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  1. Your doing well Hamish, Just keep plugging away mate- Keep a diary of your successful trips, Keep Looking for new areas & always be thinking a little outside the box . We all have theories that work that suit our own ways for locations, moons & tides etc. Each trip you have you will gain more knowledge & learn better techniques, tie better knots and have preferred ways you like fish. I love listening & reading other people theories & techniques, You learn a lot. A little story for you, I just turned 38 in June, and have memory's of fishing with my Dad when I was 4 - 5 years old out off Scarborough reef catching 45-50cm squire & estuary cod on live yellowtail pikes , Even to this day I still stick by fishing very similar techniques tides & moons. Adapting is your biggest challenge. If I am looking for decky Hamish , I might be able to get You & your Dad onboard one day for a quick little session , let you in on some things I do to help catch & land fish, Im no expert by any means and the trip could be a donut but alway's happy to help especially the young up and comers of the fishing scene.
  2. Thanks mate... nothing better than glass out conditions, snapper and cold Beer. Life is good when all 3 get together.
  3. @AUS-BNE-FISHO I do a lot of trips in between fish mate. I put in a lot of hours and 1000's of those hours I have spent chasing Bay snapper.
  4. Hey all, Got out the other arvo before the wind was forecasted to blow again from the south Headed for the Northern side of Mud hoping to get a snapper for a feed whilst the kids are on school holidays. Anchored up about 3pm and put some burley out and set some baits. Tide was running just nicely to float some baits back in to a little bommie in 8m of water. Didnt have to wait long as I was floating the 2nd bait back it got picked up by a good fish. Set the hooks and this one ran straight for the boat, few tense moments with the rear anchor but managed to get the net under her and fish on the deck. She went 6.1kg and about modn80cm Quick picture and straight to the esky. Decky and I thought to ourselves. Could be a hectic session. Next 2hrs nothing but catfish, 5pm came round and the wind has died off and the tide was ripping so we started cleaning and sorting the boat before dark to make the trip back to the ramp... As normal. You take your attention away from fishing and my rod goes off again. This fish ran hard for the bommie and had me tied up on 30lb gear for a minute but managed to get him out . Netted and straight in the esky. As by this stage im late for a 6.30pm appointment. . Glassed out bay made it to the ramp bang on 6pm and home at 6.30 as promised for the wife. pic below of the 2nd fish, one on the rod trying to get him back off the bommie and got a nice one of the sun setting just before hook up. Cheers Josh <><
  5. Cobiaaddict

    Somerset Dam

    @snap1946 Pretty sure the new C-Map reveal has Somerset & Wivenhoe in its charts that retails about $399 from memory
  6. Hey Hamish +1 for Sunline Rock FC , I use it for everything from 4lb and even 50lb - Includes fishing for Bass, Jacks all the way through to offshore work chasing Snapper etc. Find its pretty supple but also has good abrasion resistance. Also a fan of black magic supple trace from 30lb - 120lb . Cheers Josh <><
  7. Wait till summer Hamish. There are good jacks in the Brisbane River mate. Live baits and plastics..... try finding the nastiest structure you can find. Low tides always seem to work the best. Keep and eye out for high humidity stormy arvos with a low tide around sunset. That would give u your best shot. The guys who get them don't share too much as they are a tuff cookie to work out but they are in there and generally stonkers.
  8. Thats a well written BnB article @Allnighter Love your work mate,
  9. @GregOug You will catch all of those species around the Southern Bay Islands, In strong winds I have seen plenty of boats in the le of mud Island & St Helena casting lures in the shallows for bream & trevally, sweetlip, etc. I used to do it myself before buying a larger boat.
  10. Not even close to finished @Allnighter The fun is only just beginning Can't wait till the big boys show up
  11. Good going @Allnighter that's a very consistent spot you got mate, I fished north Mud last night for 1 fish about 3kg and a bust off, It was a beautiful evening on the bay tho.
  12. Hey Greg In the bay I use pilchards and any left over bait from previous trips cut up as small as possible. Offshore I use pilchards,chicken laying pellets. Tuna oil, bread crumbs prawn shells mixed into some salt water so I can make balls to throw up current. Careful when doing burley in the bay as it can attract a lot of unwanted vermin like sharks, catfish and FUGU. Just use it sparingly. Cheers Josh <><
  13. @Drop Bear Get your self a Talica 16 or 20 add a live fibre venom 50-80lb 6ft rod or similar. Fill it with 50 or 60lb braid , use 80lb Schneider leader. Get some 10/0 gamakatsu ouctopus straight eye hooks. This would make a deadly bottom fishing/ float lining or trolling out fit.