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  1. Yeah mate, Ill be going, Not sure if we are going to head south of cape moreton or head to Caloundra Wide area, Take good notice of your line once clear of skirmish point as the Western Banks are high dry for a good 1.5km to the NNE,
  2. Thanks for clarifying that @aussie123that makes sense to me now...
  3. I agree with you there @jon snapper at 45cm min and pearlies at 40cm would be good.... it will be tough going for the boys who drive 6hrs to 1770 to fish for 20 fish max .... Some guys put alot of time and money into those trips. Mind you 20 fish in the esky looks bloody great. I wonder how they got data to think a 1 month ban was the solution.
  4. I woke up this morning read this and looked at the calendar thinking it was some sick and twisted April fools joke. .
  5. Cobiaaddict

    Stay Safe

    Its crazy that they went out, that wind was howling all of Saturday night, fingers crossed they are safe. I was on the water last night and there is heaps of debris already in the middle of the bay . Keep a eye out when travelling at night guys , we almost hit a few decent floating objects heading home in the dark.
  6. I got the 575 Profisher Centre Console I looked a the Bar Crushers, Extremes. Stabi's and every time I was just drawn back to the Surtees. Simple lay out. The Qld dealer was A1 with there service. I also dealt with the head sales manager at Surtees in NZ that new his product and he understood the conditions Moreton bay produced and they accomodated just about every thing i asked for. The other dealers and brands where just too interested in getting me to sign a contract with out answering any questions
  7. When I had my 4m tinny I spent a lot of weekends launching from different locations to fish they bay pending wind directions & tides, So I was always driving from different angles covering lots of areas of the bay to fish Bulwer , curtain artificial, spitfire channel , Mud island etc, then from there it was a matter of just trial and error, talking with guys at boats ramps, using the fishing forums for info and keeping a massive excel spreadsheet of my fishing trip details on moon phases ,tides, water temps and times fish were caught for bite period times , Finding new ground in the bay isn't easy, Id say a lot of luck and lot of hours returning home with donuts , This year is my 18th snapper season in a row and I'm finally getting results, I use the Boating HD app on my phone these days , Lowrance GPS for Navionics & a HDS9 Gen 3 sounder on my Surtees which is all standard easy to use stuff , The only thing I do is when I find a spot I will run over and around this spot 5 or 6 times from all angles to see if its legit or not. From there I generally throw a bait jig on and see what baits holding in that area , from there Ill fish it for a while or ill come back at another stage when I think fish might be on the chew and see what happens But best thing is to be on the water lots trialing different techniques to chase big fish.
  8. Bit of both mate. Been getting them in day light. Night's, arvos & early morning. Different spots and techniques. Last season all fish in the 7kg bracket and higher come in the day time. This year has been mixed with 6,7 and 8kg fish coming at all times of the day
  9. Hi All, Quick report, Headed out the other night to try for a another snapper & to see if I could get one a bit closer to that magical double digit mark, Left the Ramp at 5.30 and on anchor just after 6pm, Had the whole place to ourselves Started to deploy the burley and 20minutes later the first fish hit the deck nice snapper around 83cm - Things where looking good, Kept plugging away and releasing another 6 fish in the high 70cm bracket. , we re-anchored after the tide changed and started the burley and putting baits back out and the decky's rod goes of very slowly, Sets the hook and just about get pulled out the back with serious fish running hard for the ledge. My 1st thought was a shark but the tell tale sign of a nice snapper started in the rod tip. Decky sorted it out pretty quick and I slid the net under another good fish. This was somewhere in the 94cm back, and went 8.2kg on the lie detector, Thing didn't fit in the 80L esky. Race home on a glassed out bay around 10pm... Hope you all took advantage of the good weather over the weekend. Cheers Josh <><
  10. Nice sounder shot mate, it will be interesting to see what you can catch off it .
  11. Water Police have been grabbing every body mate, they have boarded me 3 times in 3 Trips, Last Saturday & Sunday night as well as Friday night just gone. Cant seem to get away from them, Cant wait to get my kids out on the water more often, they love eating fish, just no so keen on going fishing ,
  12. Least you caught something , its a hard place to work out and go to at the correct time, even then those times you can catch more sharks than ever, Unlucky with the water police mate, I have had 3 visits in my last three trip from them.
  13. Floatlining baits using a 1 , 2 or 3ball sinker depending on tidal flow and just keep letting line out with the current.