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  1. That was awesome. I did not realise hammer heads get that big.
  2. Snapper are like flys at the moment. Anywhere from 20m out to the shelf. Good pearlies around the 60m to 80m line. Pillies are the preferred bait rigged on a float line setup. Plenty of good ground out there. Heaps of starter marks on the net. Get a few close to where you're heading and put in some time just sounding around.
  3. Junky

    Stay Safe

    Stupid boys. Look, I can say "I hope they're okay" however with the time frame you sorta have to face the inevitable. Currents, winds etc just on the first night would create a several hundred square klm search area let alone this far along. Hats off the all of the search crews as well. Tiring relentless job. I'm guilty of these shananigans myself in my younger years. Yes it is bloody stupid....but it's fun at the time. Unfortunately these fellas most likely have paid the ultimate price. I will say though that with the conditions on saturday we would have stayed well south of where they were and definitely wearing our jackets.
  4. That unit will do the trick. In the creeks etc you may choose to use the sidescan but offshore it is not really worth it imo. I don't use downview either unless I want a clear picture of the structure. Fish returns are hard to pick up in deeper water. Stick to the traditional sonar. Some people like the white background but I prefer the blue for visual enhancement. In deeper water than 20m I split the screen with bottom lock or zoomed view. Make the depth range for bottom lock/zoom approx 10m. This will give you a clearer picture of what you're fishing and the fish returns are a lot clearer around the structure. Head out around Humpy and sound around.
  5. You have marks for wonky holes? Keep that quiet....although I'm happy to review them. I live in Brisbane so no chance of me fishing there, often. Like DB said...you should be slaughtering the fish. Rigs. Float lining on the drift is imo the best way to fish because I hate pulling anchors in and plastics work better on the drift. Also....you'd be surprised how many (honey pots) or good spots you will find when drifting. Check the sounder every 30sec or so when drifting. I tie about a rod length of leader onto the end of my braid using the FG knot. That then gets a running sinker on it (sinker size depends on drift speed, current) and a swivel tied on. Then about half to a meter of the same leader tied on and a hook or gang of your choice. Make sure the sinker isn't a heavy bomb. You want it to sink to the bottom but not bomb down. Dont stop letting line out either. Occasionally you can lock the spool but only for a short time. I do the same with plastics. Light as possible but still getting down there. Drift speed can play a big part too. Up there it gets windy. Wind against tide is a @#$% to fish in. There are parachutes designed for fishing that will hold you in the current better and stop the wind blowing you around. This then allows your bait to get down and present better. What sounder have you got? Get a good sounder with 500kw+ traditional chirp transducer. Learn to use it and actually sound up the fish before you drop. If I'm in a new area I will drive around till I start sounding fish, sometimes this may take more than an hr. Split the screen so you have full depth on one split and either bottom lock or zoomed mode on the other split. In 50m of water you won't see much on full view but the zoomed view will show good returns. However full view may pick up a bait school or fish returns outside of your zoomed in view. I always have full view showing just in case. If you haven't got a good GPS with all the contours then don't fear. Try this Chart. All you need right there. How wide do you head out? I have friends up that way (rosslyn) and they stay at Humpy Is. all the time. He cleans up on trout, nannys etc not far off the island. Believe me, I get the photos as proof. Exactly where I have no idea but like I said above...a good sounder set up properly won't take long to find the fish. I think we're heading up in Nov. I haven't been out of Rosslyn before. If our friends can't fish with me then I'd be happy to take you. We'll be in Rosslyn though. Not far as I understand. Still not a defenant yet. However if I do then I plan to do exactly what I've posted above. Drive till I find fish. Good luck.
  6. Nice fish. Hard to tell just on bottom lock. Send me the coordinates and I'll check it out for you'z.
  7. Download map18 Capricorn bunker group. Gives you all of the green zones around the area. Plenty of fishing to be had around there. Massive lagoon to anchor in. Map 18 I've never stepped foot on the island as such so can't comment there but the fishing is good around it. Not hard to get a feed. That time of year should see good weather too. Latley the weather has been terrible. Only very small pockets to head out. This week coming up looks good but I have to work. Hopefully it holds off till the following week.
  8. Nooo. Surely not. Squid jigs would be able to get down there though.
  9. A mate had his bucks 4 weeks ago. Charter off DI. Was good fun. I have nothing for activities up stanthorp way but as pranks he had to use a spin reel with left hand wind cause he is right handed, he had a pink too too, pink mullet wig, florrel bra, and when we got off the boat one of the boys managed to get a 14lb bowling ball with about 80mm of 10mm anchor chain dyna bolted to it. When the buck wasn't ready it was padlocked to his ankle so he had to drag it around all afternoon and night. Funny as to see. Poor bastard had a bruised ankle the next morning, and we hid the key when we were extremely inebriated so finding it was fun too. Good luck...and make sure it is one to remember.
  10. I wish I could get out for 120 days every year. Offshore not effected though, is it? If this rubbish passes that is.
  11. Wow. That is amazing. Hahaha. Had to try one of these gif things. Never noticed it before.
  12. Nomad Nomad sportfishing Reality charters Reality charters.
  13. Loved it. They looked just like the dream team when they had NSW on the line and the crowd was behind them for that 10min or so. Awesome to see. My guess is we are looking at the new dynasty of QLD players. YEEWWWWWW!