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  1. Hweebe


  2. What sounder are you upgrading from? As it takes a few runs to get all the settings the way you want with a new sounder
  3. Legally? I wouldn't mind some ideas
  4. Would using a wheel clamp be overkill? I use this at home but don’t see too many in use at boat ramps. Other than hitch locks what else do people do to make their trailer less attractive to thieves?
  5. Hweebe

    Boat Insurance

    Agree I work in electricity industry and the tactic that is widespread in many industries is to get customer signed up at lower “intro” rate and then after 12 months rate reverts, customer forgets about it and loses the discount. Due to this tactic being currently legal in all industries I recommend that anything u by annually u shop around and never let a policy auto renew.
  6. Hweebe

    Transom Repair?

    Where u drilled the hole has it gone completely through the transom? Could u have maybe reached the bilge area which can be wet at times?
  7. Did the plugs get changed at the last service? On my last boat I had a very similar experience, saw a makeral bust up pulled up to neutral and motor spluttered and died. Would restart ok but not always on first go. That same day same thing happened to me at the ramp. When idling engine would die. Did the same thing kept the revs up and luckily had fenders and other boaties around to help. Marine mech Diagnosis was I had fouled plugs or potentially an injector dying. plugs u can check, injectors if you have a multimeter and service manual u can check the resistance of certain pin combinations is within tolerance of the service manual to diagnose.
  8. Nice video mate, I reckon if you tilt the camera up slightly so the rod tip is in view this will add to the camera work.
  9. How is the battery life on the drones being used? Enough for how many drone casts? Or does it pay to have spare batteries?
  10. Nice write up great that the wife and kids get into it too. I made the mistake of getting my missus into fishing and now she outfishes me but still refuses to rig up or get her hands dirty baiting her hooks up.
  11. Top way to eat as it doesn’t get any fresher then that. Other than too much fresh, Do you think the weather and potentional change in barometer does anything to shut down the fish prior to a storm?
  12. AFO seems more active so far compared to another forum with similar domain name I shall not name
  13. The trophy 1802 was a heavy thing. I think if you are looking you would want a minimum 140hp on the back. I mostly fished 3 up and the 115hp opti struggled to get on plane bow really high up. I’d also get one with trim tabs. It doesn’t have a deep v hull but the weight meant it punched through Moreton bay chop really well once on plane. In terms of layout this really is the perfect compromise between a centre console and a cuddy. Maximised fishing room whilst still being comfortable. The walkaround was perfect for chasing Longies with one of us standing up front it gives really good high vision to spot bust ups. It also served as a really good casting platform. If u have a family the cuddy easily fit two small adults, kids no problems. The walkaround setup meant battling fish around the boat was no problem either. That’s the key benefit of walkaround with full access around the boat. This came in handy more than a few times. Serving as both a family and fishing boat keeping the fibreglass clean was a chore with blood and guts really sticking to the anti slip deck surface. The reasons I went plate this time are the things I didn’t like about fibreglass. Hard to clean, extra weight meant more fuel burn, harder to handle for solo fish, more fuel trailering. The perfect boat for me would be a walkaround plate but they just don’t make them with the size cuddy on the trophy unless u go longer than 18ft. Hope that helps, would I buy again? Yes but only if powered enough and if I changed to more family cruising and less fishing. At the moment I’m still able to fish more.
  14. Ditto can’t access the link but the Possession limit is two.
  15. Back into fishing after being boatless for three years. Last boat was a trophy 1802 walkaround with 115 optimax. The opti was underpowered and had its gremlins. After being towed back a third time pulled the pin. Tried three local mercury dealers none could find the intermittent ignition problem. Pretty much a noob when it comes to boat fishing. Most of my fishing was in and around port of Brisbane / mud / harry’s / rous. Came home with more donuts then fish. Very frustrating but have put the deposit on a used 2012 bar crusher 575c.Taking a different approach this time and hoping to learn as much as possible through the forums rather then winging it while on the water. want to target: threadie, Jewie (in the river) and longie, makeral, whiting, squid in the bay