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  1. Another day of laughs and fish with two Michaels as deckies. Started the day checking redclaw pots before trying to find some fish. The redclaw are now starting to get some size with plenty of small ones coming on so they will not taper off over winter. No fish were found until we reached the floats where both Michaels had a double hook up with a bass and yella successfully boated. The fish were of good quality in high 30s and low 40s but a little slow. so we went searching again with little found until we located some good sized bass in the new area. before having a last shot on the floats on the way back to the ramp . The bass were cooperative once again but we decided we had had enough. Checked a few of the redclaw pots on the way back and a few of them had between 8 and 12 redclaw in them so the two Michaels ended up with a feed of fish and redclaw to take home. Glass out conditions all day with the breeze maybe getting up to 3 mph a couple of times 20 bass 4 yellas 9 forkies that were converted to redclaw bait on the way back to the ramp as the pots that I put forkies in as bait on Wednesday had twice the number of redclaw as the ones with just dog biscuits.I was bit worried that the dead forkies would stink but all that was left were a few bones. Cheers Ray
  2. Another good one yesterday apart from getting wet feet due to my ******** decky leaving the bung out . I was too busy gassbagging at ramp to a couple of newbies in a hobie cat with a leccy on the back. Gave them a few shrimp to start with and saw that they caught a few fish when I came back in.. Did not notice it for around 15 minutes until I pulled the first pot when there was an inch of water over the floorboards. Took around 10 minutes for both bilge pumps to clear it. I had used a couple of forkies as redclaw bait last trip and they worked well so will keep any in future instead of just donging them on the head.Did a bit of exploring around the no1 fad and picked up 3 bass there. They were not schooling on the fads but just cruising around around them.Nothing at first at a couple of normal spots but found a school of mixed fish from 20cm to 40 odd in 35 feet of water towards the far marker. Nothing doing at the far marker but the chippys ( Birds) that had their nests burrowed into the bank were not happy as their nests were submerged.Plenty of bass on the floats on the way back to the ramp despite there being nothing there earlier. Owen was at the ramp just launching his new rig to try out his twin stern motor set up so I culled my redclaw and gave him all the smalls. 46 bass ( Around 16 under) and one yella. Decky is still suffering from toungelashing as I write this. Cheers Ray
  3. I did but the snag also followed me.
  4. What I look like after getting sagged 10 timews when the others are catching heaps of bass and yellas.
  5. Another productive solo day. I was doing ok on Andrews drop off when Graham Round came past and said he got 5 yellas and plenty of good bass on the float. So i headed off and found Colin and his son getting a few yellas so I hit the spot lock and proceeded to get into them. The bass were good quality with the smallest being around 35cm and most in the high 30s and 40+,. Gave a couple of bass and some hints to some newbies so hopefully they will be able to catch their own in future. Cheers Ray
  6. If you are still after one i spotted a new up in the roof of the shed. let me know if you are interested and i will pull it out will take at least a day to motivate me as i have to pull the boat out before i can even start.
  7. Had a leisurely 7.30 am start after hitting up the local market first. Very pleased that the pelicans have gone from the ramp and the few showers have left the ramp clean enough to et your breakfast off I had a supply of shrimp left after my last trip so I started exploring for some fish first up. First spot was bare but a few 30cm bass at the next spot. So i kept moving as i just wanted to see where the fish were rather than sitting on a school.Some more near Dinos shrimp traps and along in front of the second rockwall before finishing up around Andrews drop off with a total of 35 bass boated,on a mixture of live shrimp . Found a couple of our missing redclaw pots in my travels. Total of 31 legal bass and 5 unders and not one forky. Cheers Ray
  8. Neil and I were banging them on live shrimp and Steve on a purple blade until Steve had to retire hurt and visit the GP to remove the hook Steve putting to bed the story that you will not catch fish on a lure while there are liveshrimp in the water. Maybe it is the garlic scent that he is using on the blades and plastics. . Plenty of bass mixed in with the forkies and we had a system going in that every time we got a triple hook up on forkies we would move Andrew drop off and the old far marker and the old old far marker the most productive spots . Andrews drop off on the way back was looking really good until we had to knock off.. 45 bass on the counter and did not keep score on the forkies. Percy was not hungry and only ate a couple of forkies so the eagles also had a feed. Best news was not a pelican in sight on the ramp but still a bit of residual smell which hopefully will wash away with a bit of rain.
  9. Bit of a dud day today with 30 bass ( only about 10 legal) one yella and numerous forkies with double and triple forky hook ups. Mark had the fish of the day with a bass of only 40 cm that was tagged. Shrimp were very scarce with small redclaw outnumbering the shrimp by about 5 to 1. The forkies were distributed all over the dam at all depths. Surprised by the number of swans on the dam with 37 in one group and plenty of clusters of 4 and five everywhere. We had run out of bait by 10am so had an early finish. didnt have to hose out the boat as the rain gave the new carpet a good wash. Back on wednesday for another go. Cheers Ray
  10. Mark and I went to the western arm for the first time since September last year when the dam was at 100%. Now at 93% and has dropped at least 9 feet. I had some shrimp in the tank at home so we went to Ians island where we caught 10 bass to 40cm and fed the barred grunter until we ran out of bait. We then went and checked the pots that had been sitting since our last visit. 5 of them were high and dry but the other 3 had a fair few shrimp in them plus small redclaw so we just sounded in among the trees and picked up another 12 bass and fed more barred grunter before running out of bait again.. Next week we will have to attack the eastern arm and see if any of the pots there are still in the water . Cheers Ray
  11. Check the charging specifications of your deep cycle batterys 20 amp total current over 3 batterys seems a bit light. Cheers Ray
  12. Ifyou are fair dinkum about prawning bite the bullet and get a new custom made net your first 2 buckets of prawns will well and truely cover the cost. Cheers Ray
  13. Google prawning pete it will take you to another site. Pete does custom nets and also does repairs. You have to know what you are doing as you need a netting needle and special knots to secure chain/ He will also give you lessons on how to throw. and how to look after your net. Cheers Ray