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  1. What a ripper I love the runs and head thumps uou get from a big snapper like that.
  2. Haha haha I absolutely loved the place
  3. We saw the new ramp with a nice new pontoon for it as well Ray
  4. Thanks for the day out Steve it was good having a look around down there again it's been over 20 years for me. The whiting should fire up after some rain will be back after that.
  5. Hamish its more to do with the warm water currents that move from one side of the Pacific Ocean to the other so in the years we have more rain there is more warm water pushing up to our coastline. Hence good pelagic seasons follow warm water along our coastline and more oceanic baitfish. I was getting plenty of yakkas and slimie mackerel on this trip and it's been a few years since they were in numbers like that on my bait grounds. All pointing to a good pelagic season fingers crossed.
  6. Don't know any myself but I reckon that would be a closely guarded secret
  7. 22.5 degrees and yes it should be a good year for pelagics with the el nino likely this year.
  8. Thanks for the company Steve it was a top day on the big pond, we should have stayed at the 1st spot in hindsight. That light rod did well on the moses perch it was buckeled over a fair bit looked like fun on the light string. The one thing i found interesting was the sea was alive with bait fish every where we went they were breaking the surface from inshore all the way out to 70m and back again.
  9. Silver trevally 36.5cm Angler Tugger southside
  10. Got some of that data 1st hand thanks for dropping by lads and telling me of a great days fishing while I was working
  11. Good you got home alright it's a long way back at slow speed some nice fish in that lot Sef
  12. I'd finished my can when they said raise your drinks but the dinner was to good to leave until finished for a top up. Some of our cooks were awesome and a big shout out to 1 in particular Drew which was this night in the photo. There wasn't much talking just nom nom nom.
  13. So I twist and take the heads off then split the tail down the middle with some heavy duty scissors. When we mix up the marinate and add the split tails I then pop it in the fridge or esky for the day or overnight.