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  1. We would all have to be in separate boats, right? And keep a good distance between us at the ramp and on the water. Just want to make sure I do the right thing rather than what I can get away with. Thinking about it again, more than 2 people gathering in an outside setting is a no-no so it might be a no-go.
  2. Hey @Ryannnnnnnn, how did you go? Looking at buying a MK Riptide iPilot very soon. Any advice welcome.
  3. Clear as mud, but I may find it “absolutely necessary” to go out hunting for the family soon. I have heaps of fuel that I don’t want to go stale and will fish solo on a week day so no need to have contact with anybody. Like most of us, I don’t want to do the wrong thing so if the advice changes I will be staying home.
  4. Where is our old mate Henry these days I wonder?
  5. Wonder what the risk is with fishing the dams? Especially if you are solo fishing? I went for a session in the rust today and couldn’t help wondering if it would be my last for some months. I guess the fish will be rubbing their fins together at the prospect of a break from anglers and maybe even pros. I do feel sorry for the pro fishermen who have a lot invested in their legal and sustainable businesses but are running out of markets. Strange days indeed.
  6. Only saw this as I was heading out the door this morning @GregOug. I saw you on your way back to the ramp in that smooth rig you are driving. Gave you a wave and you returned it. I was near the tug station at the time. Lots of fish today but mostly bream with about 7 or 8 just under snaps. No crabs though, which was a bit disappointing. Are you posting a report later?
  7. Nice work @tugger and @Drop Bear. Eastern Bay? I am going to drown the crab pots and have a fish tomorrow down the port or out from the reclaimed land. Being a good citizen I will be practicing social distance and having a solo trip. Might throw a jig out the back on the chance they are around the western Bay as well.
  8. Hi @GregOug. I have the 8000 model and it is a great reel for bait fishing for species like snapper, but I wouldn’t like to be using it cast at longtails for any length of time. The 12000 would be even heavier. Horses for courses I guess. They are pretty sturdy though and the drag system is smooth for the price. I upgraded to carbontex washers in the front drag. Hope this helps.
  9. Old Scaley

    Nrl 2020

    I saw both games. The Tigers looked like they were playing with a cake of soap instead of a ball and the Titans..... yeah well. I think they will be happy when the season gets called off. I did notice, @Gad that you joined me in sacrificing a point this week to tip them?
  10. Old Scaley

    The New Boat

    The app scans your local area and gives you the lowest price from the 7-Eleven stations in that area. If you lock that price in, you can buy fuel (once) in the next week at any 7-Eleven station in Australia at that price. If the price goes down, you just pay without the app. Hope that makes sense @kmcrosby78
  11. Old Scaley

    The New Boat

    The RACQ app and some of the others are good at giving real time info on prices, and you can get 4c a litre off at Puma stations if you are an RACQ member. The 7-Eleven app is the only one I am aware of that lets you lock in a price. Good luck with the sounder. I recently bought a Garmin 95sv and have spent a lot of time in the manual, on YouTube and google as well as sitting in the boat playing with settings and views. Another 10 years and I will have it sorted. Not sure it will catch me more fish but fun to play with anyway.
  12. Old Scaley

    The New Boat

    Very impressive boat @GregOug. What a great way to get around the Bay. Just need to tow a tender for prawning and crabbing trips. Re the fuel price, have a look at the 7-Eleven Fuel app. It lets you lock in the lowest price in your area for a week and if you can time it so you lock in at the bottom of the cycle you can save heaps when the price jumps. For example I am currently locked in at $1.12 so if the bowser price is $1.80 when I next fill up I will save 68 cents per litre. So if I put in 60 litres the saving would be around $40.
  13. Old Scaley

    Nrl 2020

    I had Turbo Tom in my team, so I probably picked up a few of your 17 points Brian.
  14. Haha @kmcrosby78. Already eaten half the haul, and keen to get more. Maybe when they close the schools you will have some week days available. I would be happy to do the casting and you do the driving.
  15. Thanks for posting @tugger. It was an awesome day on the water and I learned a lot about prawning from you and @Drop Bear. I still need more practice casting but I was happy with the results (so was Mrs Scaley). I weighed the prawns as I cooked or froze them and I ended up with just over 5kg, which is a pretty healthy total in my opinion. It was good to see the friendly approach and comraderie among the boats in the scrum. Especially given how close together everyone is, there were no harsh words just healthy banter. Looking forward to doing it again sometime soon.