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  1. See if you can get a back issue of Queensland Fishing Monthly from August last year. They do reports at all different locations from Yamba to FNQ and have some great info about what to target, where to try and what techniques to use. Good luck.
  2. @Luvit, did you put this up just to drive the rest of us insane with jealousy? First, the boat envy, then the location envy followed by the drone envy. Then, to really tip us over the edge, you slip in a reference to an upcoming trip to the Kimberley! You are a cruel, cruel man Wayne.
  3. We always stop in at that coffee shop too @Luvit on the way to or from visiting the outlaws in Hervey Bay. Works out to be expensive coffee because Mrs Scaley always finds some retro piece of junk to buy while she is waiting for the coffees. The butcher across the road is worth a look as well, but judging by that bucket of fillets I guess you weren’t looking for extra protein. Great report as usual. Congrats on the PBs.
  4. I can’t remember what time of the year it was, but last year they were schooled up in front of the tug station at Port of Brisbane. There was a little group of boats pulling them in hand over fist. I did mention it in a post but I can’t find that now.
  5. Looks great @leigh123. Congrats on the boat, the fish and the squid! I love the photo of the squid. Is that motor a Johnson?
  6. Definitely @Drop Bear. See you at your joint at 8am unless you give me another time.
  7. I was watching it on a live streaming service in Malaysia and there was a few hiccups and occasional buffering that detracted a bit from the enjoyment of the game, but what a game it was! Got home today and have it recorded so will watch it again as soon as I catch up on some sleep. Did all my tips before I went away, but just noticed before that I forgot to enter my tip for the SOO. GRRRR.....
  8. Congrats Wayne. I am sure you will get a lot of business from people on this site. Good luck with it.
  9. Nice report @kmcrosby78, sounds like something for everyone in the family. I know your boys want to take that grinner mantle away from you, but I think @benno573 is the new holder of that title. He and I had a good session over at Mud on Saturday morning and he landed some stonker grinner, most of which ended up in the crab pots. No time to do a report today (and no photos) but we (more specifically Benno) ended up with a good cod, one good pan sized snapper, a 50cm flathead, a couple of legal tuskies and 3 sandies out of 8 pots.
  10. Did you get out there @straddiebrad?
  11. Old Scaley

    Nrl 2019

    How good were the Broncos and how bad were the Panthers.
  12. Old Scaley

    Nrl 2019

    @ellicat, I am surprised you didn’t tip your beloved Tigers last night. I thought they were the better team for 95% of the game. We should have a rule that you have to tip your nominated favourite team.. I always tip the 3 Queensland teams which means that most weeks I am starting from -3 but at least I can watch the games and not be hoping they lose. Tipping Broncos over Chooks tonight but expect to be disappointed again. Fair chance Cowboys and Titans could win so this could be a good week for me.
  13. I have been using up the last of my long service leave on the way to retirement and to any fishos out there who are close to the end of their working lives, I can thoroughly recommend tossing it in as soon as you can afford. No more sitting in boring meetings on those days when you know the Bay will be glassed out, just wishing you could be anywhere on the water. Last Thursday was one of those perfect Brisbane weather days so I knew I had to take advantage of it. Contacted a few potential deckies but no one available so I was all set up for a solo effort. I do like the solo trip but also appreciate the company on other occasions. Anyway, at 5am @ellicat sent me a message to say he was recovering from his man flu and was keen to join me so I arranged to pick him up on the way through to the ramp at the port. The plan was to get to Mud around the turn of the tide and hope that a couple of bigger snapper may have been patrolling the area before too many boats moved in. The ramp was relatively quiet (ah, the joys of the work day fish) and we put in just as the sun was coming up. By the way if you are looking for a good bait shop around the Bayside try Mr Bait in Violet Street at Hemmant. Good stuff at good prices. I lost my marks for Mud a while ago when I did a factory reset of the sounder so we sounded around until we found a nice drop off. Baits we’re deployed and I had a a plastic working as well. The baits were being attacked regularly but only pickers. @ellicat was on a mission to show @jon how to wrangle a big tusky and it wasn’t long before he was battling his own pb. I have no idea why I can’t insert photos where I want them anymore but there is a pic below of the man himself with his monster from the deep. Over the next couple of hours we landed babies of a heap of species including snapper, grassies, tuskies, lancer, bream, stripies and more, but nothing near a keeper. We decided to move to the front rock wall at the port where I had some success a couple of weeks ago. Stopped at a favourite flathead spot on the way but no touches on bait or plastics. The wall was a bit more productive with a few bigger but still not legal snaps. We did get busted off a couple of times and lost connection with a few better fish. I managed a 41cm snap for a baked dinner but that was it for the day. No crabs either. Al in all, a very enjoyable day in perfect conditions despite the lack of keepers. Not the most exciting reportbut then reports have been scarce the last few days.
  14. Nice little bag @Nog. Were there many boats around Harries? Now that @ellicat has mentioned our trip I guess I will have to do a quick report but will start a new topic.