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  1. A bow mount is better if you wish to easily control the motor if casting or even playing a fish. Hand held remote handy if you are allover the boat whilst playing fish nothing worst if the fish heads up to the bow when you have foot pedal at the stern. Bow mounts take up space whilst you are traveling / Transom at least half price of bow mounts. Whatever you purchase ensure that you give a good wash down ofter use. Especially foot pedals. Also regularly remove prop and check for line around shaft. If you do not do this the line cuts out the shaft seals and once water gets into the housing you are up for an expensive repair that is not covered by warranty Cheers Ray
  2. What sized tinny I assume you are after a bow mount What features Budget If you are just after a no frills 12 volt motor with a bit extra grunt have a look at the watersnake65lb https://www.dinga.com.au/watersnake-combat-crc65-54-bow-mount-with-remote-and-free-dinga-fishing-shirt.html Jervis walker service is superb . If you desire features such as spot lock you will be looking at a lot more money. Haswing have a new model coming soon. Lowrance are bringing out their own brand soon but no info yet available and no info available with their arrangement with the current interaction with motorguide motors. Minn kota and motorguide features identical Minn kota interact with humminbird sounders whilst motorguide interact with lowrance. If you want auto stow and deploy Minnkota ulterra are the ducks guts but are only available in 24 or 36 volt motos ane are up around the 5k mark now Minn kota have their own dedicated service division and have spare parts avai; fpr motors going back 20 years. Motorguide servicing is done by your local mercury agent who may or may not be experienced with motorguide ok if it under warranty as they will just keep changing parts till fixed but it it is out of warranty you pay for their inexperience. They only keep parts for 10 years. IF you are on the northside Worthwhile dropping in to northside marine and having a yarn with Glen in the spare parts section or on southside talk to Daz at Cleveland Marine. Daz is ex BLA minn kota tech. Cheers Ray
  3. Drizzled on and off all morning but some good quality fish landed. First off I targeted spanglies for red claw bait while Rick was clearing the pots. once again we averaged around 14 redclaw in the pots that did not have holes in them. The bass were a bit elusive until we worked the best method was to just drift along the edge of the drop off in around 25 feet of water, Bit of a bonus was one of the yellas that we caught went only 32cm so good to see that some of the recent stockings are progresing, Rick had a bit of fun with a good sized eel before he broke it off, We went down near the island for no fish but checked out the eagles and their eerie. Ross and the boys from the PRFMA installed the fourth group of fads this morning
  4. Bit damp first up this morning, 46 bass and 3 yellas and some spanglies between 2 of us all within 1 k from ramp, Spanglies are now redclaw bait. Quite a few redclaw 35cm long. Sorry no photos as I left camera home . Cheers Ray
  5. When we were at NPD last Wednesday we noticed that the eagles had commenced to rebuild their nest that blew down last year. Today despite it looking a bit ragged it is quite substantial. We came a cropper with both the fish and redclaw. We were smirking with the first 3 redclaw pots with 42 redclaw from them and then only another 8 redclaw from the rest of the pots as they all had holes chewed in them. Could not find a school of fish anywhere and finished with 20 bass.1 yella and 3 forkies
  6. I measured it 340mm tail 325 fork weight 500g
  7. Bass have moved around since Sunday but we found a couple of schools. 84 bass No forkies Redclaw are a good size of the 5 pots that we had forkies in as bait 4 of them had at least 12 redclaw in them The other pot had a big hole and the other 3 pots that had dog biscuits as bait only had a few redclaw in them. Cheers Ray
  8. Just when you want to catch some forkys they have gone . Only caught 5 today ,2 on bait and 3 in one redclaw trap. They are working very well in the redclaw pots compared to the dog biscuits. Probably because they last a lot longer. Ended up with 81 bass 4 yellas,and 5 forkies plus a bucket of redclaw. Would have had a lot more redclaw but they are chewing holes in the pots and escaping. Steve had fun catching bass on a icejig but only managed one on a jackall with the bass not much bigger than the jackall. See Ross and Noel have been busy making more concrete fad bases. Cheers Ray
  9. Lake Baroon - Reopened to water based activities DATE: 30/04/2019 Lake Baroon is again open to all approved water based activities. Visitors are asked to please exercise additional caution on the water as conditions may have changed.
  10. Some very interesting reading here. https://gallery.mailchimp.com/8e9b456c48b03223a92178192/files/a6e08cd5-1c1d-4131-abc4-f41bf9cb180f/FFSAQ_News_April_2019.pdf cheers Ray
  11. Video of last group of fads being deployed at NPD on 13/4/19 HEP 13-04-19 Final.mp4 Cheers Ray
  12. Seeing that today is national banana day we did not do too badly even though we caught 50 odd less bass than on Sunday, once again quality was ok only downside was Rick got spiked by a forky and the spike went right up under his finger nail Cheers Ray
  13. Caught this tagged bass yesterday. Exceptionally slow growth rate as it has only grown 3cm is all the years.
  14. The tagged bass has been out 112 years.