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  1. Tough day yesterday despite good forecast and barometer over 1020.We just could not find a school anywhere. We did not manage more than 2 fish from any one spot and ended up with 22 bass and one yella. Even converted Steve over to bait and still ending up a small tally.
  2. We went to NPD this morning to watch the eclipse of the moon over the water. Turned out a bit of a fizzer as the moon sunk below the horizon just as the eclipse started. Seeing that we were there we decided we would have a fish ad we got thrashed by newbie Beau he caught 30 odd fish compared to 32 caught by three of us, Bit of entertainment by percy. Rick pulled a 51cm yella from 50 feet of water that he released. It appeared to swim back down ok but 5 minutes later it resurfaced and before we could recover it to send back down on a dropper percy swooped on it and after several attempts got most of it down except for around 6 inches of its tail so he swam over to the bank and managed to get it down. We thought that was the end of him for the day but around an hour later when we had moved he turned up again just circling the boat and grunting. The next thing he took off and started chasing one of the eagles that had caught a largish bass. He shadowed the eagle all the way back to its eyrie only giving up when the eagle landed. Plenty of redclaw and 3 fish over 50cm. 57 bass and 5 yellas with one of the yellas that Beau caught was tagged by me 2 years ago.
  3. Dont know cannot recall elicat wearing a hoodie and he always has a durry hanging out the side of his mouth
  4. what station and time please? cheers ray
  5. I have been out before with Tom the bass whistler and his dad and yesterday was no exeption . It is a great joy to see how much Tom enjoys life despite his difficulties. The redclaw were very good in some of our pots and probably also were good for the sharefarmer who had raided a few of the pots. Fishwise I thought we were in for a donut with not a scale till around 10.30 when we found some really good sized fish about 2/3 or the way to the far marker in around 30 feet of water. Tom had a real blast with his first fish being 50cm and tagged to boot. He had problems with a lot of the fish that he caught as he was not strong enough so Jason supported the rod whilst he played it. We finished up with 56 bass and a ute load of redclaw. ( Jason did not have anything to put them in so we just tipped them in the tray of his hilux. I am looking forward to next trip with Tom in the next school holidays in September. Cheers Ray
  6. 1950,s ? No sublimated hoodies back to front caps or face masks and still caught fish All wearing hats and long trousers. Any idea what car? Cheers Ray
  7. Doubt it there is a plastic one avail that I saw at the kiosk at Borumba years ago.
  8. Do not know as they do nor break down to individual permit holders and my figures include everyone in the boat. Months figures would be down with Dino in compulsory retirement. Cheers Ray
  9. The water in NPD appears to be acidic as wire does not last there. Rick made up some shrimp traps out of 6 gauge wire 2 years ago and they have all rusted out, and the wire rings in the redclaw traps also rust out very quickly. Cheers Ray
  10. Hard going today unable to locate any fish with just a few scattered bass in different locations until we found a small school on the edge of a drop off in the new area. Jason cracked a 51cm bass and a 41cm yella plus another 39 bass shared between the rest of us. Redclaw down a bit as eels chewed holes on 3 pots. Cheers Ray
  11. June catch statics PRFMA area NPD. Think the redclaw numbers are a bit iffy with people trying to keep their spots secret, We are averaging around 10 redclaw per pot and some are entering 6 as total catch and a few not entering at all, Bit strange as a conservative estimate of number of pots would be around 80 to 100
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  13. Another good day with the 2 Michaels and Mark.Couple of trophy sized bass and plenty in the high 40s. Mark will have to come again as once again he kept on catching 49 and 49,5 cm bass just cannot reach the elusive 50+ trophy. Final score 120 bass and 2 tandans and a good feed of redclaw for Michael H. The tandans will be redclaw bait for next trip on wednesday 6 tagged bass caught today. Finiahing off a perfect day with a Bruichladdich dram accompanied with oat cakes.
  14. Bit better today despite the wind. Michael finally cracked a trophy bass going 53.5 tail and 50 fork 64 bass ,1 yella and first prize to michael who thought he had another good bass but the fairy godmother waved her magic wand and turned it into a forky. Plenty of bass over 40cm and only one under that went 20cm
  15. With the number of small redclaw in the shrimp traps they will be plentiful for a while they will really explode when it warms up.