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  1. Junky

    victoria Pool Tube Fishing Challenge ( With Video )

    You're bloody crazy mad. Do you get dugong down that way? Looked like a dugong head...maybe. And what are you tied off to at the start? Can see the water flowing under your feet.
  2. Junky


    None. I have a hardtop to hide under... In the old open vessel I'd use banana boat, orange squeeze tube or they do a roll on too. Use disposable gloves if you have the squeeze tube. They also have zinc sticks. The cancer council stuff used to burn me more than if I didn't have it on. Got a good treatment for skin cancer too. Not approved by any doctors etc but they know it works, and it gets the whole lot too.
  3. Junky

    Fiberglass And Painting Repair

    Ahh, the joys of glass boats. Firstly Whitworth's are correct. Flow coat is what you need to use for patch repairs. It has a wax in it that will seal it from the outside air and allow it to dry hard. Gelcoat will not set if exposed to air hence it is the first layer used in a mould, and my bet is that in the vids using gelcoat they would use some kind of wrap to seal it such as glad wrap or similar over the top of their gelcoat repairs to protect it from the outside air. As for the repair post up some pics. Sounds like your repaired section is low. This is why your sanding the outside edges away before your repaired section. Spraying flowcoat obviously gives a much better finish. Even a sponge will give a better finish than a brush. Sanding is a tedious task. Have a look at what Luvit has gone through to remove old antifoul in his boat repair thread. Sanding takes time. If you rush it you will end up with a mess. Take your time. Otherwise just apply the flowcoat and go fishing. Then come home and sand it. If you need another coat of flowcoat be sure to sand the original coat so as to remove the wax otherwise the new coat will not bond. Get some pics up so we can see what's going on.
  4. Junky

    Dakar 2019

    Here is a great doco on Toby. Tell me this doesn't make your eyes leak. We love ya Toby.
  5. Junky

    Dakar 2019

    This is what Australian currency should look like. Oh...and there is a petition going around for recognition of Toby's efforts if you have a spare 5 minutes. https://www.change.org/p/queensland-sports-minister-dakar-rally-winner-toby-price-deserves-a-major-sports-honour/w?source_location=psf_petitions Cheers.
  6. Junky

    Yamaha Fuel Gauge

    Here you go bro... https://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/906738-gas-tank-calibration-yami-6yc-gauge.html My merc guage works very well. It tells me pretty much to the 100ml how much I've used and the guage reflects that reading. It was calibrated when I fitted it all though.
  7. Junky

    Yamaha Fuel Gauge

    Sounds like you have to recalibrate your sender to the new Guage. That would be my guess as to your problem. I have no first hand experience with yami gauges, only merc. It will no doubt be a pain in the rear as it is normally done with an empty tank as you fill up. There will be a fuel calibration setting in the menu somewhere. Or pull the sender out of the tank and do a manual calibration.
  8. Junky

    Dakar 2019

    An Australian motorcycle rider by the name of Toby Price has just won the Dakar again. He entered the race with a broken right wrist and managed to stay with the leaders till the end and come away with the first place crown. The Australian Animal is what he is now known as and I think it fits him perfect. What an amazing effort and congratulations to Toby. I have had the pleasure of meeting him a few years back and he has to be one of the nicest blokes in Australian sport. Nothing like those rediculous spoilt brat tennis players. Toby deserves the recognition of a true champion. Yeehaaaaa.
  9. Junky

    Some Old Maps Of Bne

    I love old maps of the bay. Very interesting history. I remember the jetty at Peel Is. and Cleveland pt. Pitty that clevlands jetty was removed. Was a great fishing platform as it went a long way out. Caught some good fish off it back in the day. An old bloke that lives at amity pt. told me that many years ago there was a horse racing track there. I was totally unaware of this. But it makes sense as he said this is where the "Stradbroke cup" was born. Erosion of the rainbow chanel became its demise.
  10. Junky

    Hull Designs And Seasickness

    Talk to Adam mate....anything is possible. Bit of weld porn for you. This is the quality welding you can expect from them. The boys don't hide their welds with grinders. This is the keel on mine, proudly displayed.
  11. Junky

    Hull Designs And Seasickness

    Not really. Mine has a 150 merc 4 stroke throwing an 18inch enertia and I get nearly 2km per liter sitting on 3700ish rpm at 45-50 kph depending on tidal currents etc. 150ltr tank so that will cover an overnighter. I think that's okay cause I had a 135 merc black max 2t on a 5.4m graywill commando open runabout (another great handling old school hull) and it used more than this rig. It was nearly 1.4km per liter and it had a 17deg down to 12deg from memory. Leave Clevo and head out SP bar. Head out to the 35s and 50s even up near tempest or out to wave rider sometimes and depending on swell (cause believe it or not you travel twice as far in big swells) and I'll chew 60 to 80ltrs for the day with around 140 odd K's of travel. Take the kids to peel for the day and it's an 10ltr round trip. And yes, I can drive in about .5 mtr of water with no problem. Motor trimmed up obviously. That surprised me too. Sorry for the thread hijack swmcl. In no way is this a sales pitch for the boats either. I'm not a salesman.
  12. Junky

    Hull Designs And Seasickness

    They did take it. It was the camera boat. It's now at home in Nth NSW somewhere I believe. http://fishingmonthly.com.au/Articles/Display/18898-Sea-Adex-Armour-45-combat-ready
  13. Junky

    Hull Designs And Seasickness

    Yes. That's the theory. The one in the vid is the old man's boat. That thing is mental with the 200 Verado. They have lost people overboard on boat tests due to the inexpected handling capabilities. That boat is pretty much a jet ski with a hard top. It's a shame it wasn't 20kn that day. That's when these things shine. Kevlakat is imo one of the best riding hulls on the market. They don't roll as much as other kats either. Until the birth of the armour I was dead set on a kat but I am not the gentlest person, so ally suits me.
  14. Junky

    Luvit's boat improvements

    To easy mate. Boat and rv stock it also if whitworths is to far. They were the ones who put me onto it cause I was whinging about sika.
  15. Junky

    Hull Designs And Seasickness

    SeaAdex armour 55. New design. Totally unorthodox tbh but that's what I like. Looks are second rate afaiac. Strength and reliability are my priority. It is just under 6m total length, 23' constant deadrise with big reverse chines. Fully welded bulkheads and stringers giving a solid hull. Strongest alloy boats and the best riding alloy boats on the market by a long shot. People Bork at that comment and I challenge them to go for a ride in one. Everyone...and I mean everyone that goes for a ride in one is gobsmacked. Not a bad word said to this day. You can easily stand 3 men on the gunwale at rest and underway if you wish. Still rides as smooth as silk too. The original no.1 boat was given to a few people to try and break.....it still goes strong and looks great today. My old man still owns it.