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  1. So I started my fishing journey largely all land based many years ago. Pretty simple really, each weekend with a mate and cousin we would scope out canals and bridges (Goldie). Being students we rarely ever purchased bait and fishing for us meant cast netting for bait, if there was no bait we would move to the next spot. Besides rain and tides, wind typically didn't factor into our fishing plans (if we were free we would go fishing) Bream, Flatties, Trevally and Jacks were our common catches. When Iooking at boats and trying to decide open tinnie or bay boat my target was for Northern bay fishing (had enough fun fishing for estuary species) so i went with a bay boat (bar crusher 575c) But where do you go with a bay boat when the Bay is playing up and conditions are rubbish? I did not realise how weather dependent boat fishing was. Wind, rain, tide, moon, swell etc. I live near Brisbane CBD (5km south) where would be some suggested estuary areas that are protected from wind and not too shallow so if when I feel the urge to wet a line i'm not constantly hoping for a forecast change on Seabreeze, met eye, windy each weekend hahahaha. Pumicestone Passage? Broadwater? Southern Bay? Trying to decide where i explore next.
  2. Good stuff. From the photos you can really see how the water conditions glassed out towards the end of the day.
  3. Thanks @Old Scaley I'm paranoid about green zones so have plotted tracks for all green zones in and around North/Southern Moreton bay as well as your go-slow areas. Yeah i noticed in the Atlas for SEQ fishing that the diagram of Peel has lots of Rocks sticking out in the shallow sandy areas. Mentions a houseboat wreck on the southern point near a green marker as well.
  4. Seems like Peel mid week or at night is more the go as I've searched through the forum for "Peel". Might change my plans on location. I go to fish and relax, not hang around boat ramps.
  5. Hweebe

    Nrl 2020

    Battle of the bottom dwellers, I'm not sure which team to tip or which team is worse.
  6. Thanks for the heads up @Another Wazza they reckon it is one of the busiest ramps in QLD. Hopefully if I aim to be there at 1st light it will be ok, otherwise the trip from Manly isn't too far away. (Not keen on wello with no pontoon in the colder weather)
  7. Hweebe

    Nrl 2020

    Should read: Baby Broncos v Reigning Premiers......fingers crossed we don't get smashed.
  8. Certainly I think you will benefit even more if you do the course in your own boat it will give you confidence when you can say you have done bar crossing in your own boat and know how it will handle. Bill will get you on to some starter GPS tracks for crossing south passage and always extends a life time offer to update the points on request - so that is a real positive in itself. BTW that is a very sweet first boat many of us can only dream of something like that but at that size you should be feeling pretty safe in typical boating conditions. The only thing i would add to your top post is the typical rule of thumb for someone starting out is to avoid crossing at bottom of low tide regardless of other conditions. Not saying it can't be done, it just crossing at other time you have more margin over hitting random sandbars. So in planning if the crossing will coincide with low low, you would just adjust your launch time ahead or after a couple of hours to give you some margin. Cheers, Hweebe
  9. I don't normally launch from Raby Bay but have heard the ramp can get pretty busy on weekends. Anyone have experience launching from there? Any tips on what i should target in and around Peel. (Is Peel productive given how close / accessible it is to brisbanites? ) I have no spots so I plan to do some charting and google maps to drift/sound ledges until i see something that perks the interest.
  10. Thanks @Luc53 and @rayke1938 maybe i can convince the better half that i need a second boat
  11. Shows how much (or how little) I know about dam fishing. For what ever reason I thought some dams in se qld that were previously electric only had changeD to “low emissions” outboards allowed?
  12. The video commentary is crackers. I reckon @crazywalrus didn’t want you to have bragging rights for landing fish of the day so he was try to put the mockers on you
  13. Hey @AUS-BNE-FISHO good read, have you tried going lighter on your trace or leader to entice some more bites? With the whiting I wonder if you had pinned through the body near the dorsal fin if you would have hooked up?
  14. Aah very old profile when I first joined in 2014. All updated now would be great to meet up. I’m 5km from city on the southside but launch from pretty much any ramp depending on where I plan to fish. I’m Monday to Friday so fishing time is limited to weekends which I know is not always ideal.
  15. Thanks @Luc53 only other thing is if I’ll get laughed off Or not when I launch the bar crusher half cab to fish a Dam