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  1. I think this is the generic mark 27 08 623 153 26 227 12 to 15m deep
  2. Haven't fished up there myself but have heard the Spanish can get thick on it this time of year
  3. tugger

    south queensland The Sea Was Alive

    This southerly blow coming through now will get them chewing and the water temp is still high inshore on the gold coast so the 1st few days after the wind drops will be the best opportunity to see it like this again.
  4. tugger

    south queensland The Sea Was Alive

    I hope to have another crack at the spotties after this wind drops
  5. tugger

    south queensland Offshore With Luvit In Luv-it

    Great day out to catch a nice Spanish with a whale shark visit as well. I wonder wether it was the same 1 I saw at boat rock last year we had the whale shark come right up to the boat like yours did.
  6. tugger

    Moogerah Dam Social

    You would have loved it Robbie we got a top spot closest to the water and the weather was mint.
  7. tugger

    Moogerah Dam Social

    No it is 1 of the quietest weekend ever the place is no where near full
  8. tugger

    Moogerah Dam Social

    Weather is mint water temp is perfect for swimming in the gorge caught a few bass already
  9. tugger

    Moogerah Dam Social

    Starting Friday and finish on Sunday a fresh water weekend on a very picturesque lake at lake moogerah caravan park. Great fishing and camping on this lake so come join us for a top social wether for the day or a night or 2. I will be getting a 100 live shrimp from the local supplier and know where good yellas and bass live. Join in the post here and let us know if your coming if your looking for my camp we should be right on the water in the caravan park.
  10. As usual great report Robbie and excellent photos sounds like a good exploration
  11. tugger

    south queensland Marlin Madness

    Quiet on the last trip but might have another look next week if the weather and current improves
  12. tugger

    south queensland Greater Keppel Island Advice

    Through the warmer months the fan doesn't back off much up there
  13. tugger

    south queensland The Sea Was Alive

    Colin gets to most socials still , he loved the day on the mackies
  14. tugger

    south queensland The Sea Was Alive

    Good to have a plan b that worked
  15. tugger

    south queensland The Sea Was Alive

    They certainly were thick I haven't seen it like this for a couple of years on the mackerel love seeing them up on the surface like that