like you have listened to her better judgement and compromised.
  10. For the winning team, there is also the opportunity to have a “SUBURBS OF ORIGIN 2020 CHAMPIONS – TEAM NORTH” which will be available to anyone on the winning team. Please see above @Old Scaley. The trophy is already stamped. You need to read the fine print, which i must say @christophagus has done a fine job on!
  11. Yeah, I know @ellicat. Just trying to make a joke. Didn’t work.
  12. Thanks for setting up the comp @christophagus. Much appreciated.
  13. The trophy will probably look like this below (tbc and finalised at the end of the comp) 14cm tall, and the cost of it will need to be paid for by the winning angler who wants one. One final thing @christophagus. Sorry to be a nuisance. Do you have trophies in your garage for all species types or only this one? For example, it doesn’t look much like a flathead. I suppose if you squinted enough it might. Just wondering.
  14. Not really KM. I’m just helping @christophagus ensure the Southsiders have no possible excuse when the Northsiders win.