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  1. Ive found it’s a bit like Harry’s, hit and miss some days, I did pull a nice snapper at the start of the year off it whilst drifting with half a pilly, the smaller tides next week would make it a little bit easier, especially if your throwing plastics around, best of luck either way, and I’m looking forward to solid report
  2. Plenty of options up there, are you planning on working the beacons or having a crack at curtain?
  3. Hey there ellicat, It wasn’t me out there unfortunately, I would’ve loved to have been though, Thursday’s looking great too, but I’ve got a bit on, not ruling out a sneaky arvo mission though, will see how it pans out
  4. Hey there ellicat, I can relate to your lack of enthusiasm regarding the Ray, I hooked a shovel nose half an hour after swinging by, you know straight away it’s not cool, but I consider myself lucky it took my heaviest outfit, otherwise I’d probably still be playing it, got him alongside the boat 3 times before he’d behave long enough to trim the leader
  5. Yep, I’ll be in a 4.27 Clarke pursuit with a 40hp 2 banga Yammy on the back wearing a straw hat with the electric anchor going, in the hope of finding some schoolies, fingers crossed, if that fails I’m not ruling out looking for a feed of whiting either
  6. Sounds like a nice little adventure, I’ll probably end up in the Rous around lunchtime for the run out, not too sure where I’ll be prior to that though, was thinking of having a little look around goat in the morning
  7. Hi there ellicat, the winds looking real nice for a change, I’ll be sneaking out tomorrow for a little fish myself, still undecided where I’ll go though, what do think you and old scaley will be chasing?
  8. The Alvey works alright for stripping line, but if you’ve got a cordless drill, that’s even better. I just use a short piece of booker rod and a couple of nuts, you could achieve the same result with a long bolt too.
  9. My all time favourite would be Seaguar blue label, sometimes tricky to track down though, but I’ll happily use black magic, or even that savage gear stuff, as they’ve all caught great fish before.
  10. Legendary statement!, that sums up just about everyone walking into a tackle shop!, leave your logic at the door, and go wild!, good luck with whatever outfit you reward yourself with, you’ll love it!
  11. Hi there, similar to cobiaaddicts recommendation, I’ve taken a Talica 12 on a Samurai 30-60lb jig stick, loaded with 50lb braid to the Swains a few times, and on some occasions it’s only just enough. Another favourite I like up there is a 8000 Saragossa on a 20- 50lb venom stick running 40lb braid, it’s a great all rounder, The heavy outfit is a 14000 Stella on a venom GT popping rod running 65lb braid, all of these setups are extremely capable of landing monsters, it just comes down to how much your comfortable with spending, and how often they’ll get used, the outfit I use the most up there is a little 20 year old Abu 6500 on a 6-12kg rod running 30lb J braid, I’ve caught some crackers on that setup, but that’s mainly used in water to 30 metres and less, at the end of the day though, went it comes to fishing gear, don’t be afraid to treat yourself!
  12. Hi Hweebe, Catching grinners on plastics to then use for catching Snapper isn’t my normal form, hahaha, but I’ll take it no matter how comes
  13. Hi there ellicat, I pretty much had where I was to myself until I landed that fish, then about 3 or 4 boats magically appeared, they must of all heard the idiot alarm going off as he was stripping the line.
  14. It has been a while since I’ve last gone fishing, mainly due to some pretty ordinary weather, and not wanting to battle with the weekend crowds. I decided to head up to Harry’s this morning for a little poke around, I wasn’t really feeling it though, it was pretty lumpy at 5:30am, slow trip out there, and with the breeze, I was all but freezing, Harry’s was stale, tried a few spots, did some drifts, to no result though, the wind was backing off at around 10am, so thought I’d give the West Peel artificial a go, I haven’t fished it properly before, have always just scooted through it, so I spent a little time sounding around until I found some likely looking ground, I worked the soft plastics pretty hard and eventually ended up nailing a 50cm grinner, dear me, things were not looking good, I knocked some fillets off him and put him to work on a running ball rig with a 7 0 hook, I didn’t take any bait out with me this morning, and was planning on only using plastics, I continued flicking around as my rod holder was taking care of the grinner fillet, I could see in the corner of my eye he was getting touched up by pickers, until all hell broke loose and line started disappearing, I’ll admit, first thought was a shark as it took off in the direction of Coochie, then came the head shakes, oh could it be I was thinking?,he had plenty of go in him and kept me pretty honest on the light gear, he fought the whole way back to the boat. Considering I managed to leave my landing net at home, I was lucky to get him in the boat, I had to resort to an unorthodox method of using the square bucket that’s in the pic, it wasn’t pretty, but I pulled it off. Having fought so hard considering his size, I decided he wanted to live more then I wanted fillets, so after the pic I gave him a little swim and off he went, the plastics didn’t end up firing and all I got after him was a shark around the metre mark on another chunk of grinner, the wind dropped off completely and made for a nice run back to the ramp, turned out to be a pretty good day really.
  15. Yeah man, the pontoon is king in winter!, if your at the ramp early enough to fish the dawn, then play around a little, and back before lunch, it’s not too bad. the last time I fished the weekend with a mate, we bobbed around the pontoon for about 30mins waiting for an opening, then it took me another 50 to get about 100 metres in the car park, we were lucky though, as we were leaving there were blokes backed up to the old court house waiting in line to get their boats, it seemed every man and their dog, and the dogs extended family decided to head out that day, couldn’t blame them though, it was a perfect day