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  1. Percy ate most of forkies balance went into composting bin with the tilapia. All other fish released. Cheers Ray
  2. WE did a bit better than sunday with only around 30 forkies that Percy enjoyed until he filled up. Quite a few small tilapia in the shrimp taps that ended up in the composting bin. Redclaw have gone off a bit so time to move the pots.Ended up with 7 yellas and 8 bass with Steve Davies catching the best bass at 45cm and I got the best yella also 45cm . Big variety in the colouring of the yellas that were all caught in the same spot. Steve managed to catch a fish with his u beaut copyrighted lure.
  3. I am currently getting 3 month course of injections in my left knee to avoid the same thing. They are not working so far next one next week.
  4. You and your dad welcome can be back at ramp by 12oclock if that will giveyou enough time cheers ray
  5. up to 3 spots avail NPD tomorrow 23/2 . 5.15 start meet at gate end of adsetts rd no smoking no bananas bait fishing for bass and should also get a feed of redclaw 0403072325
  6. My regular wednesday deckies are away feeding the mozzies in northern NSW so I did a quick solo trip this morning,Absolutely blown away with the numbers of small redclaw in the shrimp traps. The photo is the results of one shrimp trap. Luckily the bass were not adverse to partaking of a feed of redclaw. I found one school that yielded 15 bass in just over half an hour and then took another 3 hours to bring the tally up to 21. Cheers Ray
  7. It is not legal to fish within 100m upstream and 200m downstream of any dam or weir in Qld. I doubt that the people that I saw were collecting mushrooms in their buckets. Cheers Ray
  8. Had to work hard to get some fish at NPD ending up with one yella and 32 bass ,6 forkies, and a feed of redclaw. Heaps of small redclaw showing up in the shrimp traps so future redclawing looking great as dam is now at over 66%. Did not take long for the word that Kurwongbah is spilling to get out. Saw about 15 cars parked in Beeville road on the way home so gave the hotline a ring and actually got a ranger who said that they were aware of it. Cheers Ray
  9. The new alvey spin reel reviews are reading well plus you are supporting local Brisbane company
  10. kurwongbah now spilling be interesting how recent improvements affect fish that go over the wall
  11. Percy had a couple of the forkies and the others were returned to the water with a slight headache.
  12. Dam has risen at least 3 feet so reckon redclaw will explode in a few weeks time as they can now feast on all the submerged grass on the edges. Fishing was a bit hard but Steve ended up with a feed of redclaw and we boated 32 bass and 5 forkies. About 10 of the bass would have been unders or just on 30cm and the best bass just over 40cm. All fish were released. CHeers Ray