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  1. kmcrosby78

    I Haven't Had A C$#% All Night Drinkstable....

    Cheers mate - points actually, but I'll take the complement I'll get started on that bottle this weekend (my belated 40th birthday party ...) and let you know when you can pick up the 'bottle' ..........
  2. kmcrosby78

    I Haven't Had A C$#% All Night Drinkstable....

    Yoorh immproovvinngg Waiynne .......... Oh, and perhaps you should drink, might help you focus .......
  3. kmcrosby78

    I Haven't Had A C$#% All Night Drinkstable....

    C&*% have had too many, you still managed to spell better than @Luvit .......... Some funny photos/videos there
  4. kmcrosby78

    north queensland Farnborough Beach

    Haven't been there for a long, long time. Good luck on your next trip.
  5. kmcrosby78

    Quick Intro N G'day

    Welcome mate, sounds like you'll fit right in If you're chasing a deckie, try @benno573, he'd be good to have on board
  6. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Windy And Weedy

    Agree with Rob - awesome photos!!
  7. kmcrosby78

    south queensland NPD 20/2/19

    Nice one Ray. My son Liam just walked past the computer and had a sticky-beak. I asked him who's boat that was and he picked it straight away
  8. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Mackerel Mania During Cyclone Oma

    Nice one Mark and Lance - conditions look terrible!!
  9. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Ningi Creek Javelin

    All of which casts a HUGE shadow of doubt on the actual size of that '17cm' GRINNER you caught that time .............. (Sorry, been out in the sun with kids for two hours, have to have fun somehow ........ ).
  10. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Ningi Creek Javelin

    Great work there @MSB Quality time with the grandson and a quality feed as a bonus. What's the legal limit for barred javelin/grunter and which do we get more commonly down this way?
  11. kmcrosby78

    south queensland On The Weed Again

    NIce day's work there Dino - bet you were tempted to jump in for a dip once finished. For the first time in my teaching career I hid underneath an umbrella in the middle session today - jolly hot out on the oval.
  12. kmcrosby78

    south queensland This Mornings Blues

    Big live bait ........... Always thought you'd make good shark bait ............ Absolute horse of a tusky there Sef and to get it on your first trip targeting them is just awesome, well done. Nice haul of prawns too. I showed my wife these pics and I think she is quietly lamenting the fact she married me ........ (although I am very good looking .......... ).
  13. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Had Another Crack

    You're starting to get the hang of it young fella ............ quick learner!!! Great haul there mate - how long were you on the water for?
  14. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Before The Big Blow

    Good luck Mark - down the coast or out through SPB? Either way, look out mackerel!!!
  15. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Banking With Interest

    Good reward for your effort Dino. Roughly how much bank did you fish?