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  1. certainly possible probably have to make up new frame and hinge it from rear more difficult if you have canopy attached to top of screen cheers ray
  2. reverse shoulder replacement did the left one 2 years ago 6 to 12 weeks is official estimate hopefully can be in boat as an observer in 2 weeks with rick as captain
  3. Andrew said one of your leccy reels
  4. reckon i can drive one handed but how do i mount a rod on one of these? will be able to sell it to clive Churchill when i am finished
  5. If it's a pin hole arahlisite or 2weld if split weld
  6. Bestt way do it on concrete, support rear corners of trailer with bricks, raise jockey wheel and commence filling. hopefully you will see some drops of water, if not lower jockey wheel as water runs to bow. keep on filling till you find leak. if it is small may have to leave for a couple of hours. do not use silicone to patch. worry for typos using tablet inbutcher shop (fixed it for you Ray)
  7. Bit breezy there this morning when we launched a couple of newbies in yaks wisely decided to just have a couple of casts from the bank before leaving at 6am, We picked up 20 odd bass at first spot half way down Koala straight. Ray Hughes also managed to lose his tandan cherry there. Next spot we tried there was a good show on the sounder but the wind and waves made it too uncomfortable to fish. The i pilot as running flat out trying to hold position so we went looking for a more sheltered position and ended up at the end of the second rockwall where it was still windy but at least no whitecaps. We pulled the pin at 11am with a tally of 61 bass and one tandan all on live shrimp. 2 of the bass had tags in them
  8. Copied from facebook unfortunately the donate button does not work but if you go onto Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee page on facebook you can donate to a worthy case. Some info on start of the recovery program of Mary River Cod. Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee is asking for donations. 20 hrs · Today is National Threatened Species Day. Would you believe it was almost 50 years ago when Gerry Cook recognised that Mary River cod numbers and cod habitat were rapidly declining, and a captive breeding program for the species was pioneered. With much trial and error and the ongoing dedication of many volunteers, at last count, over 750,000 Mary River cod fingerlings have been released since the breeding program began, for both conservation stocking in the Mary River catchment, and for recreational fish stocking in specific impoundments and waterways in south east Queensland waterways. Mary River cod were listed as endangered by the Commonwealth Government in 1992 and in the early 1990’s, when the MRCCC first formed, the Mary River cod was adopted as the group’s signature species. Since then, much of the focus of the MRCCC’s work is aimed at improving cod habitat and ensuring the survival of the species. Also in the early 1990’s, the Mary River Cod Recovery Team was formed with representatives from government and community, and the draft Mary River Cod Recovery Plan was produced, which estimated that as few as 600 cod remained in the wild. Around this time the Mary River Cod Community Network also formed, establishing the CodLine newsletter to spread the word about the plight of the cod. Over 20 years later and with much changing of hats, the CodLine continues with Issue No. 30 full of articles relating to riparian land management and habitat restoration. As each issue demonstrates, land managers throughout the catchment have embraced the need to protect and conserve cod habitat and improve water quality, not just for threatened aquatic species but also to improve productivity and reduce sediment and erosion. Despite all the work that’s been done, threats to the cod’s survival remain, including loss of habitat and illegal fishing. The Queensland Government recently passed new legislation aimed at protecting Mary River cod, particularly during the breeding season from August to October. Mary River cod spawning is triggered by rising water temperature and usually occurs during August/September. The male Mary River cod guards the eggs after spawning, and is very protective of the nest. If a male cod is caught and removed or distracted by a passing lure, even for a short time, the entire season’s offspring are likely to die or be eaten. This is where the fate of the species lies squarely in the hands of anglers. For years the cod has been classified as a no take species and it’s illegal for an angler to “target” them in the Mary River Catchment. No angler ever admits to specifically fishing for cod but many accounts and footage on social media suggest otherwise. For a number of years there has been