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  1. I'd finished my can when they said raise your drinks but the dinner was to good to leave until finished for a top up. Some of our cooks were awesome and a big shout out to 1 in particular Drew which was this night in the photo. There wasn't much talking just nom nom nom.
  2. So I twist and take the heads off then split the tail down the middle with some heavy duty scissors. When we mix up the marinate and add the split tails I then pop it in the fridge or esky for the day or overnight.
  3. No i haven't heard of any in the area in fact qld health would normally broadcast a health warning if we had a few people getting poisoned. It has been quiet on that along the Queensland coast for a few years now
  4. Thanks Kelvin we picked up trout at most spots this time moving along all the time without flogging the same grounds. Callums moari cod was a stonker it had some good sized fillets.
  5. Yes the bar was open on SS Tugger my missus has a boat license so she was captain. You have to take the correct bait and refreshments
  6. Redclaw was yummie we always take a few tins of coconut cream and minced garlic and sweet chilli to marinate the tails in the longer the better for marinating to.
  7. I have heard and seen bigger snaps down the river after dark Steve fish where ever the brightest lights are shining on the water. Sometimes they leave a portainer crane down with the lights on on a empty container wharf or any of the bulk cargo wharf again look for the brightest lights shining onto the water.
  8. Didnt you tell him you can't out fish the skipper Beau
  9. Went to Somerset dam for 5 days after I got back from 1770 so I have had a big month off work and loving getting out and about again. Took the missus out there in the caravan with the kids joining us over the weekend and a few friends with their van as well. We got a few redclaw and did a bit of fishing but mainly just chilling around camp. We burnt about a ton of wood and cooked some mad feeds in the camp ovens. Already got 2 more big trips booked with the van down south so more reports of our van life to come. Here's some photos out on the lake.
  10. tugger

    Somerset Dam

    Navionics app I use has Somerset dam which you can download onto your phone or tablet device it has all the depth contours and I believe you can get a navionics card for your sounders
  11. Thanks I have seen guys out at the point it looks fishy and boats troll around the headland right there for spanish mackerel
  12. Great crew most of us have done this together for a while bring on the next 1