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  1. Good to see you getting the boys into camping nothing better for young kids exploring new placez and there is a great social side for kids in the camp grounds with all the orher kids there. Good for us big kids to come happy hour hehehehe
  2. Well Sunday was perfect weather it didn't get above 5 knots all day so we checked out a few different spots off stradie. I had a mate with his boat wanting to get a few fishing marks for his gps so he followed me for the day. We got over south passage bar at 1st light and stopped at our fishing hole and started a few drifts bagging a couple of snapper biggest going 65cm early and lost a couple of brutes before it shut down just on sunrise. We moved out deeper with the next spot only giving up a couple of Moses perch. The whales were thick typical now for this time of year we had them breaching all around us and even saw a large group of male humpbacks chasing a female at speed but they chased her in circles and never got to far away so we saw the whole whale sex thing bit brutal as they rammed each other often. Soon another move was on the cards so we had a look out wider again at the waverider bouy and found a few dolphin fish. They were only small so all returned to swim off with their bright colours still vivid. We moved again back inshore and anchored up hoping for a Spanish mackerel to hit a bait. We.managed a few more Moses perch but no luck on the Spanish. We did catch plenty of dart and queenfish here which kept us entertained with their power and jumps like mini game fish. There were also a few more snapper to be found along with a lot of big silver trevally that pull like trains. Before we headed home we decided to do some more drifts in a new area I haven't fished before with some great results. We caught good tuskies to 45cm and snapper to 55cm and lost a couple more monsters. My son hooked a big spangled emperor which gave him plenty of stick head shaking and peeling line like he had a light drag setting but I know how heavy he fishes it soon was netted and released at 70cm they are poor quality that size. We then caught a 40cm pearl perch and we were baffled as we were fishing in 25m of water. Finally the time came to head home in near perfect conditions topping off an awesome day.
  3. Yeah went alright I will put up a report
  4. Some solid tuskies Brad and a horse nanny that lost its bearings
  5. Good snapper would have been fun getting the old spots to fire
  6. Its not free but worth it I use it on my tablet that's 10inch gives great definition and a awesome sonar map option which I use to fing the structure and drop offs.
  7. Let me know how the bait reef mark goes i hope the slimie mackerel are there for you
  8. This sounds like an amazing trip I hope you get some great weather my tips would be to download the HD navionics app on to your phone or tablet it gives great definition of depths, drop offs, reefs etc I still use it to find new ground. If your chasing Spanish look for lots of tight lines next to the reefs on the navionics it will show where a ledge is that has deep water right up next to the shallow reefs. I like to troll these or anchor and float baits out off the drop off a good tactic in windy conditions where you can get on the Lee side of the reef and get baits out in to deep water but you are still in flat water. Trout and other reef fish will be every where just Mark all reef bommies you pass over and look in different depths of water because fish may feed better in different depths depends on the day. We fish for Reds predominately in 50 to 60m so don't be afraid to look around any little bump may hold good fish. I like to use mullet fillet for bait as it stays on the hook well but keep any legal size fish and fillet them especially Hussar. I use 6/0 and 8/0 true turn hooks in a double gang with a swivel in between.
  9. It's school holidays would your boys be keen to come up
  10. Yeah I am going up during the school holidays so my daughter can come up with the misses
  11. After this week of big seas it will be worth a look next week there as the snapper like it there after some rough weather
  12. I will keep in touch as we get closer Brad I reckon your keen to see some more red fish in your boat soon