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  1. Good looking rig Brad - good luck with the sale mate.
  2. I'm pretty sure @ellicat will give you both some handy advice - once he finishes laughing at both of your predicaments that is .........
  3. Bit naughty Ray but good to see you back on the water You know you're a good fisherman when you have to take it easy so you only catch 12 fish ......... Shoulder pull up OK afterwards?
  4. Some lovely fish there Dino, well done. Love the colour on those goldens. And yep, Luke does look a bit sleepy still in that first photo!!
  5. Cracking barra, well done!!
  6. Good tip @tiotony - think I know the ones you mean. @ellicat - there you go, next time just phone @benno573 and tell him you'll meet him there an hour after he gets there ..............
  7. kmcrosby78

    Nrl 2019

    Yep, congrats Dan, far too good for us!! Bit of refereeing controversy in the big one but I think it's a stretch to say it cost the Raiders the game, seeing as though the Roosters had to go 90m with their next set to score. I had a thought today - given that the ref/s changed their call (and seemingly got the correct decision in the end) which impacted on the Raiders, perhaps they should have just given the Raiders one more play, which would have given them the option to kick into the in-goal. Seems logical?
  8. Great report and nice big MILF there Steve, well done mate. That dentist really should see a doctor about his sh!t problem .........
  9. Great fish mate, glad to see you got a reward for your considerable effort, well done!
  10. Awesome story, capture and video Wayne, great work mate!! Won't forget that one in a hurry!!
  11. Good to be able to get them on a few different techniques/lures Dino - well done!
  12. How long are you laid up for Ray? New injury or recurring one?
  13. Nice one Ryan, that's a good welcome back to the yak. @ellicat - were you in a boat or landbased?