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  1. On the contrary @MSB. They were early adopters of TV, but I suspect that it was just to distract us kids while they got down to the serious business of procreation
  2. I can clearly remember my first fish. My mum and dad and six of my brothers and sisters (another six were to follow in later years) were on the homeward leg of a caravanning adventure to Melbourne and back. Hard to imagine now having 8 humans in an old Humber sedan towing a van all that way and not being arrested or killing each other. Anyway, we stopped in at the caravan park at Currumbin on the way home and my dad let me have a go with his cork hand line spooled with that old green fishing cord. I was six years old at the time in 1961 (hence the “old” in Old Scaley). I can’t remember what I was using for bait but I clearly remember running backwards up the sandy beach on Currumbin Creek to skulldrag a tiny whiting to dry land. The thrill of that capture never left me and I still get the same feeling today on the rare occasion that I catch a fish. Being from such a big family there wasn’t much time or money to indulge any one child in their preferred hobby but I was lucky enough to be sent to Amity Point to spend most of my holidays with relatives who were early settlers there. I spent many an hour with a handline on the old jetty catching butter bream using dough my great uncle made up for me. Then I was allowed to cook some on a small fire on the beach in front of the house for breakfast or lunch. Occasionally I got to go out in Rainbow Channel with the men and catch some amazing reefies like parrot and sweetlip, or to run around on the Nash banks at low tide filling a sugar bag with spanner crabs that were then cooked up in an old copper to be eaten later around a campfire on the beach. Happy days indeed.
  3. Hi @Dinodadog. If you follow this link https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2019-ozfish-unlimited-wynnum-fishing-classic-tickets-57486583920?aff=utm_source%3Deb_email%26utm_medium%3Demail%26utm_campaign%3Dnew_event_email&utm_term=eventurl_text and then hit the tickets button then scroll down you will find the raffle tickets. There is a handling charge from that website of $2.16. I have some tickets if you would rather do it that way with no extra fees. Just pm me if you are interested and we can work something out.
  4. So, @Drop Bear, the bigger boat is the major raffle prize and you get one ticket as part of your competition entry if you are a senior entrant (over 16 years of age) but anyone can buy tickets in the raffle even if they are not competing in the fishing competition. Senior entrants can buy extra tickets as well. And the smaller boat is a lucky door prize for junior entrants and no additional tickets can be purchased to try to win the smaller boat. Pretty good odds either way but sensational odds for the junior entrants. Is that how it works?
  5. Staying off the road and the water as much as possible over Easter. Good luck to those getting out and about.
  6. Hi @Oggy. So many land based places you can try on the Gold Coast. The Broadwater is a good start but it might be a bit busy over Easter with lots of jet skis and all sorts of boats so maybe try a bit further away from the crowds. People always talk about catching good whiting near the City Council Chambers on the Nerang River. Use google maps to find places you can get to easily. It is not really peak season for flathead, so you might be better to use bait to chase whiting, especially if you are new to fishing. You can buy fresh bait like yabbies or worms at the bait and tackle shop on the Broadwater just near the swimming pool. Or if you are going to be doing this often, invest in a yabbie pump and you will have free bait for years. Lots of posts on this site about land based fishing on the Goldie. The search function is your friend. Good luck!
  7. Old Scaley

    Nrl 2019

    ^^ Same for me @Drop Bear. Being loyal is more important than winning a tipping comp. the Broncos will start to get some easier matches, the Cowboys will hit some form sometime, and the law of averages says the Titans have to have a win soon.
  8. Old Scaley

    Wfc Prizes

    Those rod and reel combos look sensational @Drop Bear. Are they for the senior and junior champions?
  9. Some good looking whiting there @Doyley. And your kids don’t look like they are sick of fishing yet. Personally I would be happy to read a report like that every day.
  10. Looks like a standard corporate golf day to me.
  11. It was a fantastic day on the water with @benno573. Weather was perfect and we didn’t ever have to wait long for a fish to come over the side. Benno is probably the best decky around. He takes you to his best spots, manages the crab pot baiting and deployment, bleeds your fish, reties your terminal tackle while you throw another line out and rebaits your hook. It is like being on a charter in your own boat . The crabs were all full and made me very popular at home. My daughter has recently returned home after living in Canada for 14 years and had forgotten the joys of eating freshly caught mud crab. We ate 3 crabs for dinner on Sunday night and had the rest in a delicious crab and corn bisque last night. Life is tough. Thanks for another great day on the water Benno. We will do it again soon.
  12. Hard to do on your own though. I have bad memories of having an angry snapper attached to one set of trebles on a lure and my thumb attached to the other set with no one else in the boat. Very tricky and painful.