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  1. Great find Steve, explains it well I remember years ago seeing tuna busting up inside the green zone on the northern side of Peel and was tempted to throw towards them from just outside the Green Zone but being the honest bloke I am I refrained, looks like I made the correct decision
  2. Great stuff as usual Daryl, some nice grunter there and I'll have to try smoking the next blubber lip I catch (although haven't caught one in years).
  3. kmcrosby78

    Site Down?

    Yes it was down for me for the weekend and just back up today so I must have had the same problem. I've also been unable to see the 'Expanded' version of the Forum Activity lately (has opened up in 'Condensed' version and when I clicked on 'Expanded' version it didn't fix it). Thankfully, it is now working again for me Also noticed when I opened @tugger latest topic Offshore Tweed Heads that the two photos were playing up but seem to now be working.
  4. He's got me by 6cm ......... (caught in the same boat ..... ). Nice work there Mark although a shame to next boat drove straight up and put the dollies down. Have you gone through the Tweed Bar before?
  5. Nice one mate, a fun bully caught and a big fish lost to tempt you back next time, the joys of fishing
  6. Dad ended up being a guinea pig and frying a piece in a frying pan and reported it taste fine, so we fried some up to have in fish tacos. It was edible, but certainly not the best fish I have eaten, mainly because the texture was a bit spongy. Will try smoking it next time and try to remember to report back.
  7. Great photos Ray and well done on that very round yella - should have 'Steeden' written on it's sides ....... (football joke ). Quadruple hook ups would be fun!! Geez those clowns that torched the 4WD were lucky they didn't create another bushfire - mindless morons!!
  8. Pike also make a great cut bait for a large variety of fish (bream, snapper, reef fish, etc). The shovel nose with the spots are meant to be the better eating ones - we kept a large one years ago and the flesh was firm and white and taste fine - we turned the majority of it into curries and it was good for this. I kept a very large catfish from Moreton Bay that my dad is going to smoke so I'll report back with how it tasted but I'd think it should be fine.
  9. Nice work again Mark. How much tide are you finding you need to get out and back in again? Any reports from Mermaid?
  10. Nice work Mark, quality spotties there!!
  11. Could have ended very badly for you mate - which bridge/river out of interest?
  12. My tips on this would be to try and launch at harbours or ramps protected from current and wind. I launch and retrieve my Fisher 5.6m solo - I pull the winch hook/cable down towards the end of the trailer before I hop in and reverse down the ramp and use a bow rope to swing the boat around as needed - you could also tie on a stern rope to give more control from the back of the boat if you feel you need it. My boat has a canopy which catches the wind a bit but I manage fine. When my kids were too young to fish, I found night sessions in the river were a good compromise.
  13. To start catching more keepers in the Bay with my wife and boys and also to get out after winter whiting more regularly. Then in Sep/Oct I want to catch my first ever barra and queenfish when we go to Cape York, anything else will be a bonus
  14. Cheers Brian and merry Xmas all. Stay safe if on the water and remember to help others at the boat ramp if possible - much better than getting aggro at them