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  1. Nice one Ray. That westerly had a cold bite to it today - we had a family catch up out at Wynnum and quickly wet a line out at the jetty (no love) and it was ripping through us.
  2. kmcrosby78

    Nrl 2020

    Anyone see Blake Ferguson's 'pass' in the quagmire conditions ........ he is certainly prone to the odd brain explosion!!!!
  3. Can't remember the last ramp I've been to that didn't have a slope on it Ray ....... Know what you mean though, I used to have to pull my tinny uphill onto the hitch when I stored it in the backyard under the carport. Gives the back a workout. Tough day out there @Dinodadog - as you say thankfully you didn't experience the problem whilst driving.
  4. Nice day out there @Kat and yep, a boat doesn't necessarily guarantee a good catch of fish (unfortunately ....).
  5. Bargain for someone who wants/needs it. After much deliberation, I don't (Not me that's selling it BTW).
  6. Unfortunately you're one weekend too early Brian ...... Suburbs of Origin! 22nd of August – 20th of September 8pm. Good luck all the same, hope you get a nice cod.
  7. Bet the bass enjoyed the 'reprieve' .......
  8. That bream looks decent to me, any idea on length?
  9. kmcrosby78

    Nrl 2020

    Interesting ........ what were you thinking @ellicat ........? Too much sun this week ......?
  10. Yep, safety, safety, safety Oh that and once there old enough that, you can only take all of them on your own (ie. the wife then gets free time to herself) if the boat is big enough to legally take all of you (you can imbellish the truth here regarding how big it needs to be to take all of you ...... ). Good luck!!
  11. Au contraire - the Northsiders are already in-fighting ........
  12. Only saw it quickly as it turned at the lights but was white runabout, I think Quintrex but not certain, and black Mercury motor (yours is Mercury isn't it?). Didn't notice the car towing it though. Anyway, all good (as long as yours is still in your yard ..... ).
  13. Oh and @Old Scaley, do you think it is worth us protesting at the glaring omission in the species category list ........ Will give you a call tomorrow to work out what species we should target now that our 'go-to' has been made redundant .....