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Brisbane River Session #294 and #295


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17 hours ago, ellicat said:

Did you get a pic for the comp ?

Nice snapper, Hamish. Good to see you guys out fishing.

Thank you Brian, and somehow I completely forgot about the comp in the moment, I specifically tried to remember it that morning 😂 

16 hours ago, GregOug said:

I think his thumb is pointing up. It’s just behind the fish, so you can’t see it. And I’ve triangulated the wharf and pylons in the background against Hamish and the fish and he’s spot on. 60cms!


3 hours ago, Rebel said:

Top story.

Super photo.

Can't beat catching Snapper.

Cheers Rebel.

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11 hours ago, Old Scaley said:

Having access to a tinnie is going to add a whole new dimension to fishing for you guys. Nice work lads!

Thanks Steve. 

10 hours ago, Huxstang said:

Nice work Hamish.  That snap would have been a very tasty addition to the plate and at 60cm they put up a good account for themselves.

We went out yesterday.  Not much run = not much fun.  Hit Harries and thanks to the benefits of livescope could see there was SFA of any size around at least two of the wrecks.

Went down to Peel west and nothing on the artificial and then had a look at the wreck just near the channel marker - probably 6 or 7 fish over a metre swimming over and around the wreck but they werent tempted by anything.

The only thing biting all day were bloody grinners.   At least it was a nice day.


Thanks @Huxstang, sounds like a quiet day but livescoping would still be very fun!

2 hours ago, Neil Stratford said:

Well done Hamish , he would have pulled a bit of drag.



Thanks Neil. 

1 hour ago, mangajack said:

Thanks for the report Hamish, I was down there late Sunday arvo for a few snapps and a flathead plus the damn tailor that are everywhere lately.

Time to give the Bris River a spell and sus out some other grounds I used to fish in the 70's and 80's.....one spot threw up a 88cm snapp last Friday night I heard....land based as well.

No worries manga, sounds like your session was still pretty successful, have you ever tried upstream of the city in the river?

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