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  1. Geez at last Steve you might be a chance of catching a fish longer than your rod ............ Well done for showing some hospitality to our Canadian visitor mate and great to see you and Benno out harassing some fish.
  2. Some nice fish there Dino and yep, looks like a jolly good day for it!
  3. Nice one Robbie, good day out. You referred to the 'new poop schute cruise ship terminal' - is that on the right as you come back in the river before the pipeline? If so I didn't realise that's what they were building - haven't been around the river mouth in a boat for a while so will have to go for a tour sometime.
  4. Gotta hand it to you Ray, 80+ years old and still able/willing/keen to drive from one side of Brisbane to the other and fish and pull shrimp and yabby pots without a deckie to help. Well done mate, bet you slept well!! Sounds like you were as a busy as I am when I take my boys fishing ......
  5. kmcrosby78

    Stay Safe

    A very large police boat and two coastguard boats were going back and forward from past Mud Island and down towards Peel today, as well as a couple of helicopters hovering over each of the islands at low tide. I'm not going to comment on their decision to go out fishing. I know I've taken the 14ft tinny I had out to Mud Island in 15-20kn winds and it wasn't pleasant and I had to be careful, but I felt safe. In saying that, particularly when I did it in the dark, I think this incident has reinforced that I should have had a lifejacket on. Hopefully others will learn from their mistake - I feel for their families.
  6. Good luck Robbie - we went out today. Trolled for a bit but only caught grinners (stop laughing @Old Scaley .....) so went back in to Green. Tried drifting for squid/cuttlefish in around 9m of water for no luck (if you try, perhaps try around 7m depth and see if you have better luck) and the kids were getting restless so went and anchored up to do some 'proper' fishing. Slow at first during tide change but then plenty of action once the tidal flow kicked in but no keepers sadly. Boys got some thrills with Liam hooking something big which turned out to be a large turtle and then right as we were packing up George had something else big which turned out to be about a 105cm wobbegong shark which I pulled into the boat for a quick photo before releasing. Amazing what 2-4kg rods with small reels and 8lb line and a small hook can pull up
  7. How did you stuff it this time @ellicat .............
  8. kmcrosby78

    Stay Safe

    Not good at all - got my fingers and toes crossed for them.
  9. Gee, really hope they all got out/off OK and no one got injured or worse - not good!
  10. Agree with the others, based on your description of your fishing styles I'm also surprised you're not doing well. When you fish offshore, are you fishing heavily fished areas? If so then looking around a bit, as you've said, should pay off. In the creeks, depending on structure, you could try scaling back the size of your leader a bit and see if you get dusted off too much. Might help get more hits. Good luck, hope your luck improves
  11. Absolutely cracking session there Josh, pretty good fishing when you can release a heap of high 70's and hold out for a 'big' one ........
  12. Do you have a boat or are you fishing landbased? What bait have you been using and how heavy has the line been that you're using - these two factors could be playing a part in the lack of success.
  13. Shipping container? Although I guess it would show as a more solid object? Great report and winter Spanish Steve & Mark, great work!
  14. That's pretty poor form Ray. Once the guy with the sore foot is better, offer him another chance and suffer a 'blown tyre' on your way to the ramp ............. nothing beats payback ........
  15. Your sailors mouth was very well behaved ......... hope Bec didn't kick you too hard for driving off without Pippie ......