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  1. Thanks Kelvin I have been through the Tweed bar plenty of times it's alright typical bar stands up on a big run out tide with a decent swell running.
  2. I have caught trag and plenty of other reef species over the years I am just a tad addicted Hamish
  3. Yeah Steve fillets dusted in wholemeal flour on a well oiled bbq plate with a squeeze of lemon just before they come off the bbq. The deal is they organise the chips and salad and keep a beer in my hand while I fillet and cook.
  4. Yeah it was a beauty for the young fella Lance
  5. Went through the Tweed river bar a couple of mornings ago and out to the Fad. 1st drift we had a double hook up and my friends 2 kids caught their 1st dolphin fish. Next drift was the same double hook up and dollies jumping around us. The new boats arriving drove fast straight up to the Fad and spooked the fish so it all went quiet. We decided to move back to the 9 mile reef where it was a lot calmer. 1st drift my friends son hooked up to a good snapper and after a dogged fight he reeled in his 1st snapper and a beauty at 66cm. The bottom went quiet so we trolled around the 9 mile reef for some pelagic hoping for a Spanish or marlin but it wasn't to be. We called it early and went back to the camp and filleted our catch. A big bbq fed plenty of family and friends at camp that night.
  6. Good luck March is a good month down there for them
  7. This is the start of the season and should only get better into January and February
  8. Haven't tried mermaid yet or had any reports from there to help you out Kelvin. The currumbin bar needs 2 hours minimum from low tide on the bigger tides on the neap tides you can get away with 1 hour from low I have been over it near low water a few times now.
  9. Got out yesterday to add another couple of spotties to the box got sharked on 2 others, they move even quicker with a shark on their tail
  10. They go hard on the end of the line to I was surprised how much line they stripped quickly off the reels
  11. Thanks Steve but one thing the mackerel don't like me showing up lol.
  12. Hit up Palm beach reef for an early morning session a couple of days ago. Jumped currumbin creek bar and joined the other boats already anchored but luckily no one was on my usual spot. We floated out pilchards and spun with slugs but it was all bait doing the work. The 1st fish hit the deck by 0500 and there was not much time before the next strike. We had double hook ups, tangles and plenty of fun keeping baits in the water. All up we got 8 strikes and landed 5 big Spottie mackerel in just over an hour. We were back on the ramp by 0800 and filleting by 0830. The fresh fish went well on the bbq with family and friends.
  13. Nice fish Dino did they jump and carry on
  14. tugger

    queensland Seq Fads

    https://www.qld.gov.au/recreation/activities/boating-fishing/rec-fishing/fish-aggregating-devices/find-a-fish-aggregating-device Open link to find coordinates
  15. tugger

    queensland Seq Fads

    They only have proposed GPS coordinates in media releases to date we should get the exact spots released soon.