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  1. kmcrosby78

    Nrl 2019

    How old were you in that video Robbie??? (by the way, I reckon you've lost a couple of kilos ...... ).
  2. I'm thinking you should therefore fish more often Brian ......... Good to hear from you Sam, thanks for popping the report up and nice work. Glad all is well.
  3. Nice footage and stunning location Wayne but I've got to ask, who is the nude guy smoking the cigar on your boat ..........
  4. Sounds like an elaborate ploy to turn all the northside fish that normally finish 2nd, 3rd etc into valuable commodities ......... Just joking ..... very open to ideas
  5. kmcrosby78

    Nrl 2019

    I think it was also done as a way to shorten the total period that SOO takes/requires, so that it lessened the impact on the NRL season. Means there is a very short timeframe to prepare the team for Game 2, which just so happens to make me VERY happy (given we'll only be changing one player, have dominant halves and the 'other mob' are still deciding if they recall 'turnstile' Maloney or prodigious loser Mitchell Pearce ....... ).
  6. Great report and trip there fellas, nailed it! No long tails around? Wrong time of the year? Or just weren't targeting them?
  7. Two is better than none and no doubt they'll only improve over winter. I remembered the other day that it is State of Origin time again - are you intending organising it again this year @christophagus? Thinking three 'matches' or just one longer one?
  8. Luckily for you (two), grinner fillets make good snapper bait ........ Good luck tomorrow, looks a fabulous week to be on the water.
  9. Great effort skipper, top day out!!
  10. kmcrosby78

    Nrl 2019

    Big Chief getting AXED!!!!! Wonder who will replace Klemmer .....?
  11. I spotted that but decided to take the high road ..........
  12. Anyone keen to come to Florida with me? I found a great charter to go on .......... - 6619&utm_content=Newsletter - 6619+CID_5257e3682c990c7006699576c025330b&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=a fishing charter captain has reportedly threatened and held his clients hostage
  13. I'll be honest mate and say that I doubt you'll get many, if any, people willing to share their GPS marks for Moreton Bay as it's a highly fished area and success is hard won. If you don't, my suggestion would be to start by picking one island/area, doing a thorough sounding around and put a few marks into your GPS and try fishing them on different tide stages and make not of any success/failure. Good luck!
  14. Nice work mate, flathead are a great eating fish, yum!
  15. Quite what Wayne ..........? Congrats on the purchase - hope it snowballs quickly for you .