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  1. Hi Bro, Not sure if you are aware but Royal Carribean cruises are American owned and all prices onboard are in American dollars. So everything including drinks are much dearer than they appear. Beware! They don’t actually warn you of the fact. Enjoy your cruise. Sounds like the NZ one you are doing so should be much cooler than here in Oz.
  2. Love the shorts. I’m pretty sure I had the same pair years ago.
  3. GregOug

    Nrl 2020

    The Broncos. But then I’m a sucker for punishment..
  4. A bit of humour to brighten your Friday Hopefully they will not offend anyone. And then the fight started.pdf
  5. Link to report for the Sunshine Coast
  6. Link to Gold Coast report.
  7. Thanks ellicat. Yes, very frustrated! But I just have to be patient. They are fitting the extras to the boat ordered directly before mine so hopefully it won’t be too long. Better hurry up. I can’t fit any more lures in the tackle box. I keep buying more while I’m waiting out of boredom. Lol
  8. Thanks Hamish. I believe it’s getting close but hate the waiting.
  9. Bought a tube. Also bought a tow bobber which keeps the rope up out of the water on turns. Still waiting for the boat to tow them with though. Sigh.
  10. Sorry Hamish. I was referring to North Beach’s boat, not mine. Sigh. -At least I bought a tube today to tow with the boat when I finally get it.
  11. Great news that your boat is nearly ready! I know the wait can be very frustrating. Almost at an end now. Enjoy!
  12. Another link. This time about prawning.
  13. GregOug

    Nrl 2020

    Yeah. Good luck with that Gad! Lol
  14. GregOug


    Keep doing well at school Hamish, get a decent job, save 10% of everything you earn and you can have any of these boats when you get older cheers Greg