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  1. Junky

    Navionics Or Cmap

    I'd go navionics. Pardon my ignorance but what brand of unit do you have?
  2. Yes sir. They make life so much easier. You can get clips so they're not always on the anchor rope too. Anchor retriever clip
  3. Congrats. Good donk on there too. Have you ever used an anchor retriever? Save your back the hard work, even though you have others now to do it but those things are worth every cent. If you read books then get a hold of Allen Carrs easy way to quit smoking. There's a free copy online. Worked for me. 22yrs and I gave up by the end of the book. It's like a self hypnosis. Worth a try if you want to stop. However that's the key, you gotta want to stop. I built my boat with what I saved.
  4. Bloody rediculous. The article didn't specifically say he was being fined however he has "risked" heavy fines. Let's hope common sence prevails and he is cautioned. The backlash from fining him would be enormous I'd imagine.
  5. I finally worked out how to download VLC so I could watch your vids. That's what I sound like when I loose fish.
  6. For sure. I have to admit. I look forward to reading his reports. That one with the wallaby swimming across the river was a crack up. Good on you Hamish. Nice fish buddy. Love your work.
  7. Welcome cavvy. I have to say, your son Hamish is a credit to you. He has written some very entertaining reports. It is so good seeing a young person so keen on fishing.
  8. Happy birthday Master Hamish. Should have fun on the charter. Yeehaaa.
  9. Whoops. To late. Congrats on the purchase. I'm sure it will serve you well.
  10. Good on you mate. That is an awesome setup. Well done. It is so good seeing someone your age so keen on fishing. Keep it up pal. I read every report you post.
  11. What are the rpm's at WOT? The rev range at WOT will be in the owners manual. You want to be in the higher end of that range. If it's not hitting that upper range then you need to go down in pitch. The engine will have to much load on it not allowing it to rev out. If it's over reving then you need to go up. The engine will be revving it's titts off before you hit WOT. Each prop pitch should change the RPM by about 300 to 500 rpm. So by going down to the 10 from the 12 that you have on, should see an increase in rpm between 600 to 1000 rpm. To give you an idea on the prop pitch, if you were to rotate the prop one rotation in a solid substance.....it's the distance the prop would move forward with one rotation. So the 12 you have on will move 12inches forward in one rotation of the propeller. But because it's in water etc It won't in theory due to cavitation, weight of boat, water is easy to move etc. So the 10 would move 10inches in one rotation. You'll notice the 12 has deeper blades than the 10. The engine will spin the 10 easier than the 12 due to it travelling less distance in one rotation. I hope that's easy to understand. I'm not very good at explaining techy stuff. You will need to get hold of a tachometer though. Call the dealer for help. IMO the 20 will not go as well as the 15. Sorry to say but four strokes don't rev and produce power like 2 strokes do. My bro in law found that out. He had a 40 2 stroke and went to a 60 four stroke and tbh the boat went better with the 40. It's a 4.45m vnose punt. Stessle I think. I tried to convince him to get a 50 2 stroke but he went the four and was not impressed.
  12. Junky

    queensland Plastics

    Use the berkley gulps. Almost entrily made with liquid and biodegradable.
  13. I make a habit of not catching undersized fish for that reason....
  14. Junky

    How Much

    Is it a 4 cylinder?
  15. Junky

    The New Boat

    I used to work with him a while back. Bloody legend of a bloke. I put 2 and 2 together with the merc and your description of him. One of the madest craziest blokes to go for a run with. Make sure you go with him for a water test. Unbelievable experience. His last name says it all. How do you slow a boat down for corners H? Trim the engine down but whatever you do don't back off.