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  1. GregOug

    Nrl 2020

    I think I’m going to have to change my tipping name to be in line with dropbears. Grego’s rubbish
  2. We used to call those fish Whippy Tails. Used to catch tons at Bulwer.
  3. Firstly, welcome to the forum Razel. I remember the old black queen rods. Used to have one once. I still have an old Wilson Bream Reaper which is an absolutely magic rod for bream. And they knew how to give rods a decent name back then.
  4. If they’re anything like the marks I have on mine you may as well lose them! Lol
  5. Thanks for the report Hweebe. I sense your frustration in trying to find fish and can only say I am feeling the same. Just trying to find a spot to take my teenage sons and actually get a decent bite but everywhere I go there seems to already be boats on any ground that is not completely featureless.
  6. GregOug


    Hi Hamish, I think the greater shock is that they have stopped making Evinrude engines. That is a major supplier gone. cheers Greg
  7. GregOug

    Nrl 2020

    Liked the one ref, didn’t mind the canned crowd but hated the 6 again rule.
  8. If we are talking about a support for your motor when trailering it my Merc has a purpose made removable steel support. I’m not sure whether they are supplied with a new motor or whether my dealer supplied it though.
  9. GregOug


    Wow! This is going to upset a few people!
  10. I have completed the survey but not sure if responses are even being taken now. It states qualification for the prizes associated with the survey Closed on 22 May.
  11. GregOug

    Nrl 2020

    Must say I already not liking the new ‘another 6 tackles’ rule. Certainly hasn’t helped the Broncos
  12. In my opinion, for what it is worth, 100 metres is not enough
  13. Tomorrow and Thursday are both looking magic. Might go out both days. I already have one decky but others welcome if interested.
  14. GregOug

    Navionics Or Cmap

    This is with a Navionics Platinum Plus card, with 3D sonar switched on. Note the actual contours of the bottom such as the small humps towards the bottom right. The picture on the screen is actually much clearer but I’m a **** photographer.