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  1. Yes Hamish the hoods have been perfect cut up as Calamari rings for our consumption and those squid heads will be going on a large circle hook up on the reef off 1770 the coral trout, red emperor etc will woof them down.
  2. Yes perfect red baits Kelvin can't wait to try that out
  3. Thanks Steve yeah we got them in the eastern bay and kept our required 2m of separation in the boat good luck tomorrow
  4. Thanks Hamish yeah we caught them on yo zuri jigs.
  5. Drop Bear (Robbie) and I went out squidding today started off a bit sqaully so we had to don the wet weather gear. Once we got to the spot it dried off and turned into a beautiful day the squid were steady and we kept catching good size tiger squid. Some drifts were insane getting 7 squid before resetting the drift. Then the last drift we scored 11 squid with triple hook ups. Back at home Robbie and I took a couple of pictures then cleaned the squid and split it up. Fresh Calamari for dinner tonight and a enough for another night or 2.
  6. Heads are going for bait best red emperor baits
  7. The squid have been on lately I think it's time to have an explore and find some. Looking at heading out tomorrow as it is a great way to get away and self isolate should be plenty of distance between me and anybody else.
  8. Forgot to call this off so today rang the campground they were about to ring me, there will always be plenty more times to get down there. More maintainence time for the Boat and gear now and a few quick fishing trips.
  9. Prawn topped home made pizza just awesome Had a thin base with olive oil then cheese advacado red onion prawns and melt cheese again over the top
  10. Go get in to them Kelvin throwing a net will test your shoulder though
  11. In deeper holes on the turn of the tide
  12. Herring were released to the waiting seabirds and fish nothing wasted
  13. To easy Steve its just technique and practice the most put of boats was small compared to when it's real busy . When the prawns finally get eaten at home here we should give it another crack the season is young.
  14. Had a few net fulls of herring a nice flathead and 1 small shark
  15. Went prawning with Robbie and Steve yesterday we left redland bay ramp finding the boats and finding the prawns. Some of our 1st casts had great numbers of prawns in the top pocket of our nets. We worked around the area with Robbie the skipper putting us on the good shows. Some casts had 20 to 30 prawns which brought big smiles and the odd YOU BEAUTY. I think we did really well and had the other boats following us. I tried telling others nothing to see here no prawns here but they were onto us. I must thank Robbie and Steve for their patience as I had to cancel the morning session as work got in the way. The midday session ended by 2pm with our bag limit of 2 bucket of prawns. My share of prawns I cooked 2 kg in sea water with a good squeeze of honey and will peel the rest for prawn meals like curried or chilly prawns with rice. No need to line up in shops to get a feed here mmmmmmmm tasty prawns.