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  1. My wife tells me to go fishing. I got sick of cancellations years ago so I fish mostly solo these days. Very enjoyable. If someone is coming with me then it's a certain time at my house or the ramp, and I stress on being punctual. I don't wait around for slackers.
  2. Go on. You've gotta try one (pike). I'm going to next time I catch one. If you head out a bar without an epirb you're mad imo. You did the right thing mate.
  3. Score all right. Well done Duncan. Is that the same Duncan that had fishhead tackle shop years ago?
  4. As a kid me and my mates roamed the flats from Cleveland down to redland bay. It is soft but you get on your gut and crawl like a commando. Its not the best but it's how we did it. My old man would have belted me if I had to be rescued like that.... Caught the pro raiding our pots. Cheeky mongrel. He was raiding them all the time but he had a boat and we were in foot.
  5. Especially if they're not sharing it with Dad. That's a no no. Disclaimer.....this post is in the interest of humor. I do not condone underiiage drinking. Well....maybe a tuuch. Disclaimer for the discalaimer.... Mo kirffds shubnnnnt drnmmmkkk. Hiccup.
  6. Off to high school next year @kmcrosby78
  7. The tide is out a long way.
  8. You two are starting to really get amongst them. Well done.
  9. It's good to see that I'm not the only one that struggles to grow a supermarket quality looking carrot. Awesome picks mate.
  10. You can get spray deflectors for lowrances. Spray deflector
  11. As for the transducer. It looks way to low. They're skimmers, not submarines. This is the height to set it at and make sure it is in between the lift streaks. Then have the rear just slightly down. As you drive through the water the transducer will flex up a little. By having it slightly pointing down at the rear you will allow for the flex and still read the bottom when underway. Otherwise if it's dead level it will flex up at rear when underway and bubbles will form because the front is lower. Then you won't read the bottom clearly when underway. Just use a straight edge to check the angle.
  12. Yeah mate. Different. It is actually a water deflector that sits above the transducer and deflects water back down. This is my boat. I have made a few like this for garmin units. You can see the piece of alloy between the black transducer and the stainless bracket. You will need something like this. Or check with the brand you have, they may sell them.
  13. Good work. You can get an aluminium plate that goes between the actual transducer and the transducer bracket. This will stop the water splashing up over the motor. I just make my own. I'll put a pick up this arvo when I get home. Very simple to make. Happy to knock one up for you if you can't find one.
  14. Every flathead I've ever caught has been on a plastic. About a 3g to 5g jig head. Depending on current. I like TT's. The head needs to be heavy enough not to float around in current like when bream fishing etc. It needs to sink but not torpedo. Berkley powerbait. Pearl watermelon. 3 inch minnows were hot. Slider grubs had a good 3 inch paddle tail years ago that was great for flathead. Cast out let sink to bottom, lift rod tip about 1m and lower. Wind in slack as you lower. Repeat. Youll go to raise that rod tip one time and boof, youre on. Don't be afraid to mix up your techniques. Wiggle the rod tip in a pause. Even a lift in a different direction ie. if you tend to lift up and to the right, go left instead. All these little adjustments will benefit you. Do this along all those little beachy areas in the Nerang river, broadwater and its tributeries and you'll definitely catch one. You can't not catch them. Even off the bridges. There's 40 million of them down there. They all hold fish. Some hold really good fish.
  15. That is so cool. How many fish have you tagged in that catchment Ray?