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  1. Ed.


    Once it cures on the skin it will eventually rub off, might take up to a week or so though. In addition to all the others maybe Acetone, but it is pretty resilient stuff as you probably know by now.
  2. My understanding is that a "MILF" means something totally different, that is unless your dentist is female!
  3. It would probably depend on how the old fishing line was discarded by whoever collects it. If you put the old line in a bag and throw in the general waste bin, when it gets to the tip, the dozers flatten out the piles of rubbish and that bag could get ripped open and the old line exposed sometimes with hooks attached, potentially posing a tangling risk for animals or birds that scavenge the piles. If the old line get put in a dedicated bin and then the line gets disposed of by melting or other such process it would be a better and safer solution. Having said that I think that the risk to birds and animals may be quite low so it might be a solution to a problem that doesn't exist or is insignificant. When you consider that billions of birds die annually just by striking buildings and a very large number die hitting cars on the roads, I wonder if it will make any difference in the larger scheme of things. I would probably use one if it was there because it probably is the right thing to do but not because I foresee it solving any problem. Plastics in the ocean pose a much greater threat to anything swimming in it.
  4. Yep, know the story well, last weekend all the stars aligned, perfect weather, tides right, missus wasn't working, seas flat, filled up with fuel, ice and bait, launched the boat and couldn't get out of the hole, wouldn't plane, so limped back to the ramp and off to get it repaired, should get it back on Friday. Turns out It's developed a faulty injector and also had a bad sensor or loose wire on the compressor. Previously took a 26ft Scarab up from home to Roslyn Bay, put it in the water, went about 100m next morning on the way to the fueling dock and the computer chip died, towed back to the berth, waited 3 days for a mechanic to arrive to make his diagnoses, estimating 6 weeks for a replacement part, so again towed back to ramp, onto trailer and back home, waste of holidays! Haven't had much luck with Mercury/Mercruiser motors. These things do happen when you own a boat so now I make sure that I test it out before a long road trip. So as I said before, I will just stare at my fishing rods and drool over the pics of the guys catching fish!
  5. I would have loved to come and joined you guys up there but I am getting some work done on my motor and unfortunately I do not have the time to check it out locally on the water after it's finished to ensure everything has been fixed and no more gremlins are lurking. One thing I never do is go on a road trip without checking that I don't have a problem and just drive hundreds of kilometers, only to have to come back and to get more repairs done. So I will just have to sulk and read about all the fish you guys are catching.
  6. Excellent, your first Mullaway will be one you won't ever forget.. They can be elusive, took me over 6 months to catch my first, after that for some reason or other they became easier to catch then.
  7. Are you guy's trying to get me into trouble?
  8. The missus would have my head if I bought more, I now have way more than enough rods. I traveled down with 6 but unfortunately I could not go fishing. The Ugly Stiks were 37kg rods and I only had one spare reel to put on which I spooled up today and fitted it, but I will replace one of my old short strokers with the second rod so that helps me resist the temptation to buy another reel, otherwise I will be sleeping out in the shed at nights if I get another reel as well.
  9. Is anyone else going out fishing from Bribie Island on Saturday? Looking at the weather forecast it seems that this week end should be great out on the water, (unless I have misread the forecast) thinking of going out with the missus to the North/East of Cape Morton as I haven't taken the boat out for a very long while and would like to put some fish in the freezer.
  10. My wife and I managed to complete the 5.2K Klm trip to Melbourne and back in one piece, we now have a new grand daughter and after a shakey start to life she is now doing well and putting on heaps of weight. Didn't manage to catch up with my old diver friend down in Melbourne as he was in the US at the time and only got back the day after we arrived home. However I will be catching up with him at X'Mas as we are flying down there for a quick family X'Mas reunion and he has invited me to his 70th birthday, so will get more details on Port Phillip Bays condition then, I drove by my old diving location at Mt.Martha rocks and although I didn't go in the water, from the cliff above it looked healthier than the last time I was there. Didn't manage to do any fishing at all down there due do to complications with the birth so all my time was spent helping out, although I did buy two new Ugly stik rods to bring back and add to my collection.
  11. Nice looking property, close enough to town but far away enough to have decent sized block, be an effort to cut all that grass though?
  12. Gotta be jelly 'cause jam don't shake like that! and this is from where the conversation goes downhill!!
  13. These are the ones I got: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Knipex-71-02-200-CoBolt-Compact-Bolt-Cutters-7102200/271257050182?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 There are a couple of variations of these ones, 1) Thinner rubber on the handle, 2) Angled head, 3) Spring in between handle, and there is even a 160mm version. I ordered mine from Germany (where they are made) due to the cost of locally sourced ones, that is if you can find them and they can be up to 2 times the price so you need to shop around. With the GST added it will end up costing me $71.39 delivered and these will cut up to 3.6mm piano wire which is extremely hard so most hooks should not be a problem. Big hooks are extremely hard, I ended up getting a HIT red jaw 600mm pair of bolt cutters for the big shark hooks, I tried several different brands of bolt cutters and some were left with a dimple in the jaws after one cut. The HIT ones are designed for high tensile wire so no problem.
  14. Quality work, , at least whatever was screwed down won't move too much, might add a bit of drag in the water though, those screws seem to have a bit of corrosion on them as well, probably not stainless. Someone deserves to be sacked on the spot.
  15. Ouch! that's gotta hurt, I had just ordered a pair of 200mm Knipex bolt cutters for that very same reason, I do have a larger HIT 600mm pair for large shark hooks but also wanted a much smaller pair to carry around i my tackle bag for moments like these, should that happen to me or someone nearby. The 200mm ones are much easier to handle one handed and will cut though most (up to 3.5mm) hooks easily as well. Only ever had one small hook into my thumb, it didn't hurt that much but by the time I got medical treatment hours later, the old thumb was well and truly "sensitive". The hook didn't go right through so the Doc aesthetically ring blocked my thumb, now that hurt! jabbed me about 15 times to try and make my thumb go numb, then they cut the hook tip out! That little episode left a lasting impression on me, don't want a repeat!