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  1. What depth were you in out of interest? I normally try to stay in water at least 5m deep. And normally if you are catching gr!&&er$ you are too shallow so either need to go into deeper water OR wind in some line so that it doesn't dive as deep. All a learning curve. Just catching one on your first go is a success
  2. Yep, I'm excited but also sad to leave primary school. Year 6 was the best 30 years of my life ........
  3. Geez a 60cm gold spot cod land-based is a good effort!
  4. I saw that was on Robbie but have our school Year 6 graduation I need to attend - have a free beer for me
  5. Oh here he goes, showing off again .......
  6. Nice second half there Ray, finished strong .
  7. Yep, a tupperware container works perfectly. Just drill small holes to run the wires through - I cut some foam and glued it to the bottom of my hull (inside the hatch) and put the box inside that. Stops it moving around. For the transducer you can either just glue it to the bottom of the hull (inside the hatch) or cut a hole in some foam so that your transducer fits snuggly inside it and glue this piece of foam inside the bottom of the hull. Then just pour some water in the hole before squeezing the transducer in. Not sure on good buys for cheap sounders but if you do some research you should pick up something decent. What fishing are you going to do with it?
  8. kmcrosby78

    Christmas 2020

    Nice work @Kat!!! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it - off to visit my brother and then have a family catch up at my parents place. Have fun all and well done Brian for the organising.
  9. Read this in a hurry before going to bed Brian (BIG week ....) but just wanted to quickly note that it is normally believed that 3 inch spoons are better for the bay - might be worth either swapping them or adding to your collection. Watertower Bait & Tackle (next to the BP on your way to Manly Harbour) normally stocks them.
  10. Congrats on the GT @ellicat, nice by-catch there!! I bet it rues eating that tiny bit of worm ........
  11. West of St Helena? Good trip Robbie apart from the nob laying into his missus. Shame you didn't get at least one bigger fish on your lures but sounds like it wasn't through lack of trying.
  12. Thanks for the update Sam, it is amazing what is on our doorstep. That garden produce is first rate mate, can only imagine the awesome cook ups you're feasting on. Look out fish up north!! Oh and nice mo! I've only done it once (and mine wasn't as good as yours ....) and had the misfortune of timing it with the expiry of my drivers licence (the old ones with the portrait photo cut and glued in) so had to get a new digital photo ..... so now I'll forever appear as an 80's porn star on my drivers licence ....... unless I get off my butt and arrange a new photo .......
  13. Good timing then mate .......
  14. kmcrosby78

    Christmas 2020

    The odds are firming for me to attend Brian, looking promising at this stage. Will hopefully bring Liam and George also - I've heard Hamish is a good baby sitter .........