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  1. I had an opti on my last boat. Alarm and limp mode triggered a couple of times due to low oil (Always seemed to underestimate oil burn or think i had enough for another trip) To avoid this issue I just topped up oil for each trip and always had a 1L bottle of oil spare on board. Needless to say next boat i was only ever going to get a 4 stroke to remove this step.
  2. Yeah Gary - Doesn't keep the site up to date. I've been communicating directly with him on some options.
  3. I'd rather be uncool but catching fish . Yeah have seen those submersible lights but not sure on effectiveness. Looking to see if anyways swears by lights or no lights from experience
  4. Hi All, I'm looking at getting into some night fishing so i'm looking to fit out these under water led lights as a fish / bait attractant. Thoughts on whether Underwater LEDs in general work for night fishing or don't bother? Some good reviews on FB for the below and i like the idea of supporting local manufacturing. Currently has an offer of 2 x the below lights for $220 delivered. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger. https://h2oglo.com.au/product/trailer-boat-surface-mount-20watt-led-lights/ Cheers Hweebe
  5. Is the fishing ok when the moon is out?
  6. I know people have told me to target squid in the same areas i target whiting but i have zero experience squiding from a boat. Do people just chuck out a squid lure or pillie jig out the back on a float or are you jigging? Water clarity would have been really good for a squid jig but I've found running three whiting rods is just about right to avoid tangles, unless I swap out a rod for just squiding. Once the whiting are on the chew like Saturday not much time to play around with a squid jig.
  7. Did not even cross my mind ...rightly or wrongly i'm trying to stay with the intent of the legislation to reduce fishing pressure on snapper and not targeting them. Then again i almost never land target species so maybe Snapper as "by catch" and release would be ok
  8. I also add the half hitches which seem to help the knot through the guides easier. Hacks i employ: 1) Surf rod has tape marked at 25cm (bream), 30cm (dart), 35cm (tailor) - Mainly fish double island point from 4wd 2) Buy a roll of double sided velcro for use are rod wrap - much cheaper then buying branded rod wraps. 3) Dropper rigs - pre-rigged at home and wound around a foam (pool noodle). 4) Leader organiser keeps things very tidy 5) For lures with double trebles I will wind a rubber band around the two trebles (bringing the trebles inward) to hold them together - this results in less treble tangles with other lures. 6) Safety pins - Every new purchase of hooks is slid straight onto safety pin clip. Keeps hooks organised and not tangled and same sized. 7) Get yourself a good pair of stainless steel pliers - worth the money. 8 ) Learn to spool reels the correct way to avoid wind knots. 9) Save money on ice - make your own out of old 600ml bottles / milk bottles / ice cream containers 10) Take a photo of reel after you have spooled with the braid package and strength rating - So you know when you last replaced the braid as well as the rating.
  9. There are certainly worse problems to have compared to having too many fish to fillet.....so I'm definitely not complaining. @Allnighter I'm thinking of using @Cobiaaddict tip of winter whiting as bait for a nice snapper once the season reopens. I still haven't cracked 50cm on my pb snapper.
  10. Yep - Bar catch comes standard with the easytow trailers and bar crusher boats. Correct the hook is a welded part to the boat - could easily be fabricated and fixed to fibreglass boat with some through hull bolts. Yes the catch is made of stainless but if you can fabricate i don't see why you couldn't make this out of aluminium. Most of my launch and retrieves are calm water but i don't see the system having any issues in rough conditions (no chance of accidentally releasing.) There is no wear on the eye part of the catch. Once you have winched tight against the winch post there is very little movement to cause wear. Most aluminium boats have this type of eye so I don't think wear will be an issue. If you are keen I could take some more detailed photos and measurement to help with the DIY. I think you could knock it up if you are handy and a few generic trailer spares.
  11. My filleting station is the dining table directly opposite the TV. I filleted what we needed for lunch and did the rest whilst watching the broncos actually win a game later that night. Didn't really time it but finished filleting around half time. I usually factor 1 minute a fish, not because it takes that long but i usually get distracted. Hence why around 60 is ideal (60mins). When the two of us have bagged out its almost two hours of filleting (you quickly lose motivation) With a sharp knife and actually concentrating, it probably takes 30 secs to fillet, remove rib cage and remove pin bones (a sharp knife is key). Also a fillet station where you can sit is much better then standing up and hunched over. Size was good on Saturday - I would rate the size at the moment as above average.
  12. After reports on FB about winter whiting on the chew headed over to rous/small ships channel. Launched from Manly @1st light (6ish). Tide was running out at start of session but turn of tide was only a few hours later. Have found that ideal scenario is first light, incoming tide and either wind or current pushing our drift about 0.5-1knot so our guess was the bite would be hot around from 7 to 9am So we pulled up in the middle of spot x and we were straight on. For the next hour and half the action was non stop, between me and my partner we ran three rods, two in the water and one in the boat with whiting to be dehooked and rebaited. We started with peeled prawns but bite was too hot and swapped to squid which was being readily taken as well as Berkeley red worms. (I run 3 droppers). Action was hectic and as we were out at first light only a handful of boats around. By about 9am we had 60 in the bucket. By this time quite a few more boats probably grown to 30 boats. Even with all the boats we could see everyone was catching just not at the same rate from earlier in the morning. We decided 60 was enough to fillet and also we like to our whiting fresh. We left the the whiting still on the bite but I was was keen on having to constantly adjust my drift with so many boats around. Could have continued fishing but Back at the ramp by 12pm no ramp rage to be seen . Sorry no photos other then what we cooked up for lunch. So good and fresh as.... Tight lines. hweebe
  13. When I looked into solo launch found these videos that may be of interest. Climbing involved in the first clip. No climbing in the second 2 videos. Skip the intro about backing a trailer Similar to above but longer video explanation
  14. Maybe the gearing and line retrieval will factor? If you want to spin metals other spinning reels will have better gear ratios and line retrieval compared to the baitrunner?
  15. I call that being thrifty....why spend $100 when a $2 piece will do the same job