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  1. That made me laugh Dino!!! Nice toga BTW.
  2. Good session Dino. How deep do those lures dive, they have a seriously big bib
  3. That's an easy one Steve - it's how many fish each of his deckies has caught. I'm stuck on 992, will need to go again to knock up my 1000 ........
  4. Dino only had gale force winds to contend with though ........
  5. Gee Ray the old knees and legs must cop the full brunt of the sun on these very hot days!
  6. Nice haul mate - was that on a charter?
  7. Are you a member on Ausfish? If so that is likely to be the difference as visitors can't access photos/images.
  8. Do you get many jennies or undersized bucks in your pot? Does your bait look like it's been chewed at? And do you zip/cable tie the top of your pots? If not, try that to confirm that no one is checking your catch for you .....
  9. Yep, some nice spots along Gympie Terrace that are perfect for kids and the variety can be pretty decent with whiting, flathead, bream (sometimes in plague proportions ...), tarwhine, mangrove jack, cod and moses perch caught by my clan along there. We fish the sandy point in line with Robert St, nice little drop-off that also produces herring with a castnet.
  10. Welcome to the forum mate. I just googled your Stejcraft - that's one slick looking rig, enjoy when it arrives!! @Doyley may be able to advise on a northside fishing club that may be beneficial for you - I know he is part of one (Toorbul from memory) but not sure if you're after estuary fishing or more out in the bay (the latter I suspect). Depending on where you launch from/intend to fish, it may also pay to keep an eye on these rolling reports They are mainly for the central bay area around Green Island/Peel Island/Rous Channel but also the Sandhills area for whiting and school mackerel.
  11. Entertaining report @ellicat - trust you to manage to keep the ciggie dry .......
  12. Friendly bugger isn't he ..... Hope the car issue is a quick and cheap fix Ray.
  13. Some great fish there Dino, well done. Yep, solid spanglie there!
  14. Good to see the shoulder getting a workout Ray And yep, Zac is one happy looking fella .........