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Big Tiger spotted at Urangan Jetty


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  • Ed. changed the title to Big Tiger spotted at Urangan Jetty

When I was very young I use to go to Watsons Bay in Sydney to see the shark weigh in every Sunday. It was a part of life in those days.

Turned me off sharks forever. Never caught one & don't want to.

I remember I was on holidays at Kierra Beach ( QLD ) riding my surfboard.

30 minutes later a fisherman caught a hammer head off the beach.


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I was camping at Blakesleys a couple of weeks ago. We had crab pots out front of the camp in 4 or 5 metres of water. When we collected them in the morning a massive tiger followed them all up and even knocked a couple right beside the boat. It was at least 500mm across the head and we estimated at least 3 metres long. Very big animal. Needless to say we decided against the morning swim. 

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13 hours ago, Junky said:


My kids were out there at Easter and asking why noone was jetty jumping. 

They thought it was because there were no stairs to get back up onto the jetty. 

I explained that there is no stairs because the authorities do not want people swimming there due to the shark population.

Apart from that, It's also the fact that when the tide changes, the water rips through there, if you jumped or fell in on a outgoing tide you would end up miles from the shore and with the ingoing, you would end up in between Urangan and Fraser Island, with no chance of swimming back to shore, it is very strong. There actually is an emergency ladder about 3/4's of the way out to the end of the jetty on the right hand side which goes onto on the sand, just on where outer sand bar starts, but if you ended up in the water you would not be able to make it to even climb up.

You can see where the current rips through and has left the sand bars.



Urangan Jetty.jpg

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