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  1. Figjam.... Fishing is good....just ask me!
  2. Flinders is a green zone. Full of dive boats....and the skippers are cranky bstd's. Head to Hutchison shoal. Couple of k's north.
  3. I've heard they taste good when smoked, just quietly..
  4. Go a touch bigger imo. 10ft is only 3m. That's a tender for a yacht. 12ft....or 3.7m is the minimum for a fishing boat imo. Once your loaded with gear, fuel, people etc. Much more practical....and yes on good days you can head to fraser. Just watch conditions and plan your trips wisely. Windy days....stay in the creeks and protected areas. Calm days head out in the bay and down around the islands. To give you an idea....I've been 26k SE of waddy point in a 13ft tinny in 2m swell with not a breath of air around. Had a 30hp on the back but never the less we had a great day and I caught my biggest whole green job fish at 13kg....I've lost bigger to sharks.
  5. I'm guessing round peel island.
  6. Between you and Ray I'm surprised those fish even eat. Every meal they have has a hook in it / on it.
  7. No. You will not damage your hull if you beach it. Turn your motor away from your transducer so the boat leans on the opposite side.
  8. Wheres the pearlie option? Done. I think offshore is being confused for boat fishing....as opposed to land based.
  9. Could try this bloke. Have no experience with this service. Boat inspections
  10. My old graywill pulled those speeds. Was great for Cleveland to Cape Moreton runs. Bummer bout the bites not happening. Maybe a whale out there? They can look like rocks if they're resting. Seen a heap 2 weeks ago.
  11. I wonder if these have the same issue as the four stroke. There are 2 issues causing limp problems on four strokes that I have heard of. The gear selector mechanism is not adjusted enough and the motor thinks it's in neutral. Simply remove the gear selector cable from its housing under the engine cowl and wind the little black cylinder 2 rotations in the direction that would cause the shift cable to pull the mechanism further into gear.....or push it further into gear. My 150 four stroke played up after a big long drive back in one day. This fixed it. Hasn't faulted again. The trim sensor on the tilt tube. The engine thinks it is tilted up and in turn goes into limp mode. Haven't had any experience from this particular problem but others have. Could be the first one though. It's an easy 2 minute fix. My engine hasn't played up again.
  12. Yeah I recon I will go with the ones hweebe has linked. Blue Green me thinks. The relaxn ones are nice but 3 holes for 1 light is to much imo. Glad I held off.
  13. I recon they're worth a try. There are several different colors but the consensus seemed to fall in favor of green when I was looking at them. I have a pair of green relaxn led's but never fitted them. I just can't bring myself to drill holes in the transom. I will soon though. I've heard stories of good night's on the cobia up top on the inside of Moreton using lights. I recon they'd be awesome up the reef in the lagoons at night.
  14. Junky

    Missing Something?

    Hell yeah. With that donk it should get up and boogie.