a “closed season” to protect cod in the breeding season, which many anglers seem to be unaware of. The new fisheries legislation designates that the Mary River and tributaries upstream from the junction of Six Mile Creek and the Mary River, including Six Mile Creek will be closed to all line fishing (or possession of a fishing line) from the 1st August to the 31st October to protect Mary River cod during spawning. This does not include Baroon Pocket Dam, Borumba Dam and Lake Macdonald. In addition, Tinana Creek and its tributaries upstream of Teddington Weir will be closed to all forms of fishing all year round. To offset the closures, Fisheries are expanding the list of impoundments that stock Mary River cod for recreational fishing to include Wyaralong Dam, Ewen Maddock Dam, Caboolture River Weir, Robina Lakes, Lake Kurwongbah, Enoggera Reservoir and Lake Manchester. This allows the recreational take of 1 Mary River cod minimum size 60 cm all year round in the stocked impoundments. Meanwhile, the Mary River cod breeding program will continue at the Cooroy property of Hatchery Manager Darren Knowles during Seqwater’s planned reconstruction of the dam wall at Lake Macdonald. The works to relocate the Hatchery equipment and construct 3 new ponds is now complete and the cod are just waiting for the water to warm up so that spawning can commence. Fish stocking groups are encouraged to contact Darren on 0407 126 256 to increase the numbers of Mary River cod in impoundments for recreational fishing. Darren will also be supplying fingerlings to the MRCCC for conservation stocking, so please contact the MRCCC if you would like to be involved in fingerling releases later in the year. Images courtesy of Gunther Schmida. $7 raised for MARY RIVER CATCHMENT PUBLIC FUND You donated. Donate 4444 10 Comments32 Shar
  9. My 2 deckies availed themselves of the increased limit and too 3 bass each on Wednesday. Couldnt put my hands on latest stats but this one is indicative of a typical month at NPD so I think that the increased limit will not have a determental effect on the fishery. Cheers Ray
  10. A foggy start at NPD this morning with Hai and Ray the fish were patchy managing 35 bass in first 2 spots by 9am and we then moved downstream checking redclaw pots by the time we got to Andrews drop off the forecast westerly had picked up so we went down to the floats where we tied up as there was too much movement on the spot lock. Just he odd bass there so we ended up near the far marker to increase the daily tally to 45 bass. Ray and Hai took advantage of the new bag limits and took home 3 fish each. Some blind uninsured dykhed gave the boat a kiss whilst I was stopped at a traffic light. Boat seems ok just a busted transducer .broken tail light and winch post. Cheers Ray
  11. Went to NPD this morning with Gareth and Michael and despite giving it my best we failed to catch a single tandan. Redclaw still scarce but managed a small feed for both Michael and Gareth. Bass and yellas were a pest slamming our live shrimp. 95 bass ( 8 of them were tagged) 8 yellas. Suppose the bycatch made up for the lack of tandans, Cheers Ray
  12. I am still the tandan king with 3 to my tally against one each for Rick and Jason. I also get bonus points as one of my tandans had beauty spots on it. By catch was 2 yellas and 63 bass. Redclaw numbers still down but enough for a feed for Jason. Cheers Ray
  13. Recommend that you drop into this place www.facebook.com/allenstowncafe great tucker and good local info if Cameron on deck. Cheers Ray
  14. Last tagging day SEQ water donated 500 tags they are aprox $1 each, It costs $70 per year to be a member of suntag and several factors come into play re the number of tags you can receive. Years ago pre Cantdo Newman suntag used to receive government funding and there seemed to be no limit on the number of tags received, One year Dino.Andrew and I tagged well over 3000 fish but now you struggle to get 25 to 50 tags at a time and they can take up to a month to arrive. What gets up my nose is that individuals are not allowed to tag bass in NPD when everyone and their dog are encouraged to tag flathead and other saltwater species. Prior to everyone getting their togas in a tangle both SEQ water and suntag used to donate the tags for the tagging days and suntag used to provide people and resources on the tagging days. Whilst there may be no resolution to Suntag and PRFMA resolving their differences i really fail to see why ordinary people cannot tag bass in NPD. Cheers Ray
  15. Tagged fish from yesterday. Extremely slow growth rate for a small fish. One of the reasons that it is essential that tagging sjould be allowed in NPD. If it is just one small isolated fish ok but if it is indicative of a trend investigations have to be done. Cheers Ray