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  1. Just an update, BCF sent me a promotional email and when I checked their fishing reel section they had the reel I wanted in Caloundra with free shipping, so wifey just bought it for me! Yay, way to go wifey, told you she was good to me!
  2. My wife is also good, tells me to go fishing, she was even going to buy me my new reel this morning but unfortunately the stores didn't have the model I wanted, even buys me a fishing trip occasionally.
  3. Don't have any more, I just finished dismantling the greenhouse abut 10 days ago. The 50m3 of dirt to cover the site which I was supposed to get on the 25th didn't pan out so need to chase up another supplier soonish. I am off to the gym this morning and after that I might pop in and see if Outback Adventures have a Penn SSVI8500ll with my name on it.
  4. Looks like I will have to rule out the Cabo 100/120 as the cost will be too high to import one and there won't be any support or parts available here in Oz should they be necessary, I most likely will settle for a Penn Spinfisher SSVI8500LL or SSVI8500/9500, the Slammer 3 version sounds good but it is almost double the price so finances may dictate which one to get. Cheers Ed.
  5. Well this is disappointing, rang the Australian distributor and found out that they were unable to get stock in the large sizes so they dropped them from their range. So the only way to get one would be to get one imported. Not happy.
  6. The 60/80 size versions are built different from the 100/120, the bigger sizes have a brass pinion and a stainless main gear so shouldn't have any problems with the gear teeth breaking. That link that Old Scaley posted above is what I based my desire to get one. Whilst I appreciate it is a lower cost reel and is less refined than the top tier reels, it still should do the job, and it won't cost me an arm and a leg to get one. Which is where my problem lies I can't get a look at one to judge just how big it is as there seems to be a shortage of them, and that is why I asked has anyone here used the larger sized models and how they found them in use or are they just too big or any other issues that they have found. Reviews are one thing but getting one in the hand is another! I will do a ring around and see if anyone has them in stock.
  7. Same, casting for GT's using large poppers, thinking about a trip north in the new year, I normally would not use it for more than an hour or two as if no fish then would try something different such as troll, lure or bait and I have other reels for that. As for the size, seems like very few stores have them in stock so can't get to see one physically to judge the size. From what I gather, the 100 and the 120 are the same body just a different spool but those are built different to the 60 and 80 sized reels.
  8. Thinking about getting a big Quantum Cabo 120 spinning reel, don't really need it but as X'Mas is coming up fast I thought I wouldn't mind having a big spinning reel, and my darling wife is going to get me one for X'Mas but she doesn't know it yet! Does anyone here have one or used one, and what were your thoughts regarding it? They seem to have enough grunt and reasonably built, I can't justify getting one of the big brand reels at 2 to 4 times the price of these, seeing as it will only ever be used in a blue moon! Thoughts anyone....Good, bad or indifferent? Cheers Ed.
  9. Have fun up there.
  10. The other thing about lithium batteries from what I have heard is that they need a charger with a Lithium profile to charge them properly.
  11. In my opinion it its way too low, drill a couple of holes above where it is and reposition, I think that the bottom of the transducer should be about 6-8mm just below the top of the tinnies tunnel in between the 2 strakes and just slightly inclined., hard too tell from the pics but I would say it could go up 30-50mm. Tinnies are hard to position the transducer well because of the large number of closely placed hull strakes, so any air that goes under the hull gets funneled along to the transducer which interferes with the signal and creates noise on the screen.
  12. The family and I stayed down at Kirra Beach about 5 years ago, I took my 2 of my daughters and their boyfriends fishing at Tallabudgerra almost daily. Nice spot, only caught some little fish and no legals but the girls enjoyed themselves catching those anyway.
  13. Well that didn't take long, you're well and truly on your way to the dark side! We did try and warn you!