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  1. See key point 3 on the first page of this article, which basically sums up my premise: I totally understand your viewpoint though. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have noticed any increase in the shark population of the A.C.T.
  2. No, of course it doesn’t. Because it is an article about certain sharks, not all types.
  3. Keep at it Hamish. You’re doing very well.
  4. What about this one Ed? Shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItezX6IjS7AIVy38rCh27hQlREAQYAiABEgKGevD_BwE
  5. I recommend a Stejcraft SS64 with a Mercury 200 Pro XS on the back.
  6. Unfortunately, if you actually read the article, instead of just referencing it, you realise that the study only refers to a few of the top of the tree sharks such as great whites and tiger sharks. I am not surprised they have declined. The other species of sharks below them have exploded in numbers to the point where the largest species are fighting to get enough food. Never fear though, whale populations have also exploded since whaling was banned and when these huge, long lived creatures start to die, there will be plenty of their previously primary source of food available for the top predatory sharks, and their numbers can then increase to the point where the lesser sharks already are.
  7. Good to hear. Don’t want anyone poisoned.
  8. GregOug

    Sportsfish Comp

    The comp works on the length of your best five fish, so the longer the better. Mackerel would work. So would whales but they’re probably excluded. Then there are three categories. Shore based, bay and estuary, and offshore.
  9. Great photos. Great fish @Drop Bear. The bloke didn’t keep the chinaman fish, did he?
  10. Hi Ed, Am I right in assuming that the 30 size would relate in the same way that the 25 in TLD25 and 10 in TLD10 do? That is, is a 30 size reel slightly larger than a TLD25? cheers Greg
  11. Yeah Hamish. I have those. I have everything known to mankind. Just need the fish now.
  12. Thanks ED. Much appreciated. I finished three coffees while reading your reply so it’s probably just as well the tackle stores are closed now or I may have come back with all the reels you mentioned. I am only interested in reels for trolling. I have heaps of baitcasters, and whatever the overhead style of reel larger than baitcasters but smaller than the large trolling reels, is called. I just want something to troll large bibbed minnows etc in the bay, for tuna, mackerel, wahoo or whatever other species of pelagic is stupid enough to take one of my lures.
  13. Hi Kat, Here’s my two bobs worth, which isn’t even worth that. But anyway. 1. In my humble opinion, yes it is stupid, except for a couple of occasions. Why bother using a heavier main line if your end tackle is not of the same breaking strain. It will break first so why use heavier main line. The only time I do this is usually when reef fishing I use a lighter line on a paternoster rig to the sinker at the bottom so when you get the sinker snagged you only have to replace it, rather than the complete rig. 2. I find the Albright line a very useful knot. Mind you, I only tied my first ones today to secure the wire trace from a hardbody lure to a mono leader then to the braid mainline. I haven’t actually tried them out yet so can’t comment on their actual effectiveness! 3. I’m old school. I only use braid for trolling. Why pay four times the price for braid when mono has caught fish for a long time, and will continue to do so. 4. I don’t even know the name of the knot I use for terminal tackle. Just always tied it. Im sure you’ll catch many more fish now I’ve revealed my fonts of wisdom. cheers Greg