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  1. Alright, I admit it Steve, it was me who made the dates up so I can slaughter them for my two weeks holiday with my incredible fish-catching prowess .......... On a serious note I'm pretty sure it's based around spawning periods
  2. It was inevitable that some shenanigans would be going on ........ Good to see the two of you re-combining and even better that some fish made it into the esky, well done. @crazywalrus - you look like you've lost a bit of weight since your profile pic was taken a few years ago .........
  3. Great session there mate, quality bay snapper and sounds like even bigger ones were around. We were out doing a working bee at the oyster lease for our Moreton Bay shellfish restoration project and noticed how great the conditions were, and how many boats were out, so that's a great effort given the amount of boat traffic, well done. Did you launch pre-dawn?
  4. Or just let them rust like mine and then they are stuck at that length ..... I was saying to Brian that on my previous 90hp motor I had a rubber strap I used to wrap around the skeg and leg support to stop the motor from bouncing but it wasn't in the boat when I picked the new one up so I'll have to replace it as it makes me worried I'll suffer the same fate as Brian.
  5. All good mate, I'm just relieved that I wasn't the problem. I was starting to get a complex that you may need to get @Old Scaley or @benno573 to come around and finish what I couldn't .........
  6. Nice day out there Brian. While I've got you, I can come around and help with that chain sock when it suits you - can't recall if you said it is 6mm or 8mm chain ....... Oh and what was the new ramp like to launch at at Capalaba, I've been meaning to check it out on my way to ........ Manly ........
  7. Hi all, It would be great for as many of us as possible to fill out the survey below. You can choose to do either the short version or long version - I did the long version tonight and it does take a while, so just do the short one if you'd prefer .
  8. I only just remembered to do the survey tonight after seeing it in an email from OzFish. Will put the survey up as it's own thread in the hope others fill it out too.
  9. Great day out there Ray and although the axle drama is a shame, I'm glad it didn't cause you an accident. Hope it is an easy fix.
  10. Awesome session and conditions there Beau - nailed it
  11. Nice longtail mate and good photo too - conditions look terrible .....
  12. Cool mate, might aim for Friday arvo then, although I might try and have the stuff needed in my car on Thursday. Flick me a text on Thursday if you'll be home by 3:45pm and I should be OK to swing by then
  13. I had/have that problem with my jockey wheel and at first solved it by using the jack, which I soon got, well .... 'jack' of!! Then I realised if I backed my back car wheels onto my recovery tracks it gave me enough height to swing the jockey wheel. When I get around to getting a 2 inch lift for the Pajero I shouldn't have the problem anymore. Brian - do you know if you are fishing Wed and/or Thurs?
  14. The thought had crossed my mind ........... I've got my fingers crossed the forecast for Sunday (or possibly Saturday arvo) stays true.
  15. Nice haul of seafood there fellas - good luck again this week