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  1. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Banking With Interest

    Good reward for your effort Dino. Roughly how much bank did you fish?
  2. kmcrosby78

    This Is Why I Fish Out Of A Boat.

    Geepers!! He did darn well to hold onto the rod. I'd have been grabbing the paddle darn quick and getting out of there!!
  3. kmcrosby78

    Jumpinpin Pointers

    Should have had your cargo net on - I hope they fine you, you litterer ...........
  4. kmcrosby78

    fishing Oz Day Weekend - What's Your Plan?

    Hope you had plenty of sunscreen on Mr Old Scaley!!! Where is that?
  5. kmcrosby78

    fishing Oz Day Weekend - What's Your Plan?

    Far too small mate.
  6. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Fingerling Release NPD 13/2/19

    Good day out there Ray and a good deed done for the future - great stuff!!
  7. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Choices Are Hard

    I could probably squeeze any extra's into my freezer and 'look after them' for you if needed ...............
  8. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Choices Are Hard

    Jacobs Well would be the more logical option and the wind might help keep the mozzies/sandflies away. Plus if you throw some pots in you could get lucky with last weeks rain.
  9. kmcrosby78

    south queensland The Pine Fishing (prawning Report)

    This weekend is out sorry mate - mother-in-laws birthday and also hoping to go to to suss out camper trailers. You guys go out and put in the hard yards and find them, and then I'll go next time ........
  10. Nice work mate - I need to get an electric for my boat sometime. bit hard to tell in the photo - did it have a black tip on the dorsal fin. If so then possibly a black-tip reef shark. Either way if it was just under 1.5m it would be good eating if flakes your thing.
  11. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Sweaty But Fishy At North Pine

    Nice session mate and even better photos, well done!
  12. kmcrosby78

    First Boat Purchase...confused

    Both those packages look like nice set ups, although the Fishabout seems to have more room in the back for fishing and the Cruiseabout less room at the back due to the lounge set up in front, so I'd decide which will suit you better overall. Do you have kids? How many will it need to be able to seat/fish. It's a lot of money to spend on a first boat so I'd want to be pretty confident it will suit you or you will lose money selling and buying again to get it right.
  13. kmcrosby78

    south queensland The Pine Fishing (prawning Report)

    I'd be keen on that - this is the year!!
  14. kmcrosby78

    victoria Pool Tube Fishing Challenge ( With Video )

    Cool photo - if you squint and really use your imagination, that random dude in the photo looks ever so slightly like ...........