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  1. Hamish, you shall now be referred to as “the shark whisperer “, good work man.
  2. You’d be surprised just how much they drink the fuel when they’re singing, a 75 litre tanks the go, and definitely take a little back up fuel for sure
  3. Hi there Ryan, I’m pretty sure the hydraulics are capable of supporting the weight of the outboard, and the “supports” that clip over a ram, be it a block of timber, or urethane versions, are put there as a form of insurance in the event of a hydraulic fluid leak, they’ll stop the outboard on the block preventing it from lowering down and scraping along the road.
  4. Oh dude, I’ll pay that one!, nice work Drop Bear!
  5. Nice work Brian, it almost looks like you were about to crack a smile holding that fish , now we just need Dropbear to put the finishing touches on that photo. Did Steve release the Slatey?, I’ve heard a few conflicting opinions from people regarding their edibility, I’ve always just let them go though.
  6. Excellent to hear, carpets and black snakes are great, I’m not too fond of Browns either, shame about the roadkill though, just in the last few days heading to work, I’ve seen 2 dead echidnas, 2 carpets, a few possums, and a wallaby, the wildlife has copped a hiding
  7. Hey Ed, do you get a few snakes where you are?, or do you keep them as pets?
  8. Nice one Ed, cool bird, I do hope it finds its original family, It looks a bit like a Corrella to me though?
  9. I kind of feel slightly embarrassed for him.
  10. Yeah, the star port fitting does the job, I’ve had a rod buckled over so hard I had to push it back in towards the boat to get the lock undone, If it were of dodgy construction, I probably would have lost the lot, I mainly use baitcaster outfits and the reel sits nicely behind the lock.
  11. Hi there Towknee, I put a couple of their rail mount rod holders on my tinny, they seem to be doing the job nicely, the thing I liked about them the most is their adjustability, something the other (although much cheaper) rod holders aren’t so capable of.
  12. Hmmmmm, 5+ years of major restoration.....?, ohhh hang on, the penny just dropped, council years are like dog years, 7 council years is the equivalent of 1 private sector year!, Hahahaha
  13. A 3/8 is sweet, if it’s hitting the bottom your laughing, I’ve seen plenty of nice fish caught there on plastics, your persistence will pay off eventually.
  14. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the English language butchered like that. Hey Sneaky1, your exercising a tremendous amount of restraint, more then I could ever muster, berleying up like that without sending a hook down with it, fingers crossed it pays off.