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  1. Old Scaley

    Nrl 2020

    Two really good games yesterday (unless you are a knights or roosters fan). And that is the merciful end of season for the Qld based teams. The Titans went out with a bang, the cowboys a sizzle, and the broncos a gender reveal. Kinda sums up the season really.
  2. Hi Kelvin, hope you have a great time at Noosaville. Did we move many times? Come on, this is Brian and me - we moved from the ramp to spot W and that was it for the night. I know Youngy says move if you don’t get a fish in 20 minutes, but it would take us that long to decide who was going to pull up the anchor. Catch up soon, mate.
  3. I actually did catch one last night. Unfortunately it was not around the neck because he kept cruising away, oblivious to the fact that he was attached to my line somehow.
  4. Count me in at this stage. Only concern would be how busy it gets on that river during the day, especially school hols? Anyone got any info re that? If not there we could try the Logan or Jacobs Well/ the Pin?
  5. You forgot to mention the 500 pounder that I hooked but it got away. why a jet ski and a boat would cut across the stern at handshake distance when it was obvious we were fishing, AND I was emphatically waving them away, is beyond me. It was a good night Brian, thanks for the trip. Not the 40 cm models we were hunting but a good feed none the less. Good times.
  6. A mate put me onto this eNewsletter that comes from Department of Agriculture and Fisheries every month. Looks like a good way to stay informed about any upcoming changes to rules and regulations, and some handy info on other topics that would interest most fishos. I have subscribed. Here is a link https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/news-media/newsletters/catch-news in case anyone is interested.
  7. Geez @Kat, I bet you weren’t expecting this much advice. I can’t add anything to the wealth of advice above, but I did notice that apart from the line weight there hasn’t been any real talk about whether to use braid or mono. I am sure there will be no shortage of opinions on that front, and you may already have that choice sorted but here is some basic info just in case. Braid is exceptionally good if you are going to be using lures or soft plastics, but you will need to learn the right knots for joining your braid mainline to your mono or fluorocarbon leader if you don’t know them already. A lot of bait fishers prefer mono, but you can use braid for bait as well, as long as you have a decent length leader to allow some stretch in the line. And you can use mono for lures, just not as effectively. The type of rod you choose might vary depending on your choice of line too. A braid rod will generally have a faster taper and feel stiffer compared to a slower, softer rod that would suit mono. If you are buying new line at the same time as your new reel, ask the store to put the line on the reel for you. That service is usually free and they will do a better job than you can because they have the right gear. By the time you analyse all the advice in this thread, you will probably end up more confused than when you started. Most of the salespeople at the tackle shop are pretty good and will steer you in the right direction if you tell them your budget, the type of fishing you do and any ideas that you already have. Good luck!
  8. Very nice session Daryl and a tasty collection of estuary favourites. The video wouldn’t load for me from this site so I had to go to YouTube and search for it.
  9. Pretty busy around Southbank with school holidays happening. Not sure where you are planning to fish, but a few weeks ago I was walking around that area and stopped to watch a guy fight a fish that turned out to be nice thready around the metre mark. He needed some help to land it because of the rocks and no long handled landing net. He was using prawns, it was mid-morning and near the bottom of the tide. The secret location was right beside the Capt Cook bridge. Go get em, Hamish!
  10. Wow Hamish, your enthusiasm is an inspiration to all of us. You have learned so much and tried so many new things since you first appeared on this site. And your reports are always a good read. I am not sure if your sounder has mapping or not, but just in case I am attaching a map of that area near the red marker so you can see where the holes and drop offs are. When my boys were little we used to fish the rocks there from the land and caught bream, flathead, cod and even whiting sometimes. We had some donut trips too, but hey, that’s fishing. I have seen bullies caught there and there are definitely mudcrabs around that area. I would bet there are threadies too, but back then I hadn’t even heard of threadies (no www or helpful forums in those days). If anyone can find a thready there, it will be you. Go get em!
  11. Nice work Southside. Seemed like we were just competing against each other most of the time . Good to see it generated a bit of friendly banter and nobody took it too seriously. Thanks to @christophagus for organising this again. I am already looking forward to next year.
  12. I am really happy with my Garmin. It has a great screen and is easy to use. Still trying (but not too hard) to get the most out of the side screen function. I hav3 never owned a Lowrance so can’t really compare the two, but I have noticed on other people’s boats that the Lowrance touch screen seems to really hate wet fingers, which is less of a problem on the Garmin. From my research, they are both good brands so maybe look to see who has the best price when you are ready to buy. You may have just been unlucky with your unit.
  13. Old Scaley

    Nrl 2020

    Anyone else watch the Titans put the Sea Eagles to the sword? Looking forward to watching them next year. The Foxtel coverage was a bit annoying. You would have thought that Tom Trbojevic was the only player at the ground. Turbo Tom becomes Tragic Tom and that is all we hear about after the game. Nothing against the guy but they didn’t do a single interview with a Titan player or even comment on their performance. Poor effort that.
  14. I think I would need to be blindfolded in 30ft seas. The only knots I would be tiding would be in my intestines. @Junky, are you talking about the fg or Alberto?