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  1. Don’t forget the knot eel.
  2. Aldi run a special a couple of times per year where you can pick one up for $49 (I think). Once you get one you will find lots of uses for it. I like the smokey bacon from the butcher at Tairo so buy a bulk pack if we are passing through and then cryovac it in meal portions for the freezer. You can make freezer bags for 6 pack Eskies. Possibilities are endless. I even cryovacced a spare primer bulb and fuel line for the outboard to keep out dust and water. You won’t look back.
  3. I use a vacuum sealer for fish fillets and it works fine.
  4. People used to preserve them in a jar of metho. Never done it but It would probably toughen them up.
  5. Probably depends on your budget. Mono will be a lot cheaper. I am no expert but I have read that some of the tournament bream fishers use fluro right through so it will be fine.
  6. Welcome @jacko.fishoo. There are some great fresh water experts on here so feel free to fire away with your questions.
  7. Old Scaley

    Christmas 2020

    Yep, thanks @ellicat. Great to see some old and new faces getting together. Merry Christmas everyone.
  8. It was definitely your night @ellicat. That GT was a real surprise but a welcome one. We will get the elbow slappers next time for sure. Thanks for the session.
  9. @Andrew_P, what transducer do you have? If it is a Garmin I have a brand new unused Garmin spray deflector that you are welcome to have. I bought it without checking and my transducer has a built in deflector so it is surplus to my requirements.
  10. Old Scaley

    Christmas 2020

    Just checked and you can stay moored to the pontoon for up to 2 hours @GregOug.
  11. You can use lighter gear if you are trolling a hardbody but need a good solid rod if you are using a trolling board or paravane because of the extra drag. Hardbodies or spoons on the lighter gear would be more fun but you need the boards to keep the lures down a bit deeper. I have a heavy overhead set up for trolling the boards but this year I want to use a heavy mono hand line like the pros, just for the extra fun and mayhem of getting loose line all over the deck of Brian’s boat.
  12. Nice fish @Andrew_P. Honestly mate, get yourself one of these https://www.bcf.com.au/p/bla-flat-transducer-bracket-small/115524.html. That way you only have to drill holes once and you make your adjustments on the water. Simple, cheap and effective. You can get them at any boating store for about $20.
  13. Old Scaley

    Christmas 2020

    There is a ramp at South Brisbane, just near the old Paul’s milk factory. There is one of those nice new city council multi purpose pontoons about 100 metres away from the playground area where we would hope to be. It is out of sight though because it is just around the corner. Also, you can tie up to them but time is limited (20 minutes I think), so you would probably need to be on or near the boat at all times. It would be less than 2 kms from the ramp to the pontoon. If you know Coronation Drive, the ramp is on the opposite side of the river just west of the go-between bridge and the pontoon is at the other end of that reach, a bit further down than opposite the Regatta hotel, so you would cover that distance in no time. It gets pretty busy there on weekends with parties so I don’t think we can be certain of getting a shelter shed and tables even if people get there at 10.30. I could bring a couple of small fold up tables for food if that helps.
  14. @Kat, there is some great advice above about targeting flathead. As @Junky said, there are millions of them around your area. The only thing I would add is to try different parts of the tide and time of day. Different spots will fire at different times and can be completely non-productive the rest of the time. If you can crack that code in your fishing spots you will reap the rewards.