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  1. Grunter, or barred javelin fish. Delicious!
  2. Looking at that last photo, looks like you really did get on the sauce Mark!
  3. Nice fish and great photos, @Cobiaaddict. Those conditions look brilliant.
  4. Thanks @jon. That was the first spot I tried. Definitely fish there but just not on the chew at that time. @tugger, Great tip there, but I am not much of a night fisherman these days. Interferes with cocktail hour.
  5. I was sitting on my front verandah this morning enjoying a leisurely late breakfast and thinking about the snapper closure kicking off next week. I haven’t landed a decent snap for months and usually the port area can be relied on at this time of year as a reliable source of those 40 to 50cm fish that go well on the line and on the plate. Then a number of things occurred to me: it was not raining; it was not windy; I had fuel in the boat; I had pilchards and squid in the freezer; there was a high tide in the middle of the day; I was free all day and the car was available until 3pm. I had no excuses for not going so I grabbed a bit of tucker for lunch and headed for the ramp. I decided to focus on areas close to the ramp that had delivered in the past, sounded around and found fish on the sounder but no hits on bait or plastics for the first hour. Moved up and out of the channel and found some bait schools so deployed the spot lock (love the electric) and was soon pulling in squire at the rate of a fish per cast. Trouble was they were all about 25cm, which seems to be my new limit. Fished up to the tide change and then headed home. So no keepers (hence the “short” snap sesh title) but still an enjoyable outing in great conditions. Maybe the bigger snaps will move in after the closure. Oh, and my new sunnies are fantastic. For all those viewers who enjoy my terrible photos of dead fish on a dirty esky, sorry there is nothing for you today, but here is an even worse photo of a live fish for your viewing displeasure.
  6. Old Scaley

    Somerset Dam

    What sounder do you have? All the dams are mapped in the Garmin GPS units.
  7. Sunline FC Rock seems ok to me. They are probably all ok, I just buy that one out of habit.
  8. Haha @ellicat, or should that be Nostradamus? They turned up today at exactly the same time as the clouds first appeared. Gave them a test run driving into the late arvo sun just now and they did the job brilliantly. Now to get a strap so I don’t put them down on the boat floor and step on them. Will report back in a year’s time on their durability and scratch resistance.
  9. Thanks @Junky. I am the same with glasses that don’t have really good visual acuity. I end up taking them on and off all the time because I want to see as well as I possibly can. With my MJs I can leave them on for hours and not even register that I have them on. Ordered a pair of World Cup sunnies yesterday and can’t wait to try them out.
  10. Nice work, Hamish. Never heard of butter bream being caught that far upstream so well done.
  11. Sounds like another good trip, Mark, with heaps of tasty fillets to remind you about it in the months before your next trip. Plus a bit of creek work and some exploring. Life is good.
  12. Thanks for that @Junky. I have been looking at what to do about new sunnies for fishing. For some reason, all the poly lenses that I have had have always developed a film over the lenses after a while and I like super clean glasses to help my ageing eyesight. Thought maybe it was my sunscreen or the salt water. So I was tossing up between just buying cheap servo polarised and tossing them when they get filmy and scratched, or going for glass lenses. Til now I haven’t seen any glass lenses in fishing styles. I have a pair of MJs for normal use and love them. The best lenses and most comfortable frames ever, but they are a poly lenses and not a wraparound style. Great for driving and other things but not fishing glasses. How long have you had the World Cups? How do you keep them clean on the boat without scratching? I used to keep a spray bottle of fresh water handy but they still ended up scratched and I am pretty careful with glasses.
  13. That was a good read @Allnighter. Some great advice there and only a week to put it into practice.
  14. If you have a gold card, @Dinodadog you deserve to be well looked after. Thanks for your service.
  15. I kept a stingray once after seeing one of those lifestyle TV shows where a chef from Noosa demonstrated how to prepare them and how to cook them. I can’t even describe the mess I made of butchering that poor creature. It was all cartilage and guts. Felt bad about wasting it and never tried again.