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  1. I wish I could get out for 120 days every year. Offshore not effected though, is it? If this rubbish passes that is.
  2. Wow. That is amazing. Hahaha. Had to try one of these gif things. Never noticed it before.
  3. Nomad Nomad sportfishing Reality charters Reality charters.
  4. Loved it. They looked just like the dream team when they had NSW on the line and the crowd was behind them for that 10min or so. Awesome to see. My guess is we are looking at the new dynasty of QLD players. YEEWWWWWW!
  5. Olay. 1. Because knitting sucks. 2. Charged with adrenalin/excited. 3. A smoko shop offshore. That would be cool. 4. See ya later.
  6. I'm jealous. I was up there a couple of weeks ago in the last lull.....well...still blew like a banshee but we just went. We anchored at fitzroy. Lucky cause one boat at boult was picked up and turned 180 on the anchor in the protected side. Swell just ran over the reef. So food for thought if the swell is up and big tides. Hope it's not for you. I'll be up there in a couple of weeks again. Watch the bar. It's straight out now...not round the headland. Caught me out...
  7. Junky

    Fish Alarm

    Can I ask what you use the fish alarm for, other than the obvious? Personally I hate the alarm. Never used it on any unit.
  8. Yep. Spotted scat or similar.
  9. Well there you go. All the years fishing this area and no one I know (all 4 of them ) has ever caught one, or even spoken about them. You'd think they would be a more popular target species around here.
  10. Junky


    Good on you dash and welcome.
  11. Agree. You need to work out what your priority fishing is going to be and get an outfit for that. For me, around Moreton bay and offshore Straddie and Moreton I use a 4000 certate hyper on a loomis SJR 843 IMX. 35lb gosen braid and it will stop most fish down here. Big kings will give it a flogging but it loves it. Great jack outfit too. Lock the drag and battle on. As for popping for GTs. Ahhh. No. Hell no. Dogfight 8000 high speed on a saltiga x or similar. 80lb braid and go pull in moby ****.
  12. Cracka bone there Geoff. Trophy fish for sure. You're only the second person I have heard of to catch a bone over here. I never knew they were here till a bloke pulled one in on Fraser a few yrs back. I thought they were a WA species, like DUI's. Well done on all the fish.
  13. Just had another look at your cat. I love KC's. Do you lose rods at any time out of the rocket launchers when travelling? Man they're racked back. Been in plenty of kevla's and never noticed the launchers to be so raked. I know they ride smooth as silk so this may be your saving grace. My mates old reef boss had launchers like that and rough weather they would bounce out. I always left my rods on the deck when travelling. Must also find it difficult to cast without a collision of rods.