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  1. thanks for that was that the only changes
  2. when did that start
  3. snap1946

    queensland Bass

    hi guys is the limit still 2 bass on stocked dams where a sip is needed snap
  4. snap1946


    Viewing Lowrance hook 2 7 .USR file on computer
  5. that is right what it is cut away for to stop cavitation
  6. its to do with stop dirty water to the prop or cavitation
  7. snap1946

    Elc Motor

    hi all does any body use one of these Watersnake GPSmart Electric Motors and how are they on anchor mode snap
  8. snap1946

    Fish Alarm

    well i find it very useful when steaming around looking for fish at night when i am fishing the 30 fathom line outside when my eyes are looking ahead i can track back to where they were
  9. snap1946

    Fish Alarm

    hi allis there such a thing as fish alarm in a hook 2 triple shot sounder cheers snap
  10. used to catch them with the old man when i was a kid at night with a torch and a long stick used to get heaps just swipe the stick under their legs and pick them up used them for bream cheers snap
  11. stainless steel boat loader no further use with winch and remote $600 alveys are sold penn $100 for 3 bait board $50 contacr gordon 041310302
  12. snap1946

    sold Add

    how do i delete a add snap
  13. snap1946