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  1. Done like a true accountant be too dangerous to have something like that in my household. That is divorce material.
  2. I cannot understand the people who want to release the forkys in NPD when you consider the damage to the fishery they cause, They have no natural predators in the dam,eat the fingerlings ad compete for the food chain in the dam.
  3. I run dura hubs so if an unlikely seal failure happens the leaked oil is easily visible. Apart from that I have a yearly birthday schedule I jack up the wheel and pull off drums to check brake linings and refresh the oil, change house smoke detector batterys , buy couple bottles of Buichladdich to last till xmas when I can get more to last till birthday.
  4. Adult golden perch can reach a maximum weight of 23 kilograms and 76 centimetres in length, however, they are most commonly caught under 5 kilograms and 40-50 centimetres in length.Adult golden perch can reach a maximum weight of 23 kilograms and 76 centimetres in length, however, they are most commonly caught under 5 kilograms and 40-50 centimetres in length. I personally Have not seen many over 60cm in npd as they get older they just get rounder the larger ones seem to come from southern states, the growing conditions must suit them more.
  5. I run both motors at 9.9 if you use 10 it bypasses the maximiser the lower setting make no difference to top speed.
  6. Thanks Brian Rick and I will fix it tomorrow. Cheers Ray
  7. Good day at NPD today with Rick and Neil Had to work a bit harder than last trip ending up with 99 bass,couple of good yellas and one lone forky. Would have caught a lot more but Neil wished to tag some bass. He was not up to the task at one stage he had 4 fish queued up in the landing net so Rick and I had to stop while he caught up. Best bass was around 47cm and Neils yella went a respectable 61cm and Ricks only 56cm Bit of a drama on the way home as axle on trailer slipped backwards and jammed the tyre into the mudguard so the boat came home on the back of a tilt tray so looks like I have a project tomorrow.
  8. buy a 10 inch jockey wheel it sits a lot higher and also easier to move. I got a solid one as i found that with the pneumatic ones the tubes are ratshit.Cheers Ray
  9. if it is a swivel mount jockey wheel the mounting is adjustable for height
  10. which one displays green zones the best?
  11. we have had a couple of sessions better than that shoulder letting me know about it now. Could have done with this in the boat.
  12. Was not once about 4 times think I will have to tape a bike tube to it and run the tube down my trouser leg.
  13. It was not one it was about 4, might have to tape a bike tube to it and run it down my trouser leg.
  14. WE ignored the forecast and braved the cold and wind. It was cold enough but multi layers of clothing kept me warm but was a challenge with negotiating PFD, rain coat, rainpants, trackydaks,shorts and undies when it came time for a widdle. No one told the fish about the crook weather with both Ray Hughes and Mark upgrading their PBs with fish over 50cm. The quality of the fish was excellent with several over 50 and lots over 45. I was the only one that did not crack a 50. We boated 20 bass by 7am half way down Koala Straight finishing up with 60 bass and 2 tandans from that location. We left there and did the shrimp traps and tried one other spot opposite koala straight before moving to Andrews drop off where we increased the tally clicker to 163 bass finishing up at 1pm. Cheers Ray