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  1. I scaled these ones. Mate of mine told me to chuck them in a bait net/bag and pull them behind the boat and that will scale then nicely. Havent tried skinning them before.
  2. Yeah the wife,kids and grandparentd thourougly enjoyed it. The cleaning and filletting part is a pain . Fiddly little buggers.
  3. Thanks for the offer @ellicat. Already got a yabby pump.. I dont mind paying for quality bait tho.. Normally i like catching all my bait on my way to the fishing grounds makes the experience so much more.
  4. He is keen to go more often now. He wrote a list of fish he wants to catch. So looks like i have a few missions to get him hooked up on some other species Yep boats still up for sale.
  5. Be prepared to put in some hours mate. Fish light. Be as stealthy as possible and use the best local fresh bait u can get ur hands on.
  6. Hey guys Been a few months since i have posted a report. Been busy with work, xmas and a quick holiday to Agnes Waters where i watched the the wind blown20-25knots for 7 days straight . My 9yr old has been some what not so keen on fishing in the Surtees since i brought it about 18 months ago. Finally he agreed to leave his rugby league ball, cricket ball, runnings shoes and ps4 alone for a few hours and come for a run this moring to chase a few whiting and maybe a flathead if he was lucky . Now i havent fished for whiting much in my years fishing moreton bay. So i rang a pro fishing mate of mine and he gave me an area of interest east of the mouth of the cabooluture river and we set off armed with some live worms (wow there not cheap) few 6lb handlines and the young fellas 10lb spin out out fit. Started our 1st drift in glass out conditions about 7.30am and proceeded to fill the esky with winter whiting around the 22cm to 27cm getting 16 in the 1st drift and thowing any back under 20cm. Als got that flathead he came for but it was just undersize and jumped out of his hand while trying to get a picture. Started the 2nd drift and put 8 more in the esky with both of us on the double hook ups!!!!. After that and with the Northerly kicking in we made a dash for the ramp and headed home with a good feed of 22 solid winter whiting for the us and the grandparents . Gotta love a kids smile when they are having a great time. Panckro bread crumb whiting for dinner. Yummo Cheers Josh <><
  7. Cobiaaddict


  8. Im still undecided @Poddymullet and @straddiebrad. I was looking Caloundra Wide or going around the cape..
  9. Still cant figue out what this wind is going to do. @Luvit . Cant see it backing out . Still 25knots at cape moreton.
  10. ill be on the water. 1st time in quite a while. Still undecided and watching what this southerly will do. Thinking cape moreton or going for a run to the southern end of caloundra wide. Decisions Decisions.
  11. Good solid fish mate, I find most of my big long tails I have hooked and caught over the years have always come on live baits in similar areas you are fishing and Generally have been during winter when float-lining for snapper on the ledges and bay wrecks.
  12. Freeboard is good mate, Some might say a little shallow but I found reaching over the side to gaff or net fish to be a good height , The extra wide deck gunnels make you feel safer also
  13. BMT trailer packer is 1230Kg, Very soft riding boat mate, little wet in side on stuff, 45Degree Dead Rise in the mid ship & 21Degree @ Transom I fished all winter for bay snapper in conditions up-to 20knots with out an issue, Traveling around 32-35km per hour in head and following seas, If you fill the water ballast your will do 40kmph easy and could push a lot harder if you like. 100ltr tank of fuel will see 220-235km pretty easy at 42km cruise speed with 3 POB,
  14. I know a lot of people who would like to keep it in there back yard and take good care of it while we are away, Yeah Camper trailer with boat on top of that or a roof top tinny,