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  1. Thank you @GregOug, I needed that!!! Between that and my bevvies I am now happily in weekend mode .........
  2. Great work solo Ray, I bet you were busy catching a fish every two minutes .....
  3. kmcrosby78

    Nrl 2020

    All good - PM received and replied
  4. kmcrosby78

    Nrl 2020

    If you're not too scared of me sneaking into the top 2 this year, I'd happily receive an email with the details .......... (ie. I didn't receive an email ).
  5. Oh and I almost forgot my standard joke line in times like these ...... best of luck to you (and more importantly) your wife for your op and recovery, hope it goes well!!
  6. That's a huge silver perch Dino, cool capture. Caught one that big before?
  7. Then I became even more confused ................ I know its winter. Helppppp!!!!!!!!!
  8. Nice yellas there Ray and well done on the photos in the rain, great effort!!
  9. Sounds very unlucky mate, I've had a 2500Fd and 4000FD Sienna now for about 10yrs and still going strong (the 4000 despite being dropped into saltwater ..... makes a slight noise but still very workable). How do they tell if you've pulled it apart ....... (unless it hasn't gone back together properly and sounds like a coffee grinder of course .....).
  10. My guess would be about 12 beers .......... Great haul there Lance & Mark, doesn't get much better than that, enjoy those hard earned fillets Any crayfish?
  11. Nice one Dino, that's a great 2 hour landbased session. Good luck with the doc next week
  12. Nice one mate, that is definitely a good start using lures. Flathead have very raspy mouths so definitely a good idea to up your leader size.
  13. Great work yet again Hamish and good read, good you are starting to get some consistent success. Not sure if you eat fish but if you do, those cod are good eating. Funny you mention about writing about fishing at school - when I was in Year 12 (1996) I wrote my QCS writing test about how my brother went to kiss a wobbegong before releasing it and getting bit on the lip .......
  14. And how big of a boat are you thinking? Need to make sure if you need to lift the hitch/drawbar that it is manageable. Backing the trailer wheels onto something live recovery treads (Maxtrax, etc) may help to alleviate some of the angle.