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  1. Bit damp at Hinze western arm this morning, Only a couple of photos as I put camera away so it would not get wet and then forgot about when it fined up.We boated 44 bass in the first hour and a half down towards the dam wall and took nearly 3 hours to find another 9 fish. Best bass went 47cm. Rick was the only one to miss out as he failed to catch a barred grunter. All on shrimp tagged and released. Cheers Ray
  2. Another cracker morning with plenty of bass once we found the schools which were in the normal spots between the 2 islands. Most of the fish were in high 30s and low 40s , I think Ricks 48 was the best fish of the day, Saw Jason getting a couple of 50+ yellas off one of the fads. 71 bass was final tally and left them biting. Cheers Ray
  3. There are bass barred grunter tilaia and carp in forrest lake but no fishing allowed tilapia and carp in creeks plus occasional bass cheers ray
  4. You can see the black trail on the ground where the burning fuel ran towards the embankment and then ignited the bush fortunately the firies attended and pot it out before it was able to spread. It would have been impossible to extinguish once it became established. SEQ water do have fire breaks cleared but they are only around 12 feet wide and easily jumped. On a lighter note here is the history of the tagged bass that I caught grown 25 mm.
  5. Gee yhat second one looks fatter than some of the dam fish. Cheers Ray
  6. Cheap project 4X4 at the gate, Some poor persons pride and joy destroyed. Took a while to find them this morning but good fun once we located the schools bass were in high 30s and low to mid 40s with 3 bass going over 50cm plus I nailed a fat yella. Few quadruple hook ups with mid 40s bass were interesting but avoided severe tangles. Final score was 76 bass.3 yellas.5 forkies. 3 bass over 50cm {Gives you the poops when a newbie gets a 50+ on his first trip) Few deer about also. Couple of yakkers from the sailing club enjoying a quiet paddle, Cheers Ray
  7. First off things were looking grim with 6 bass between 30 and 32cm and 4 forkies so we headed off to the floats for 5 bass and one yella before things quieted down. Next spot was in the usual spot between the islands where the fish were a little slow but consistent and of a good size. We stopped fishing at 11am with a tally of 58 bass,2 yellas.one tandan and 4 forkies. Tagged fish grown 20mm Did the redclaw pots on the way back to the ramp for 8 redclaw from 10 pots.
  8. Slow morning yesterday. After doing our redclaw pots we thought we were on a winner with a very large school showing on the sounder out in front of the fig tree, Two consecutive triple hook ups proved that the sounder was correct but the downside was that they were forkies. We tried all over the lower area of the permitted area to reach the grand total of 10 bass by 11am. In desperation we ended up tying off to the yellow float and picked up 12 bass and 2 yellas in the next hour before calling it a day. Lots of bird life attacking the bony bream on the way back to the ramp. Probably well over 100 pelicans stealing fish from the shags. Hope that the pelicans do not start roosting on the ramp again Went over the Ricketts road bridge twice and did not encounter any stray fishing lines or members of the lycra clad brigade. l
  9. Were you riding on the bikeway/pedestrian bridge or on the road? Was the fisho fishing on one of the fishing platforms. The fisho would have to be pretty good to land a cast on the bridge from the bank. Doing 30kph would be foolish if you were on the shared pedestrian/bikeway with attached fishing platforms Ray
  10. why were the police involved?
  11. Closed season for barra till 31 jan in tidal waters
  12. Achieved mine today finally got my xtrail back from the mechanic after a month no longer have to depend on others to go fishing. Another bonus its currently pissin down
  13. Was a bit smoky at NPD yesterday morning with great company with Michael Holland who kindly towed my boat up there from Redland Bay, The redclaw are still scarce but we got enough for Michael to take home for a feed. The fish were scarce to start off with but we found a couple of good schools between the 2 islands. If you look at the sounder shots and a couple of the photos you should be able to suss out the general area where we were fishing. The fish have been holding out there for over the last month or so. Final tally was one small forky,2 yellas and 71 bass. The fish were all good quality with 23 of the 32 that I measured and weighed going 40cm or better. Best bass went 48cm. Cheers Ray