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  1. It appears that technically you can still go fishing @AUS-BNE-FISHO ....... I love this quote: “There’s no reason for anyone to be taking the boat out unless it’s for essential travel to get to work, to and from your home, to local shops for provisions or catching fish for your family". @Old Scaley - the only problem I can see with the above statement is if they check our esky contents ........ I wonder if 'trying to catch fish for our family' is sufficient ............
  2. kmcrosby78

    Nrl 2020

    I disagree @Gad - I am of the opinion they didn't make one single correct decision all weekend ............
  3. Saw this video of spot tail bass in PNG - don't appear to be huge but plenty of them, and interestingly one fish had a black rear section, with a caption pondering if it was a hybrid spot tail/black bass. Also, a familiar face appears at the 1min 15sec mark. - 26 Mar 2020&utm_content=Newsletter - 26 Mar 2020+CID_480495531a652d4616eee3450f8293d2&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=Read more
  4. Easy answer to A & B Hamish - throw them back, the law aren't going to take your word for it and let you off ........ . Enjoy your flexible week off next week - I'm a teacher so still need to roll up, but holidays are near
  5. Ray, good news, I think I found it ............... if I'm not mistaken, there appears to be a boat in the back right picture above, behind all the eskies, buckets, cardboard boxes, axes, rope, floats, boat seats, fuel cans, tyres, shrimp pots, etc, etc ................................... As Robbie said, good excuse to chase some whiting (and squid ..... )
  6. Wow, smashed it fellas!!!!! That's an insane squid session, well done!!!! Look out red emperor .........
  7. kmcrosby78

    Boat For Sale

    Very nice looking boat with some very good design features - I really like that cutting board with the storage under. Interesting how far back the console is, I suspect given the name it is more designed for in-shore waters. I'm no expert but wouldn't think it is the best positioning for crossing a coastal bar?
  8. Good luck Mark - another tasty feed coming up hopefully. Do you eat the heads/tentacles or keep them for bait?
  9. Cool donger there Ray, looks like it will do the trick alright!! Great photo of the dragonfly - looks like the cheeky bu99er twisted the line though ...
  10. kmcrosby78

    Nrl 2020

    No time for LOSERS, cause I am the CHAMPION, of the world (two week season footy tipping comp .........) Fingers crossed something of the season can be salvaged, along with ORIGIN!!!!! Going to be some very bored people from Thursday to Sunday .... Might have to fish more - if we're allowed .......
  11. kmcrosby78

    Nrl 2020

    Turns out he cost us a perfect round Brian - grrr!!!!!
  12. kmcrosby78

    The New Boat

    Yep - even my slow brain can understand that explanation ..........
  13. kmcrosby78

    The New Boat

    Great tip Steve, I will look into that as I have two or three 7-Eleven servos I drove past regularly. Do you lock in a price at one particular servo or can you see a price at one servo, lock the price in but then access that price at a different 7-Eleven servo? That's one very slick looking boat alright @GregOug - it certainly doesn't look that big in the photos but I think the lack of canopy probably impacts on this and also the motor tilts up/sit up on the back of the boat which also obscures some of it from view.
  14. kmcrosby78

    Nrl 2020

    Geez, that Dragons v Panthers game would have been good to watch - very see-sawing battle. Good win by the Broncos, I was a bit worried at half time particularly given Croft had gone off but they stuck to their game well. Contained Cook well, Staggs was all class and I was very impressed with Steglers footwork. Good start to the season
  15. That's some great variety mate which is a good reward for fishing a variety of locations. That's a decent slatey bream for landbased, very cool. My guess on the lost fish, without really knowing that body of water, would be a trevally or queenfish. Keep up the good work, great read and photos.