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  1. Out on the gold coast 36s and at spot x which is around a 30km run from the seaway
  2. Have heard there is still plenty of bait and marlin on spot x thanks for the report
  3. shag rock holds them sometimes
  4. Love seeing the Abbott point wharf brings back plenty of memories you have definitely tamed some big GTs keep the posts coming I love hearing about my old stomping grounds
  5. Lance wanted them for his neighbors they look after his pets when he is away
  6. Headed up to 1770 on Wednesday got into the caravan park about 530pm set up a few chairs and had a brew. Got up early and was at the servo in town at 5am to get our ice then launched the boat and headed out the weather was mint all day and in 2 hours we were dropping our 1st baits. The fishing was good as we were quickly putting quality red throat and trout in the box. My best trout went 63cm and was fat as mud. Lots of under size red emperor were caught up to 54cm must have got 20 or more without 1 legal size. We anchored up behind the reef just after dark and settled in for the night. The next day was slow but slowly put some more fish in the box like tuskies and more rte. The boat was playing up with the motor not charging the batteries so we called it and headed home around lunch. We had got close to our bag limit so not a big loss for the trip and have dropped the boat in today to get fixed. Here is our final tally
  7. Yeah went alright just had a hiccup with the boat will do a report soon
  8. Epic journey but good to find the fish
  9. Thanks mate report is in the making
  10. Yeah love the weather shots fish are good to good times boys
  11. The weather is looking better now with winds easterly later this week so lance and I are going to head up Thursday Friday Saturday now the change has is swinging away from the west on Wednesday night. The fish should be on the chew better with this change fingers crossed our little tinnie can bring em home.
  12. I was talking to lance last night and we are going to give it a miss with north westerly winds forecast we reckon that we would struggle I will keep an eye on it if anything changes
  13. Got work I can't get out of but I roster off on Tuesday and looks like that weather window might extend well in to next week so if so I will head up later in the week I will be giving lance and a few of the boys a call
  14. You would have to be a real local or have fished it as a pro to know everything your asking I do know I have struggled getting good fish up there in a north westerly wind. Most chances we get with a good weather window we go it's hard enough just getting that than wanting all the ducks lined up with tides moon barometer weather. You do need good calm weather as you cross a lot of open water that is a priority the fish will come there is excellent fishing for it we are all waiting for the weather and there will be a few of us heading up.