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  1. Cool video Wayne, some nice looking country out your way, looks pristine
  2. kmcrosby78


    Exactly what @AFO said, welcome @Migs and looking forward to seeing some pictures of some cod, regardless of size
  3. Awesome work Lance, can't wait to see how it goes!
  4. Nice one Mark - we've only stopped in there but never stayed but want to add it to the list sometime. The ad in the Bush n Beach for the charter with accommodation for a week is very tempting and something my family (brothers and parents) want to do sometime. Glad to hear you were up to the challenge to have a drink in each establishment mate ...... Oh and geez you can't half tell you two are brothers - where does he live?
  5. Cracking hussar and moses mate and those fish tacos look the goods!!
  6. No fishing for me this weekend (sadly). Tried today with my boys and my parents for some whiting at the Small Ships Channel (near the Rous) but was very windy and not real pleasant, then the rain/showers came so we hightailed it back in (was going to fish on the inside of Green to give the boys some fun - and probably should have done that from the start ..... but mum wasn't feeling real flash so back to the ramp, which was probably a good thing as the wind seemed to increase). Have fun at 1770 @benno573 we were up there in January for the first time and there's plenty of options, I'll be taking my yak next time! I saw that video when I was researching - any intel on how to locate the 'Catwalk'? I can never work out if I'm in the wrong spot or I'm just a wuss and not willing/able to get down close enough to the water .......
  7. Click on the link in the post put up by @Angus Dino, then click on the green TICKETS tab, then scroll down as the raffle ticket is the last item on the purchase list. Geez @Drop Bear, if my boys win the Junior lucky door prize I might be able to stop trawling through the internet searching for a car topper for our 2020 Cape York trip ...... Fingers crossed!
  8. Well done skipper Ray - another fishing addict is born (or cemented ). It's great to see you still getting a kick out of putting novices/youngsters onto their first bass - well done mate!
  9. Looks good Wayne, fun little toy that should yield good results for you
  10. Agree with the American comment - they could have learned a lot from the great Richie Benaud.
  11. kmcrosby78

    Wfc Prizes

    Nice and shiny and new - going to be some very happy winners
  12. Sensational vid - bet he cr@pped himself when he fell overboard!!!
  13. Still early days but a few of my top 8 teams have a bit of work to do.